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The Conduit
Edition # 15
February  2018
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May 1, 2018
Davidson Town Hall

 All members  are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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2018 Membership Drive
All renewal invoices for current members were sent out via mail in December.  Introduction letters and membership information were also be sent in mid December to over 1450 prospective companies who hold a contractor license in Saskatchewan.   If you have not already done so, please complete and return your remittance ASAP to ensure you are listed in the 2018 Buyers Guide and you qualify for the Sask Power Registered Contractor program.  Information on both will be included in your mail out package. 
Get your 2018 CSA Code Book at reduced rates for ECAS members

Another new service this year is to provide 2018 CSA Electrical Code Books and Handbooks to our members at a discounted price. Our price is $170.00 Code Book only or $270.00 code and handbook does not include shipping and handling if outside of Regina or Saskatoon. 

For 90 years, the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I has been developed & updated to better protect electrical workers and promote improved consistency in electrical installations across the country.
Developed with the participation of all Provincial and Territorial Authorities Having Jurisdiction and CSA Committee Members representing manufacturing, labour, education, design, conformity assessment, and all other areas of the Canadian electrical industry. The CE Code, Part I is developed and regularly updated to better protect electrical workers and help make electrical installations and equipment safer.
Now in its 24th edition, the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I includes a number of significant updates and changes to better help electrical workers in the safe maintenance of electrical equipment and create safer electrical installations.
All hard copies of the 2018 CE Code, Part I also include a free copy of the Electrical Quick Reference Guide, offering you easy access to the most used clauses and definitions.
Why You Need the 2018 Edition:
  • Includes over 260 updates and revisions, including significant changes to sections on residential/housing, renewable energy, grounding and bonding, tamper resistant receptacles and much more
  • Features a new section dedicated to Power Over Ethernet which details how appropriate installation and layout are critical factors in ensuring safe operation
  • Updated with many new tables and diagrams and clarified text to better explain electrical installation requirements - saving you time and enhancing productivity
  • Details updated requirements for disconnecting LED luminaires and how they may impact your work
See attached form for order details.  Complete the  attached form and return to
2017 AGM
The ECAS Board hosted the 2017 AGM at the Hilltops Board Room in Saskatoon on January 30th.  In addition to ratifying the activities of the association for the past year, approving the 2018 Board of Directors, the event was also the kick-off for the 60th Anniversary events that will celebrate 60 years of industry leadership by the Association.  
2018 Board of Directors
President: Come Prefontaine,   Alliance Energy Ltd.
Vice President: Randy Lovegrove,  Aim Electric Inc.
Treasurer: Barry Iles,  Iles Electric

Past President: Allan Gibb,  Amtech Electric Ltd.
SECA Rep Brent Timmerman, Tech Electric Ltd.
ECAR Rep Brad Ross, Active Electric
Member at Large Glen Gerow,  Humboldt Electric Ltd.
Member at Large Joe Mignon, Joe's Electric
Member at Large Wes Saworski, Concept Electric
Member at Large James Wishart, SOS Electric
Member at Large Kelly Timmerman, Tech Electric Ltd.
Member at Large Rob Istace,  Alliance Energy Ltd.
Member at Large Garnet Connolly,  Triad Power (2004) Ltd.

left  to right: Brad Ross, Brent Timmerman, Randy Lovegrove, Doug Folk, Kelly Timmerman, Allan Gibb, James Wishart, Rob Istace, Come Prefontaine.

