February Specials 
Bring your sweetheart for a Buy One Get One Deal! This offer is only good Wednesday, February 14th through Friday the 16th! Buy one ticket at regular price, get one for half price! This can be used on ANY tour! Deal not valid with any other offer.  Tours are given at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm! We even have a special Tigers By Twilight scheduled for February 16th at 6:30! 
Tigers By Twilight
Wanting an adventure for your Valentine's Day experience? Friday, February 16th at 6:30 pm we will host the first Tigers by Twilight of 2018! Be prepared for caroling of lions and stalking of tigers. See the glow of their eyes by the light of the moon! Follow one of our guides through the sanctuary on a Feeding tour you're not soon to forget!

Ticket Pricing:
Adults:  $40
Children (3 to 12): $20
Members:  $15

Note: To receive special valentine's promotion, you may need to call us directly when booking in advance.  417-587-3633 ex. 0
Give Happiness Fundraiser 
Over the past year NTS has rescued 17 additional big cats, many of which were circus performing or breeding tigers that are now retired and needing enrichment items. These cats had spent years of their lives traveling and training in shows to entertain people, but now they needing a little of our help with entertainment! We are excited to seek out the perfect balls and other enrichment that will help stimulate healthy and playful behaviors in our captive big cats. The goal amount listed on this fundraiser will provide up to 3 new heavy duty toys for the retired circus cats at NTS! 
The fundraiser campaign "Give Happiness" will be targeting much needed replenishment of enrichment toys for 2018. Over the winters when the weather cools down and the cats' activity heightens they play harder than ever, which in turn means their toy's life spans shorten. Even the most durable heavy duty toys have proven to be no match for some of our toughest cats.

Internship Positions
Are you seeking to gain real-life experience in animal care? NTS offers educational opportunities to learn about animal husbandry, public education, sanctuary management and more! There are limited positions to ensure each intern has valuable learning experience and receives the one-on-one training necessary to develop into professional in the field.  Full-time commitment is necessary for 3 or 6 month programs with available on site housing if needed. Part time programs are arranged on a case-by case basis depending on circumstances.   We are also looking for interns interested in graphic design, marketing, and community outreach. 

Our spring deadline for applications has came to an end so we are in the review process for spring applicants. Summer applicant deadline will be March 1st. Preference will be given to all applications received prior to deadlines, however any applications r eceived after the deadline may be considered if positions are still open. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cats of the Month
Its the month of love and who better to sponsor as our spotlight than one of our cutest couples at the sanctuary, Judah and Matula. This lion power couple arrived in 2013 along with Leo, Etana, and Niara. These two had been the youngest in the pride and spent a lot of time together. As Judah matured, it became clear he was going to need his own territory due to dominance issues with the other male. Since lions are social, we wanted to make sure he had a companion, and Matula has always been loyal and loving towards him. If you get the chance to hear the lions caroling at the sanctuary, it was most likely started by our most vocal male, Judah. He sings out loud and wants to be heard through all of Saddlebrooke!

Symbolic adoptions are $100 for the year. You receive a t-shirt, photo, window decal and certificate. If you adopt a Cat of the Month, you also receive an extra thank you gift! Follow the link to sponsor any of our cats!

Staff Spotlight 
Micaela graduated from College of the Ozarks in May 2017 with a degree in Ecology and Field Biology. Shortly after, she began working here at National Tiger Sanctuary as a tour guide. Her favorite part of her job is interacting with tour guests. Each tour presents the opportunity to connect with visitors and to share her love for the the animals at the sanctuary. Her hope is that every tour guest leaves with a better understanding of these beautiful animals and is inspired to do their part to care for them. In addition to tours, she also regularly works as part of the animal care staff helping to prepare diets and maintain habitats.  
When not at work, Micaela enjoys doing just about anything outdoors. Hiking and backpacking are some of her favorite hobbies and she spends most weekends seeking out new trails with her dog, Pike.  In the future, Micaela plans to work with the National Park Service. In the mean time, she's perfectly content taking care of tigers every day!

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