February 2018 
Rigging Connection
Straightpoint Bluetooth Load Cell - HHP App

Straightpoint has recently launched a new app for use with Straightpoint Bluetooth Wireless loadlinks, loadshackles, and compression loadcells.  The app is downloadable FREE from iOS and Android app stores and can be set in simulation mode to demonstrate (try before you buy) an SP bluetooth enabled load cell.

The HHP app allows you to stand back and remotely monitor the level of force being measured by your SP product in real-time, without the need for troublesome cabling. Once you have downloaded and installed the app on to your smart phone or tablet you will be able to use the Bluetooth feature to connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled wireless SP device.  Watch their informative video below for more information! 

Tuffy Manual Chain Hoists

Do you need a rugged, dependable, yet affordable come-a-long? Is it time to upgrade your hand chain hoist inventory?  

Our Tuffy brand of lever and hand chain manual chain hoists are a riggers tool of choice.  The Tuffy Hoist line also included plain push and geared trolleys, beam clamps, and a new series of subsea lever hoists called "Tuffy Stingray" hoists.

Or contact our sales team today! Tuffy Hoists are in-stock and ready to ship!

Liftmax® Personnel Lifting Baskets

Liftmax Personnel Lifting Basket - 6 manOur fabrication team just completed the 6-man personnel basket to the right.  

Liftmax® Personnel Lifting baskets  are available in several standard models, as well as custom configurations.  Each Personnel Basket comes equipped with a removable test weight, inward locking gate, lanyard attachment pad eyes, and tag line connection points. Made in accordance with ASME B30.23 "Personnel Lifting Systems" standard, and the ASME BTH-1 design standard.

For more information or to get a quote, click here.
Action Photo: Low Headroom Lifting Beam
Low Headroom Top Drive Lifting Beam

This custom LiftMax® Lifting Beam used to lift Drilling Rig Top Drives on to a Dynamometer.  The application had very limited headroom and needed to use two cranes pulling vertically, down to a common Crosby G-2130 Bolt Type Anchor Shackle. The design reduces the headroom by nesting the pad eye in the middle.

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