Issue No. 112  February 2019
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S1 Award of Excellence Winner - Georgian College

Tjalling Halbertsma attended Georgian College and last year won the joint S1 Group & District 28 Award of Excellence. Tjalling is a proud recipient of the S1 Award of Excellence and it allowed him to shoot a project he had been working on for a long time.
"The Gathering - which is an embodiment of the mind" is about the many personalities of Tjalling himself, and the final print will be 100 x 50 inches.
See the large image at the link below. It is a compilation on a large and grand scale.
fb: @tjallinghalbertsma
Caitlin Cronenberg shoots the cast of Schitt's Creek for Season 5

Toronto photographer Caitlin Cronenberg shot the cast of Schitt's Creek, in and out of character, for the current season 5. The new season airs on CBC on Tuesdays at 9pm and you can catch up on the CBC's streaming service Gem.

S1 Supplied: Capture Service w/ Digital Tech, Lighting, Grip and Truck Services

Brought to You By shoots video of the Hyundai Veloster

The folks from Brought To You By teamed up with St. Joseph Content to shoot this "walk around" video to highlight the features of the Hyundai Veloster.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Lighting and the S1 Video Van Interior w/ Operator

Reena Newman shoots Ungava Premium Gin

Toronto photographer Reena Newman recently shot some delicious looking cocktails for Ungava Premium Gin. 

S1 Supplied: Capture Service w/ Digital Tech, Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals and Truck Services.

VMG Cinematic shoot spot for New Balance with Ryan O'Reilly

Mark Campbell and the team from VMG Cinematic shot this New Balance ad with NHL player Ryan O'Reilly.

S1 Supplied: S1 Video Van Interior with Operator

Cass Bird shoots the FW18/19 Campaign for Loro Piana

Photographer Cass Bird came up north to shoot this Fall/Winter campaign for the high-end clothing company Loro Piana with Canadian model Crista Cober. The shoot was produced by local company Full Serve Productions.

S1 Supplied: Lighting, Grip, Production Rentals and Electrical

Skin and Bones produce Stills & Motion shoot for Canada Revenue Agency

John Cullen and the team from Skin and Bones shot portraits and videos of three Canadians talking about the benefits and credits available from the Canada Revenue Agency.

S1 Supplied: Camera Support, Capture Service with Digital Tech, Lighting, Grip and Truck Services.

Netflix announces it's officially opening new production hub in Toronto

On February 19th, Netflix announced it is creating a dedicated production hub in Toronto, choosing two studio spaces in Toronto that expand its production presence in Canada.
At Cinespace Studios, Netflix will lease four sound stages, along with office space and support space totalling approximately 164,000 square feet.
At Pinewood Toronto Studios, Netflix will also lease four sound stages and adjacent office space comprising a total footprint of approximately 84,580 square feet.

Tech giant Shopify launches TV and film production studio in Toronto

Canadian tech giant Shopify has launched Shopify Studios in Toronto.
The commerce leader, which powers over 600,000 merchants worldwide, launched a full-service TV and film content development and production house dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship.
According to the company, the studios will leverage partnerships with internationally known creators and producers to develop, produce, and finance projects for streaming platforms as well as traditional networks.

CBS to open massive new film studio in Mississauga

CBS Television Studios announced it will open a major new film and television production studio in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga.
According to a release, CBS Stages Canada will be 260,000-sq-ft, complete with six sound stages, production offices, support spaces, and auxiliary spaces.
The new facility is expected to open in mid-2019 and provide much-needed production space to the Toronto area's rapidly growing film and television industry.

Plans Unveiled for New $100M Toronto Film Production Studio

Plans were unveiled for a 400,000-square-foot world-class film studio complex in north Toronto. The First Studio City complex in Markham, Ontario, is being developed by private investors and will house in all 20 soundstages. The new studio, set to cost around $100 million to build and to open in late 2020, is slated to include a 70,000-square-foot "Super Stage," touted as the largest single purpose-built stage in North America. 

