Duke of Ed - July 2016

February 2018 Newsletter
Happy Friday everyone! With spring just around the corner, we are excited to share with you many new and exciting opportunities coming up this summer. We have Adventurous Journey opportunities as well as a Residential (Gold) Project event happening in Regina this summer. Read on for more info!
Awards Earned November 2017 to February 2018

Congratulations to all of our recent achievers...

Rachel Alder
Kirsten Benidickson
Rachel Bernhardt
Tia Bridges
Jeff Kim
Devin Pahkala

Madison Dzisiak
Sophie Lawall
Andrew Puttenham
Chloe Reitlo
Samantha Yarmiy
Dana Yoon

Isabela Aguila
Vanessa Alexander
Jeremy A. 
William B.
Emmanuel B.
Chase C.
Katie Campbell
Jarod C.
Sophie Delaquis
Shelan Emre
Justin H.
Lilianne Ricard
Madelaine Ricard
Kate Sigurdson
Jaerin Yang

We have frames for sale that will fit your Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Certificates. They are the perfect size and have a mat that fit your certificate. Keep your certificates safe with these great frames. $30 each. Contact our office 204-988-3016 or email manitoba@dukeofed.org to order.
Adventurous Journey Opportunities

There are many adventurous journey opportunities available this year. Here is the list of ones we have confirmed, however, we do anticipate a few more opportunities to become available.

Bronze Canoe Trip - May 25-27 with Twin River Travel
Silver Canoe Trip - June 24-27 with Twin River Travel
Gold Canoe Trip - July 6-10 with B'nai Brith Camp
Silver Canoe Trip - July 16-19 with B'nai Brith Camp
Gold Canoe Trip - Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 with Twin River Travel
Bronze Canoe Trip - Sept. 21-23 with Twin River Travel

To learn more about these opportunities please visit our website:  http://www.dukeofed.org/mb-adventurous-journey-residential-project-opportunities . We keep this list updated as new trips are added.
Exciting News!

There will be a Residential (Gold) Project opportunity this summer. The event is called Passion to Purpose and is being held at the University of Regina from Aug. 13-18th. This is an event that will bring together youth from all across Canada who are all doing their Duke of Edinburgh's Award. More information will be out in the next month. Check the website at:  https://www.dukeofed.org/passiontopurpose  for updates. 

Award Program Information

Are you wondering what counts and what doesn't count towards your award?We now have a participant handbook that answers all of your questions. Click here to see the Participant Handbook.

Want to learn more about the Online Record Book? We have a Participant Tips 2.0 document that helps you to navigate the online record book. If you would like us to send you a copy of this (if you haven't already received it) please contact us and we can email it to you.

Don't forget we are here to help you! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the office. Call 204-988-3016 or email manitoba@dukeofed.org.
HBC Giving Day - April 6th
The Bay Giving Day is coming up on April 6th. This is one day where you can receive 15% off your entire purchase at The Bay when you purchase a Giving Day card for only $5. You can also use this card when purchasing online on that day. 
When you purchase a Giving Day card your entire $5 goes to support charities in Manitoba. When you buy them from us, you are directly supporting The Duke of Edinburgh's Award program.  As a charity, we want to be able to support the youth in our program in more ways and we can't do that without your help. To purchase a Giving Day card, please contact our office at (204)988-3016 or manitoba@dukeofed.org and we will be happy to help you.
Opportunity to get Involved

We have a Gold Award Achiever who is starting up a Youth Branch of the Manitoba Royal Commonwealth Society. This would be a great way to get involved and find some Service opportunities. Read on for more info...

"Hey! My name is Nathan Dueck, and I am currently a university student in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I completed my Gold Award program last year, and am looking to start a youth branch of the Manitoba Royal Commonwealth Society. Canada is a country within the Commonwealth, which is an organised group of nations mostly made up of former territories of the British Empire. I envision the group as a collection of young people who would meet at various points throughout the year to learn more about the Commonwealth and current issues that are happening in Canada and other Commonwealth nations around the world. We would also have the opportunity to plan events, help out in our communities, and meet like-minded high school and university students. If that appeals to you, please contact me at njdueck@gmail.com, and we can sort out a date that works for all of us for our first meeting."