Pursuing God's Purpose and Promises For Women
God's love has been poured out into our hearts through the
Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.
Romans 5:5

God is Love, and He loves YOU! Do you know how much He loves you? Ask Him and He will tell you. Tell Him every day you love Him. This month's theme is about.... love. Be blessed in February 2019! You are a HIGHLY FAVORED Child of the One True God.
If at any time you need prayer, please contact us by clicking the "Prayer" button below or visiting our website, www.PromiseHelpers.org . We have mighty Prayer Warriors ready to stand in the gap on your behalf.

 Overview for our February newsletter:

  • Registration for Spring Retreat, Pursuit 4.19: We Are the Bride of Christ
  • The Promise Center's News
  • "The Church" Article #2 by Alicia Cortez
  • Book recommendation: "Love Does" by Bob Goff
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Retreats are a huge part of Promise Helpers. We strongly believe it is vital for women to come together to worship and receive from our Heavenly Father, and encourage one another on a spiritual and physical level.

Join us for "Pursuit 4.19: We are the Bride of Christ" as we celebrate God's promise that we are the Bride of Christ when we truly follow Him. The registration link is below. We can't wait to see you there!
Three Mountain Retreat Center
Clifton, TX
April 5th-7th, 2019
All meals and lodging provided
$135 for the weekend

Would you consider donating towards a scholarship for ladies that would like to attend but have no financial means to attend? Below is a link to donate through PayPal. Any amount, even if it's $5, is a huge blessing to Promise Helpers and to those needing a scholarship. When donating, please notate it as "Scholarship" so we can be sure your donation is applied correctly.
The Church (part 2 of 3)
By Alicia Cortez
Promise Helpers

This is part 2 of a 3-part series from our very own Alicia Cortez. Part 3 will follow in March.

It is Wednesday Night service at Living Hope Outreach. Again, I am here supporting a family member that is struggling with addiction. This church has a variety of members and people who attend, but its focus and ministry is geared towards supporting those struggling with addiction.

Worship is amazing, the grace, the submission, the praise is evident on all of the faces of those present on this Wednesday evening. After worship I am instructed that it is time for small groups. I'm excited by small groups, it's a great environment to share, grow, learn, and love. I go to the Women's small group. I am unsure what it will be like. All of the ladies have a history of drug abuse, and I don't. I pray that God will help me see and learn from them and grow me. We all sat around the table and they proceeded to do "your high and your low for the week". Woman after woman shared with the group. Hearts broken, tears shed for mistakes they made. It was Christmas and all of these precious ladies were in a drug rehab for the holidays. They wouldn't be with family, they wouldn't spend it with their children. I reminded them that the Word says we can't mess up our lives enough to lose our purpose. When God has a purpose for us, when we come back to Him, no matter where we have been, He will fulfill that in us.

Let's reflect on Moses. Moses was born a Hebrew, and through divine circumstances ended up in the palace of the Egyptians. He murdered an Egyptian for abusing an Israelite slave. Moses hid in the wilderness for many years. I bet he thought he was done, couldn't be redeemed, would never reach his destiny because he lost his cool and killed someone. But God..... He completed that work in Moses.

Let's look at Abraham and Sarah. God told (promised) Abraham and Sarah a son, and that Abraham would be the father of many nations. Well, Abraham and Sarah got tired of waiting on God and came up with a plan of their own to have a baby. For thirteen years after that son (Ishmael) was born they waited before Isaac came along. Isaac was God's promise, not Ishmael. Abraham and Sarah messed it up. But God...... He completed and kept His promise.

I am reminded that true redemption and seeking Him opens the door for God to complete His work in us. We can't get far enough away from God to be at a loss of how to complete His purpose in us.

My heart and spirit were prompted to help restore hope to these ladies, to keep loving and encouraging them. I might get dirty, I may be disappointed, I could even become uncomfortable. But these ladies are also life givers; they are moms, wives, sisters, Proverbs 31 women in the making. That's what we at Promise Helpers say we do-- equip women to be the heart of the home. I am happy to have been able to share this journey with these people fighting the fight of addiction.

If you would like to sponsor one of these ladies to come to retreat and have a life-changing experience, please email Debbie Barber at jubileedeb@centurylink.net or click on the link above in the "Retreat Registration" section. Notate "Scholarship" on your donation.
You will be eternally blessed by our Heavenly Father.

To find out more information about Hope House, click on "Visit Hope House" below.
The Promise Center's News

Linda Humiston, Director of the Promise Center, has completed her necessary coursework and certification as a Certified Life Coach for Women through the American Association of Christian Counselors. If you know anyone that could benefit from life coaching, pastoral counseling, or Bible-based physical/emotional healing, Linda can be contacted directly for
one-on-one counseling either in person or over the phone.
Linda's phone number is (303) 726-0932.

Ashley Barnett, owner of Table Connections, frequently has nutrition classes at the Promise Center in Clyde. She believes God created food to fight sickness and disease, and she shares her wealth of knowledge in her classes, which are a bargain at $15 a person. She also offers one-on-one nutritional counseling for anyone seeking a Godly way of becoming healthy. Visit her website at

Ashley will have two classes in February. The first one is February 10th, "Building Healthy Habits 101", from 3:30-4:30. The discussion will be how digestion works and how to help yourself feel your best through food selection and lifestyle choices.

The second class will be held on February 24th from 3:30-4:30, "Filling Your Freezer". Participants will need to email Ashley for a list of groceries they will need to bring to the class where kits will be assembled together and taken home by class participants. There will also be a short teaching time on food selection and preparation. Ashley's email is Ashley.tableconnections@gmail.com Be sure to register for Ashley's classes if you would like to participate. It's a great opportunity to learn new things and fellowship with other ladies.

For those of you in the Clyde area, take advantage of the services provided by the Promise Center, and also consider becoming a volunteer. Volunteers are always needed!

Blessings to you all
Book Recommendation:
"Love Does" by Bob Goff

In this book of compelling stories coupled with eye-opening truths, Bob Goff shows a new way to live, a way that's drenched with the whimsy of God's love and the spontaneity of following where He leads. "Love Does" is a narrative book of the author's life, filled with inspiring stories and great ideas for living life to the fullest. John 10:10 says that Jesus came to give us a life to the fullest and this book really paints a great picture of what this could look like! Not a scholarly book or a challenging read, nothing really new or revolutionary, but is recommended for anyone who needs a breath of fresh air and a simple explanation of some very real truth. This book, "Love Does", will have you laughing one moment, and crying the next. It is a very enjoyable, life-applicable, easy read.

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  • Nutrition Classes with Ashley Barnett, February 10th and 24th

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