Executive Director Report
By now you will have received your invoice for the 2018 membership renewal in the ECA of Sk. In our 60th year of incorporation, thank you to all in the electrical industry who have renewed your membership and to our new members - welcome to the Association. Your ongoing membership and support of ECA of Sk. are extremely important as we continue to make headway on many long-standing advocacy issues. In this report, I have listed ECA of SK. active committees. Please contact the ECA of Sk. office or check our website for more information on these committees and other activities. The website also includes important industry links and phone numbers required to work in the electrical industry in Saskatchewan.
The Registered Contractor Program has been a very important program to our Association and has attracted many new members. The requirement and process to have member journeypersons certified on the 2018 CEC code will be provided soon. Please note that certification will be free of charge and offered on-line or in-person by inspectors from SaskPower. The dates for 2018 CEC code renewal seminars and the process to access the on-line training session will be communicated through the ECA of Sk. website and the SaskPower Bulletin. Details will also be forwarded to your office about these seminars. 
This newsletter contains information on many other ECA of Sk. initiatives from our office and industry partners.  We look forward to receiving any questions or comments you have.
2018 ECA of Sk. Committees:
Ad Hoc Committees:
  • Saskatchewan Registered Contractor Program
  • Saskatchewan Electrical Licensing Review Committee
  • SCA Advisory Council - Prompt Payment Legislation Committee
  • Single Safety Services Agency (TSASK)
Standing Committees:
  • SCA Advisory Council
  • Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission
  • Saskatchewan Bid Depository Committee
  • Canadian Electrical Contractors Association
  • Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association
  • Saskatchewan Electrical Liaison Committee
  • Saskatchewan Electrical Technical Committee   
Please use your influence to encourage other companies to join the Association with a special emphasis on distributors, manufacturers agents and suppliers.  
Thank you for your past and future support of the Electrical Contracting industry in Saskatchewan. We look forward to representing you again in 2018!

ECAS announces the Registered Contractors Program in collaboration with SaskPower
For the past two years members of the ECAS Board and staff have been working with the Inspections Division of SaskPower to develop a system that recognizes companies in the province who have a proven track record with inspections and have membership with our association.
The program will reward electrical contractors with a 10% discount for electrical permits taken out, after standards are demonstrated over a one year cycle.   
We are very excited to announce that the time and energy both parties have devoted will be realized with the introduction of the Registered Contractors Program in 2018.  
For an informational flyer click here.  

 Affinity Program 
As a member of the Association, you and your employees are entitled to a variety of savings and promotions by various companies for hotels, eye glasses, phones and accessories, clothing and paint. 

Aurora Financial Solutions, a member company, offers a variety of financial services for your company. Note the following article for your information.   "How Do I Know Which Employee Benefits Plan is Right for Me And My Team"?
 For a complete list of the benefits and companies available to our members or reduced rates or specials, go to and click on the Activities TAB then Affinity.  
 Tin Cup 2018
Save the Date August 15th Murray GC Regina.  Information and registration packages will be circulated in early spring.  
Local Association NEWS
The Electrical Contractors Association of Regina hosted their annual Christmas Lunch on December 12th. Thanks to all who attended.  A special part of the event was the awarding of three $250 apprentice scholarships sponsored by EECOL Electric. Congratulation to the winners and thanks to Steve Sulea and EECOL for their corporate support.  

Pictured left to right: Brad Ross ECAR President, Carly Oberdorfer (Active Electric), Saul Ramirez (Iles Electric), Adam Brown (Alliance Energy), Steve Sulea EECOL

Save the date SECA Golf May 24th Moon Lake GC. 
SaskPower is preparing to implement a new online permit application system as of Feb 27, 2018.  The new system will allow your company to create a GEIS company account which provides you the ability to:
  • Apply for electrical permit online and pay using a credit card
  •  View your companies defects online
  •  View a history of all permits associated to your organization dating back to 2012
  •  Enable & disable your staff to have access to the new system
Information will be mailed to all contractors by Jan 30th.
For a copy of the most recent ESR bulletins  click below:

