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We've been privileged at C-SNIP to be a part of some amazing stories, to see the best in people, in their compassion and care for the animals in their lives, even with the most limited resources. While we strive to ensure no animal is turned away due to an inability to pay, we know that even our reduced rates may be out of reach for some. This February, we are accepting scholarship applications for those in dire need of spay/neuter surgery for their pets. If you, or someone you know, is in need of assistance to afford the spay/neuter surgery, please send your story to info@csnip.org with "Heart of C-SNIP" Scholarship in the subject line. Be sure to include, contact information, name of animal, why assistance is needed, and a photo of the pet.


February 27th is World Spay Day !
 In honor of World Spay Day, we are sharing some of the amazing benefits for spayed pets. 

  • Spayed females live longer, healthier lives.
  • Spaying helps prevents uterine infections and breast tumors.
  • Spayed females do not go into heat.
  • The cost of spay surgery is less expensive than the cost of raising a litter.

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