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Upcoming Events

WFRW Day At The Capitol

Please join us as we trek to Olympia to attend the WFRW Day at the Capitol on Friday, February 1st from 11 am - 2 pm in the Legislative Building-Columbia Room. It is always great to spend time with Republican women from around the Federation, and have the opportunity to meet with our 12th District Legislators. Hope you can make it as it's fun spending time together, renewing friendships and enjoying excellent conversation. This year's legislative session is going to be challenging for our Republican Legislators, and this is one way to show them support. Each year we hear how much they appreciate seeing all the Republican ladies dressed in red! 

P lease register online at

The deadline to register is Saturday, January 19th

Dee Drewry, State President
February 23 at Pybus

Mark your calendar! Pybus Market is holding a special event on February 23 and we will have a table there. It is their annual FIREWISE event and our eBoard team thinks it would be a good place to sell our T-Shirts. We need volunteers for a few 2 hour shifts. Please sign up to volunteer at our February 4th meeting or let President Ellie know that you would like to take part and make a diference. Click here
A Message from our President

Hi You Amazing Republicans

A new year is upon us. As your new President, I would love to send you a positive and uplifting message.
On the upside, our first luncheon meeting went well. Our quest speaker was great. Lots of questions and good information.
The downside is, here we are, a goernment shut down and no end in site. On the upside, we have hope.
The good news is that we are not alone in this battle. And a battle it is. There are so many that think as we do, we just need to have the opportunity to find each other.
We are part of a very big association, NFRW (National Federation of Republican Women). 

NFRW slogan for 2019 is :‘
1’ Be one, Bring one”

My slogan for CDRW this year is:
“Become Visible"

As a country and a community, we need to become more visible and let our community know we care. We must grow in numbers, we must let those we love and care or know how much we care about our amazing nation.
Our goal for the next couple of years is to help people know that we are getting a ‘bad rap’. Let’s overcome the false media accusation of being prejudice bigots, and more. We care about people of all colors, of all authenticities, and income levels. We love and pray for all. 
Please join me this coming year to make this a year of renewal.

Ellie Ownbey, CDRW President

PS: Sorry about the picture Ellie. The three ladies shown are Ellie (our President), Carol Forhan (President NCW Media) and Linda Porlier (CDRW Newsletter editor). The 3 of us attended a fundraiding event for women's education in Leavenworth. It was the only one I could get to load properly

Our February Speaker

Jeff Ackerman, the publisher of the Wenatchee World, will be speaking to us at our February 4th meeting. He will explain to us how our media chooses stories to print, what we can trust, and what responsibility the media feels to the public. 
Service Spotlight
Caring for America

April Featherkile has written a wonderful review of the last quarter of our club's donations to worthy causes.

I thought I would include a photo of how many organizations April works with. This year we will also include the Royal Kids organization. This is a group of people who work with foster children who have been seriously abused. They take a group of kids to a summer camp on week every year.

Did you know that the USO is completly funded by people like you and me? Tey do not receive any funding from our government. I didn't know that.

The USO is always in need of feminine products, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and toothbruches and more.

April places a basket for the USO onto the table every month so we can make contributions. So please the next time you travel, pick up the extra shampoo, etc and bring it for the basket.

Learn about the USO by going to: