February 2019

"Love has nothing to do with what you a re expecting to get, only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything."

- Katharine Hepburn
New Payroll Tax Stresses? Outsourcing Can Help You
Let Someone Else Do the Math 

Payroll tax changes for 2019 will require your accounting department to make some significant adjustments. 

For 2019, the Social Security tax cap increased $4,500 to $132,900, compared to last year's  $128,400. The tax rate remains the same at 6.2%. 

Medicare, which has no cap, will be taxed at 1.45% on the first $200,000 of wages, with an additional 0.9% being taxed for those earning above $200,000.

As usual, failure to comply with the latest payroll tax laws can lead to penalties and fines. Maslow Media Group can save you the hassle while helping your company remain compliant and avoid IRS entanglement.  

Our latest blog has more. Click below to read!  

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a live sports television network, in search of a Senior Broadcast Engineer in Boston, MA As Senior Broadcast Engineer, reporting to the Assistant Chief Engineer, you will maintain and support all aspects of the studio's daily operations by providing technical support to the production team.  The ideal candidate has 5+ years of hands-on maintenance and implementation experience in broadcast and  live  television industry.


Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a global media group, in search of a Creative Designer for their Washington, D.C. location. Daily work involves conceptualizing design and animation solutions for broadcast and digital news stories as well as long-term projects such as promo work, show design, and branding.  The ideal candidate will have a diverse portfolio with strong typography, animation, 2D/3D design, set design, web design, promo shooting, working with agencies, and knowledge of broadcasting - especially news and current affairs. A reel or portfolio will be required to apply. 

Maslow Media has partnered with our client, a leading global financial services firm, in search for an Engineer in New York, NY.  The Engineer will be responsible for providing studio facilities management, equipment maintenance, IT technical support, and video engineering in a dynamic editing and production studio environment located in Midtown NYC, and Westchester, NY. The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3-5 years experience in engineering or a related field, live web streaming experience, and technical discipline to introduce new technology project deployments on a moderate scale.

Talent Trends Identified for 2019

LinkedIn recently published its Global Talent Trends 2019, spotlighting four main issues that are expected to impact and reshape HR and recruitment efforts on a grand scale throughout the rest of the year.  They are: 
  • Soft skills, such as "creativity" and "collaboration." 
  • Work flexibility, which regards the "where" and "when" work is accomplished.
  • Anti-harassment, and creating a respectful and non-threatening work environment.
  • Pay transparency - the sharing of salaries to boost efficiency.
Experts believe attracting and retaining phenomenal talent in 2019, and beyond, will require a complete understanding of and adoption of these trends. To learn more, follow the link below. 

Better Safe Than Sorry 

Media Managers: It's a good idea to have your independent contractors sign an agreement in advance stating that they pay their own taxes and insurance, that they are not employees of your company, and that they provide indemnification to your company for their failure to do any of the above.

Small Screen Titans Face Big Misclassification Issues
Stuff Gets Real for 'Property Brothers' Producers 

Canadian television production company Cineflix recently came under fire for allegedly misclassifying non-managerial production staff as independent contractors on various reality programs dating back to 2000. 

A proposed class action lawsuit  filed in the Ontario Supreme Court last fall repeatedly alleges that the production company benefited unjustly from these workers.

Don't allow your company to get waylaid by a similar dose of reality. 
Maslow Media Group  regularly protects its clients from misclassification of employees and independent contractors. We also have experience in managing gig workers in a variety of industries.

Give us a call at 202-965-1100, or  reach out to us using the link below to learn more.
From Tokyo to Timbuktu, Maslow Media Group's production managers can provide a 24-hour turnaround on crews, no matter where on earth you need to be

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