Still Life Photographers on Choosing Between Strobes and Continuous Lights

PDN  talked to some still-life photographers who capture products, food, and conceptual illustrations in still photos,  video and stop motion . They learned how they have used different light sources to solve creative problems and deliver the look they want.

Review: Chasing Innovation's Gladius Mini Underwater Drone

Before the arrival of drones, the only way to achieve high-quality aerial images was to rent a helicopter or plane or put your faith in a hang glider. Today, flying cameras are commonplace, which raises an obvious question: is there anywhere else drones can go?
One possibility: underwater. The Gladius Mini from Chasing Innovation is one of a new crop of submersible cameras that hopes to do for underwater photography what quadcopters did for aerial photography.

This Short Film Was Illuminated by a 1600W LED Drone Light

Check out this new short film by NYC visual storyteller Tim Sessler . Titled "The Place Where," the "visual poem" was shot at an old cement mine and features nighttime scenes illuminated by a 1600W LED drone light.

The flying light was "most likely the brightest drone light that currently exists," Sessler tells PetaPixel.

PDN's Profoto B10 Review

Profoto christened the era of battery-powered monolights with the B1. With the  B10, it's created an off-camera flash that's lower powered but significantly more compact than the B1X. Unlike the B1, though, the B10 isn't creating an entirely new product category. Several lighting manufacturers have introduced similarly compact, battery-powered strobes hoping to fill the same niche.

PDN handed the B10 over to N.J. commercial photographer David Patiño to shed some light on its performance.

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Aputure AL-MX On Camera LED Light

Looking for a small on camera light? This Aputure battery (internal)  powered LED light is perfect for that, or using off camera in tight places that most lights just wont fit. Making it easy to get creative. Great little LED light with colour control.

BlackJet Multi Media Dock

Finally, an all in one multi media ingester that can read SSD, CFAST, XQD, CF, Micro SD and SD, this thing is built to save you time. In addition to its many card reading formats, the Blackjet supports a 5K display as well as daisy chaining of 5 additional thunderbolt devices. Making this a must have for your next Still & Motion shoot.

Luna Display

Luna Display turns your iPad into a wireless second display for your iMac or MacBook. It can extend your screen put your tools on it) or can be used with Capture One to display images to a Client. This tiny dongle comes in both Mini DisplayPort or USB-C, its quick set-up and seamless connectivity, makes it the ideal tool for on set use.

MSE BabySitt'r

Less really is more with the MSE Babysitt'r. Save time screwing baby plates to plywood mounts. Quickly and easily mount baby plates to the BabySitt'r in seconds, with no tools required, as they just clip in against a tension spring. Works with different brands of baby plate.

Octa Speedring for Aputure 300D

With this new addition to our rentals, you can now mount soft-boxes or 3' - 5' Octa's to the Aputure 300D. Making the 300D a lot more versatility on your nest shoot.

Finding Lena, The Patron Saint of Jpegs

Among some computer engineers, Lena is a mythic figure, a mononym on par with Woz or Zuck. Whether or not you know her face, you've used the technology it helped create; practically every photo you've ever taken, every website you've ever visited, every meme you've ever shared owes some small debt to Lena.

This Leica M is a Gift to Cinematographers

To celebrate the American Society of Cinematographers's (ASC) 100th anniversary, Leica is releasing a special M10-P ASC 100 Edition camera.
The camera includes a pair of Cine Look modes developed in conjunction with ASC members. The ASC Cine Classic mode simulates 35mm motion picture film, while the ASC Contemporary profile "delivers the current digital style of contemporary movies," Leica says.

DJI drones can fly over crowds, if they pack a parachute

Most of the time, commercial and personal drones are not allowed to fly over groups of people. For safety, obviously. Indemnis' drone parachute changes that. The company's product was just certified to allow operators to legally fly drones over small groups of people. This is the first time such a device received the certification.