*Monday-February 18 th —Presidents Day/No school
*Friday- March 22nd- No School/School Spring Event “HERO TRAINING” 5:30pm-7pm
    Enrollment for our community and waiting list begins on February 12th and February 13th. Parents with children ages 15 months-2 years old will enroll on Wednesday, February 12th and parents with children ages 3-4 years old will enroll on Thursday, February 13th. 

Come “ Be my Valentine ” at our next Parent's Night Out   on Friday, Feb. 8th, from 5:30-8:30!    Our "themed" Parent's Night Out will be a fabulous night of dinner and Valentines activities for all ages, 12 months and walking through 5th grade! Cost is $10 per child. Pizza dinner is available for purchase. Please register and pay on-line by Wednesday, Feb. 6th .
Farmer Ms. Brittany Lee from Florida Blue Farms--Patience
    Florida Blue Farms is a family owned and operated company founded on the principles of hard work, sound business ethics and sustainability. Farmer Brittany serves as Vice President and Farm Manager of Florida Blue Farms, Inc. a 110 acre Southern Highbush blueberry plantation located in NE Florida. Florida Blue Farms believes in faith and family and are committed to conservation through land stewardship and protecting our natural resources. All farmers personify patience as they wait for their crops to grow. Patience is our hero character trait of the month.
    Love is in the air! Each class will be hosting a Valentine's Party in their classroom. Teachers will notify parents of how to address Valentine cards and items to bring for their classroom celebration.

Summer Time Fun:   Children, age 1 (and walking) by April 1, 2019, through incoming 1st graders, will experience a fun-filled morning of activities, crafts, music, movement, and free play related to special Bible themes. For more information, visit the bulletin board outside room 108 or contact Virginia Lewis directly(416.3014). Registration opens on March 11th.

Save the Date:
Vacation Bible School: June 3rd -7th from 9-12:00 for those who have completed Pre-K through 5th grade. Registration begins on April 8th.
KUDOS- This is the section of our newsletter where we profusely thank those who have helped with their time and talent and gifts.
*Jeremiah Neal & friends —Spills, paper towels, tables, chairs, and on and on. The first floor loves you!
*Frannie Long & Susan Horne —Best chef’s award! Thanks for all the ways you make our preschool yummy!
*Jordyn Cowart & Dallas Kirby— You keep our school safe and offer a helping hand. Bless your hearts!
*Pastors Catherine, Steve, Lenora, and Children Ministries— Your help with weekly chapel is greatly appreciated! Yeah
*Karen Adams— What fun! A BIG box of toddler toys! Yippee!
*Jeremy Thomas & REMAX —It helps to have friends in “high” places! Thanks for arranging the hot air balloon! Up, up, and away!
*Matt Andrews, Luis Tulla, Waldemar Cabrera, Alex Berrios —Strong men! Thanks for holding down the balloon! Yikes!
*Lauren Chagaris —The coffee was perfect…and our favorite! Happy Birthday to us!
* Mrs. Gilbert- thank you for feeding our Family Promise families.
* Matt Andrews- thank you for keeping the office CAFFEINATED!
*The Stepping Stones Staff —Thanks for making 65 wonderful! Fun!
    February is jammed full of terrific enrichment activities! We will be concentrating on Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and dental health using paint, play-doh, flannel board cutouts, puzzles, and games. In celebration of Valentine's and National Postal Day, we will be mailing our parents a valentine from school! Afternoon enrichment is always fun when love is in the air. 
Wacky Wednesday, February 27 th  
     “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how!” We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday in many ways at our school on this day. We encourage children to wear their silly socks and hats on Wacky Wednesday. Whoo hoo! Here’s how we need your help. We would love to have 2 volunteers from each classroom to read a Dr. Seuss book, provided by the teacher. We will have a sign-up sheet by each door if you would be willing to help us out by reading to the children.

Stripes Day, Thursday, February 28 th
     “Stripes are here, stripes are there, we see stripes everywhere!” We are asking all the children to wear striped clothing this day as the Dr. Seuss fun continues. Go crazy!

MORE SEUSS... for Pre-K children only
Friday, March 1 st,
Worship Center
    Our Pre-K classrooms are having their own Dr. Seuss Extravaganza in the worship center where age appropriate games relating to Dr. Seuss books have been planned. We will also need parent volunteers for this event. It’s rumored that “The Cat in the Hat” might be running wild throughout the school on these fun days. Sound like fun? It’s bound to be with Seuss on the Loose!

Friendly reminders and miscellaneous school information.
 *Our character trait for the month of February is “patience.” Our memory Bible verse is from 1 Corinthians 13:4, “Love is patient and love is kind.”
 *Colder weather is here. Please have an appropriate change of clothes for your child at school.
 *Stepping Stones tuition statements for 2018 have been placed in your child’s folder. Questions? Call McCall Griggs at 416-3049, our financial expert. 

     One of the best ways for young children to have success with patience is to prepare them mentally for times they will have to patient. For example, if you are going to be running an errand to the post office and your child will have to be patient waiting in line, talk beforehand about what is going to happen. Offer a small incentive for good behavior afterwards. Patience is one of those character traits that we all get plenty of opportunity to practice at home having to be patient with one another. Don’t be discouraged when you or your child fails at being patient. Just ask for forgiveness and keep practicing! Try looking up and discussing some of the verses that talk about God having patience with us. (2 Peter 3:9 and 3:15, Romans 2:4 and 9:22)   

*Friday, March 22 nd : Stepping Stones “ HERO TRAINING ” Celebration—Our Spring Event from 5:30—7:00 pm. This is an evening event. There is no school on this day. More to follow.
*Friday, May 24 th : Pre-K Graduation ceremony. Our program begins at 9:30 am in the Trinity choir room. A celebratory reception will follow. Whoo hoo! 
*Vacation Bible School: June 3rd -7th from 9-12:00 for those who have completed Pre-K through 5th grade. Registration begins on April 8th.
Family Sock Hop, Feb. 22nd, 5:30-7:30
Pull out your leather jackets, poodle skirts and saddle oxfords to go back in time with us to a 50's themed dance party for the whole family! Dance, eat heavy hors d'oeuvres and enjoy fun contests. Register today!