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February 2018

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Grant Opportunities
Deadline: February 15th, 2018

Deadline: February 23rd, 2018
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Video of the Month

Bullying is a problem that affects the mental health and well-being of children and youth and can create problems that can last well into adulthood. Are you looking for ways to build a bully-free environment in your school?
The "Bullying Ends Here | Tad Milmine | TEDxWestVancouverED" video by "TEDx Talks" shows the journey of an individual who experienced bullying and poor mental health that resulted in the creation of an anti-bullying program.
Tad Milmine, a police officer and founder of the Bullying Ends Here program, spoke at a September 2017 TEDx event held in West Vancouver where he told his heart-wrenching story about growing up with abuse, neglect and bullying while also struggling with mental illness.
Learning about the bullying and subsequent suicide of a high school student in 2011 was what inspired Tad to create the Bullying Ends Here program, which is an educational program dedicated to spreading a message of acceptance and understanding and is an hour-long presentation aimed at preventing all forms of bullying, including cyberbullying.
Today, Tad is an internationally-recognized public speaker, best-selling author and inspiration to thousands of individuals who has dedicated his life to helping those that need it most.
Watch the video here and learn more about the Bullying Ends program here.


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Featured Article
February 28th is Pink Shirt Day
Join schools across BC in support of the anti-bullying movement
February 28th, 2018 is  Pink Shirt Day . Wear pink on February 28th and join schools across BC in support of the anti-bullying movement! To support your participation in this important day, we have put together a list of anti-bullying and positive mental health resources for use in the school environment. Click here to learn more.
DASH Updates
DASH BC Announcement
New Executive Director at DASH BC

The Directorate of Agencies for School Health (DASH BC) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Faye Willick has accepted the position of Executive Director at DASH BC. Click here to learn more.
Action Schools! BC Update
Action Schools! BC Physical Literacy Mentorship Program
Support for educators through coaching and collaboration and by providing job-embedded support, guidance, tools and resources
Build knowledge and skill sets to improve confidence to deliver quality physical literacy programming, a key component of the BC Physical and Health Education (PHE) curriculum. Educators will be supported by Action Schools! BC Physical Literacy Mentors, through job-embedded support, coaching, collaboration, guidance, tools and resources. Click here to learn more.
School Connectedness
February 11th to 17th is Real Acts of Caring Week
Classrooms and schools that support kindness-based approaches are able to improve feelings for school connectedness 

Celebrate  Real Acts of Caring Week at your school from  February 11th to 17th, 2018 . Real Acts of Caring (RAC) is focused on doing something kind for another person and expecting nothing in return. Using RAC in the classroom and participating in Real Acts of Caring Week will inspire and empower students with kindness skills that prompt them to share kindness around.  Click here  to learn more.
Healthy Schools Stories
Creating a Rainbow
Story from Glanford Middle School

After attending "Me to We", the student leadership team at Glanford Middle School was inspired to complete a series of school-wide projects on bullying. They tackled topics such as cyberbullying and homophobia and participated in discussions on safety while using the Internet, on the impact of giving compliments to students, and on the importance of enabling the acceptance of LGBTQ+ students in the school environment. Click here to learn more.
Each month, we highlight different Healthy Schools Stories. Have a story you would like to share? DASH wants to hear from you! Click here to view the Healthy Schools BC Stories Map to read more stories and to submit your own.
Healthy Schools Resources
First Nations Parents Club
The key role of parents in ensuring the educational success of their children

February 12th, 2018 is Family Day, which provides an opportunity to recognize the importance of family in the academic and social-emotional success of students. The First Nations Parents Club resource acknowledges the key role that parents play in ensuring the educational success of their children. This resource supports parents in incorporating First Nations ways of knowing and First Nations languages, culture, history, experiences, values and beliefs into their child's classroom and school environment. Click here to learn more.
Healthy Schools Resources
Stress Lessons: Tools for Resiliency 
A new resource by The Psychology Foundation of Canada for students in grades 9-12

Stress can be our friend in moderation, but not if it's more than we can manage. Youth tell us that they are experiencing a lot of stress, sometimes more than they know how to handle. They're also telling us they want to learn how to better manage it. The Psychology Foundation of Canada has developed "Stress Lessons: Tools for Resiliency" to support youth in managing s tress. Click here to learn more.
Healthy Schools Resources
Foundry BC Is Now Available
Support the mental health and well-being of young people aged 12-24 in BC

Foundry BC empowers young people to lead healthy lives by providing easy access to tools and strategies for wellness. Developed by BC Children's Hospital, Foundry BC complements the growing provincial network of Foundry centres, which is supported by a team based at Providence Health Care. Foundry BC involves over 100 partnerships across the province of BC and works to bring together a variety of resources in one place to help BC's young people and families find the support they need, when and where they need it. Click here to learn more.