Winter 2018 Partnership Editorial
Those in industry are well aware of how rewarding the apprenticeship system of training is, and the success of the journeypersons who complete it. Sometimes, however, reports and statistics provide us the evidence to back up this knowledge. We are proud to present some of the information below.
Saskatchewan male residents with journeyperson certification make more than those with any other type of postsecondary education, according to education and labour data from the 2016 census that was recently released by Statistics Canada.
They make 38.4 percent more than high school graduates and 1.4 percent more than those with bachelor's degrees.
In addition, a high percentage of the population has an apprenticeship certificate. In fact, 12.6 percent of full-time employed Saskatchewan residents aged 15 to 64 have an apprenticeship certificate. This is second only to Quebec, where 19.8 percent of the working population has an apprenticeship certificate.
The majority of apprentices go on to secure employment, a permanent job, and benefits.
So says the 2015 National Apprenticeship Survey (NAS) Report, which was recently published by Statistics Canada.  
The report includes intriguing data in a number of areas, including completion. More than six in ten apprentices indicate they encountered no difficulties in progressing through their apprenticeship, while over six in ten apprentices completed their apprenticeship within four to six years.
Over 80 percent of those who completed their apprenticeship found a permanent job, and 95 percent of apprentices agreed or strongly agreed that apprenticeship "is the best way to learn a trade."
Apprentices can access many different programs for financial support.
Of course, apprentices are at work, earning a wage, for 85 percent of the year. However, for the other 15 percent of their time which is spent in technical training, there are grants and loans available to help cover expenses.
The NAS report tells us that nearly three quarters of apprentices applied for Employment Insurance while in technical training. The Apprentice Training Allowance is also available for those who have to relocate during training.
Through the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship, grade 12 graduates in the province are eligible to receive up to $500 per year (to a lifetime maximum of $2,000) to be applied to their tuition costs at a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution, which includes the SATCC.  
In addition, the Graduate Retention Program provides a tax rebate up to $20,000 to Saskatchewan graduates who remain in the province and file a Saskatchewan income tax return.
The Government of Canada also offers financial incentives. The Apprenticeship Incentive and Completion grants provide a $1,000 grant at the completion of Levels 1 and 2 and the final level of training, while the Tradespersons' Tool Deduction, the Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit, and the Government of Canada Tuition Tax Credit area also available. If apprentices require additional assistance, the Government of Canada Apprentice Loan is also available.
Those who complete the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship program in high school are also eligible for benefits, including waiver of the registration fee and the first level of tuition fees, in addition to trade time hours. Each year 100 high school students are also awarded a $1,000 SYA Industry Scholarship.
Learn more through the following links:
Education in Canada: Key results from the 2016 Census -

Save Time & Money with Your Entry-Level Employees

Choosing the right employee can be a daunting and costly task.  
Imagine getting to try an employee for 2 weeks before you commit to hiring them!  Imagine this is not costing your company a dime while wages and WCB insurance are taken care of! Imagine this employee has all their safety tickets, has entry-level knowledge of tools, materials and basic wiring skills!   
You can stop imaging now!  Regina Trades & Skills Centre (RTSC) provides the entry-level employees you were just envisioning.  
Regina Trades & Skills Centre will have an Entry-Level Electricians' Course from Jan. 29 - Apr. 6, 2018.  This course is designed to provide students with the entry-level skills needed to get started in this trade.  The training is done by a journey person electrician and includes basic theory, wiring methods, basic circuits, planning, layout, conduit bending as well as tools and materials. 
A very important piece of our education is the work placement.  We search for employers looking to hire and partner them with a student for a 2 week placement.  RTSC pays their wage and covers WCB insurance.  The commitment from the employer is that if the student is a good fit for the company, then there is a good possibility of continuing employment.  This placement will take place March 26 - April 6, 2018.  They hope you will consider one of their students as a potential employee.
RTSC relies on employers to partner with them and try one of their students.  They pride themselves with a 91% employment rate and 98% attendance rate (2016/2017 Stats).  If you are interested in one of these amazing students, want more information or just want to meet the students and see the Training Centre, please contact Melissa Dobrowolski or any of the staff at the RTSC.
It just makes CENTS! | 306-337-0533 |
Melissa Dobrowolski |306-581-0532 |

Note the important upcoming dates  and  information  related  to SCA.  

Saskatchewan Construction  Week - April 9 - 13, 2018 (click here for more information)

SCA's Annual Summer Meeting - May 30 - June 1, 2018 (click here for more information)

Learn the basic theory of fiber optics and the practical techniques used when installing, terminating, troubleshooting and documenting fiber optic systems to industry standards.  Expert instructors will lead you through applications using telephone systems, computer networks CATC and video systems. For more information visit: .                                                           
This course is certified by the Fiber Optics Association Inc. (FOA) -  No previous experience is necessary but experience in the areas of electrical, electronics, telecommunications or instrumentation is recommended.
Dates:  Monday to Friday, May 14 - 18, 2018 8AM to 4PM                              PIC #77533-1
Location:  Room 321, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina Campus, 4500 Wascana Parkway
Tuition:  $1,035 plus GST.  Includes all student materials and course supplies.
Funding : Employers may apply to the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant which provides training funds for their employees. Visit for details.
Contact:  Donna Wilchuck, 306-775-7481, or Linda O'Halloran,
306-775-7480,  for more information.
Register:  Visit  and choose the "Register" button.  To be invoiced, contact Donna Wilchuck. 

