Dear Neighbor,

At my request, last week the City of San Jose held an informative and moving study session topic of Domestic Violence fto shed light on the increases of Domestic Violence incidents and what the City can do to address it was approved. The session provided an opportunity to educate our community on ways they can access the services the City and County provide for victims of violence. We had have a briefing on the Santa Clara County Intimate Partner Violence Blue Ribbon Task Force's most recent report to look for opportunities to better collaborate. I am thankful to the many residents who can joined us to learn more about this important issue. To view the memo click here.

We passed the Women's Bill of Rights! Because Women's rights are human rights! I want to thank the CEDAW taskforce and the Commission on Status of Women for allowing me to champion this issue. Grateful to the Mayor and my council colleagues for valuing our girls and women with this initial step. 

The City of San José ensure that we look carefully that our recruitment, hiring and promotion practices does not discriminate against women; that we examine police practices and address how we handle D.V. cases, sex trafficking and sex workers; that we address issues of poverty among women and girls by addressing pay inequities, and that in general, we treat girls and women with the respect and dignity they deserve! To learn more about ordinance, you can review it here.

If you have any questions on any of these events or policies, please contact my office at 408-535-4905. 

Many thanks,

Vice Mayor / Vicealcalde
Magdalena Carrasco

Serve your community by joining a board or commission
City boards and commissions provide input, guidance, and recommendations on key decisions affecting San José. Current vacancies on a number of City boards and commissions provide our community members with an opportunity to provide service and leadership in San José. Residents are sought to serve on Arts Commission, Downtown Parking Board, Federated City Employees' Retirement Board, Historic Landmarks Commission, Housing and Community Development Commission, Human Services Commission, Library and Early Education Commission, Neighborhoods Commission, Planning Commission, and Youth Commission; residency within a specific council district may be a requirement for some of the boards and commissions. 

For the list of current vacancies and application deadlines, please view: 

For more information, please contact Elaine Trinh, Deputy City Clerk, at 408-535-1260 or

VTA Fare Increases 
On January 1, 2018, VTA implemented a new fare structure and made improvements on specific transit services. VTA's new fare policy includes Youth Fares dropping from $1.75 to $1.00 per ride and Adult Fares changing from $2 to $2.25 per ride.
Free Transfers.  The new fare structure includes free transfers for two hours between all VTA vehicles for riders who purchase a single ride fare on Clipper® or VTA's new EZfare mobile app.

Adults transferring from VTA Regular Bus or VTA Light Rail to a VTA Express Bus pay a surcharge of $2.25 on Clipper. Youth and Senior/Disabled riders may board VTA Express Bus without a surcharge. 

What's Happening Around East San José

Have you ever wondered why our under passes in East San José are bland and unappealing? Our Story/King, Jackson/Dobern, and Capitol Expressway underpasses will be getting a makeover in the next few months. I have set aside funding during last year's budget to work with the Arts Commission, renowned artist Scape Martinez, and our local community. They have been busy creating potential concepts for our underpasses.  We cannot wait until the art work is finalized! Finally, our underpasses will have lots of vibrancy, but most importantly, it will bring a sense of safety for our mothers and children who walk under them every day for work, school, and to shop!
Click here for more information.

My staff and I are out in our neighborhoods
We have hosted a community coffee, community meetings, or pancake breakfasts in just about every corner in our district. Most recently, we had an amazing turnout of residents from the Gateway/East Neighborhood area. We met in our newest neighborhood pocket park. It was a nice crispy winter morning and we enjoyed the sun and the company of one another.

We have had so many new faces and it is always important to meet and listen from our East San José constituents. Whether it is a city issue/concern, we will not turn you away and guide you on the right direction. Many times, we have residents who are just eager to meet me. We have neighbors who have never met their Councilmember. At our coffee's my staff is usually present to address your concerns or just learn about the neighborhood as I meet one on one with my constituents.

Last year I began a Pizza and Policy and Pancake Breakfast series, we have had amazing turnout at most of these. We are continuing these this year. Our next Pancake Breakfast will be next month, please call our office for more details. 
Hope to see you at a coffee shop, a park, or branch library!
More information on Dumpster Days
We had over seven dumpsters full of junk and debris removed from the homes of our Ryan residents in our East Side at the end of January. My office hosted our first dumpster day after being informed at our community coffee meeting about illegal dumping concerns in our Ryan neighborhood located in our Story Rd. We are so thankful so many residents packed up 280 tons of debris from their homes; junk that would have been on the streets of our precious East Side.
We do not always have to wait for a dumpster day in your area. Remember to download the My San Jose App to report illegal dumping on the public right of ways. Also, please visit or call 408-535-3500 for the three item pick up program.
If you feel your area needs a dumpster day, please call Omar Torres at 408-535-4905 or email him at 
Participatory Budgeting Winners Announced
I am so excited to announce the winners of our Participatory Budgeting project for 2017! After the more than 750 votes were counted, 9 projects were chosen to be implemented in District 5! The winners are a great group of leaders in their own community and we took the time last night to congratulate them and celebrate their ideas.

Justin Triano - Equipping the Sunset Pedestrian Bridge with Motion-LED Lights

Jesus Flores - Dressing up the Alum Rock Business Corridor with deco rative lighting

Isaiah Rodriguez - Fix the bathroom at Hillview Park

Brenda Burns - Improve the lighting at Mt. Pleasant and Marten Avenue for safety.

Elizabeth Karr - Purchase important equipment for the Hillview Library Teen/Tween Game Program.

Trudy Ellerbeck - Planting trees in various locations in District 5.

Trudy Ellerbeck - Putting up banners in District 5 to instill pride and neighborhood identifiers.

Rita Guess - Purchase vital equipment to create and disburse early childhood assessment tools for parents and their children.

Rita Guess - Improve the Honors Club at Alum Rock and Hillview Library through supplies and prizes.

My office will be working with the community in implementing these projects over the next several months. Please note that we will kick off Participatory Budgeting 2018 later this January! Start thinking of ideas you would like to see put in action in your community! We will also be picking a Steering Committee to start establishing rules and a group called Budget Delegates will be chosen and start reviewing your idea submissions. Please keep in touch with this process! Ages 11 and Up are encouraged to participate.

Calling all students! 
Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) is a non-profit that hosts an annual leadership academy for students that provides youth with professional work experience, leadership skills, and individualized mentorship to help them be the next champions for their communities. 

AACI's LEAD program places students into government or community offices, and I am proud to be a partner office with AACI where a student may be able to intern in my office. 

For more information, see the attached application and flyer. The deadline to apply is next week on Friday 2/23/18. Apply to
Quetzal Gardens 
At City Council in January we approved a loan for Quetzal Gardens affordable housing project and a joint application for a grant from the State of California. Our community is in desperate need of affordable house, especially for our children. We are one step closer to housing 71 families at the corner of King and Alum Rock. If approved the grant will not only provide funding for housing but transportation improvements, bike lanes, greening of Emma Prush and Plata Arroyo parks, bus shelters and a new electric bus for VTA. If you want to learn more about the project, click the link below.

Business Corner
In honor of our small businesses we would like to recognize Teazer located at 22 North White Road right by the Alum Rock Villages and James Lick High School. Pearl Milk Tea has become a staple in the Bay Area and Teazer makes some delicious, refreshing beverages for everyone to enjoy. Whether it's a pearl milk tea, a Banh Mi, or some tasty popcorn chicken, Teazer is a great place to stop by to enjoy a snack. So whenever you are in the area make your way down to Teazer, you won't be sorry. You can learn more about the business at 

Christmas Tree Giveaway 
On December 8th, my office was able to give away 800 Christmas Trees to families in our community.  Below are some photos of the event.  Thank you to  Alejandra Figueroa and her family for sharing her decorated tree below. 

Vietnamese American Leadership Academy 

ViệtUnity South Bay is partnering with the City of San José's Office of Immigrant Affairs to build leaders for our current and upcoming generations of Vietnamese Americans. We envision a strong pipeline of multigenerational and multilingual leaders who are actively engaged in the political processes of San José. This academy is designed to empower Vietnamese Americans to utilize our city's resources and address our community's most pressing issues.
Workshop topics include: gender justice, racism, housing, education, immigration and deportation, and more. $100 will be provided upon completion of the program. We will have presentations from local community organizers in the Bay Area as well as from city officials in various departments.


You can access the event on FB:

Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco | 408-535-4905 | |
200 East Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113