' Weed in the Workplace'  
Coming July 2018 

Are you prepared? 
We can help!

Managing Your Workplace Effectivel
Drug and Alocohol Testing
The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission has provided a general guide for Drug & Alcohol Testing. (Click here for the Guide) 
One of the recommendations within the guide is to provide programs and policies that identify and respond to all forms of workplace impairment including: Impaired function related to stress, anxiety, fatigue and personal problems. 

The following RCA classes provide training in all of those areas: 
Training for Peer Support Counsellors
Sensitivity Training
Conflict Dynamics

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For only $1, ECAS members can get a bundle of unique insurance coverages to complement their Federated Insurance policies.
With the one loonie bundle, your business can get protection like Identity Theft Coverage, Hole-in-One Insurance, Debris Removal and more!
Visit ONELOONIE.CA/ECAS today to learn more.

We want to let you know that submissions for the 2018 Illumination Awards are now being accepted. Save $50 by submitting before February 2nd!

You can check out the awards schedule, review submission procedures, and submit your projects by  CLICKING HERE. Just a reminder, any categories on the score sheets not addressed in the project description will automatically be given a score of 1, so make sure you include details in your submissions! 

2018 Buyers Guide

The 2018 Guide is being prepared for release this month. As members you will receive a copy.  If you require additional copies please contact our office.  

W elcome New Members
Welcome to the following who have become new members in 2018. 
To download a copy of this logo for your company letterhead or website click here.

Able Construction Ltd.
A-JAX Electric Ltd.
Foam Lake 
Algrove Electrical Services Archerwill SK
Allied Cathodic Services LP Estevan  SK
All Stat Electric Ltd. Yorkton SK
Apollo Electric & Controls LP Estevan  SK
Apperley Electric Ltd. Regina SK
Arc Electric Ltd. Gravelbourg SK
Bright North Electric Saskatoon SK
Cal-Tech Electric Inc. Saskatoon SK
Diversified Electric Ltd. Saskatoon SK
Estevan Meter Services Ltd. Estevan  SK
Epoch Electric Saskatoon SK
Express Electric Inc. Regina SK
Darryl Goosen Electrical Preeceville SK
Grace Instrumentation & Controls Ltd. Simcoe ON
H&S Holdings Inc. Hague  SK
Harris Electric Company Ltd. Lloydminster SK
Helmen Servcies Ltd. Medicine Hat AB
High-Arc Electric Ltd.  Saskatoon SK
HLE Constructors Ltd. Edmonton AB
Iconic Power Systems Inc. Calgary  AB
JCL Industrial Constructors Inc. Saskatoon  SK
Jeannot Electric Ltd. Mossomin SK
Jesk Electrical Ltd. Saskatoon SK
Kadco Electric Ltd. Saskatoon SK
L7 Electric Inc. North Battleford SK
Leader Electric Ltd. Leader SK
Lynco Construction Ltd. Lloydminster AB
Maurice's Circuit Solutions Prince Albert SK
Mid City Electric Ltd. La Ronge SK
MKM Electrical Yorkton SK
New Electric Enterprises Inc. Oakville ON
North Shield Electric & Construction La Ronge SK
Perrin Electric Carrot River SK
PS Electric Ltd. Estevan SK
Riverbend Industries Ltd. Outlook SK
Sisson Electric Inc. Tisdale SK
Studon Industrial Inc. Red Deer AB
Town and Country  Regina  SK
Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd. Airdrie AB
Wangler Electric  Wilkie  SK
Weber Electric Ltd.  Meadow Lake SK
Yang's Electric Ltd. Saskatoon SK