February 2019

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A Big Thank You
I would like to thank everyone who fished with me in 2018 and have attended one of my recent seminars in Raleigh and Richmond this year. I couldn't do this without you. Hopefully, I've helped make some memories or shared a missing piece of knowledge with you. I have one more seminar scheduled for February (see below) and then I'll be with St. Croix rods at the Bass Master Classic in March in Tennessee. Stop by and see us. I would appreciate it if you would take a minute and give me a review about your trip or seminar. Thank you again.
Winter Fishing

Winter fishing is in full swing with stripers, crappie, and speckled trout being the primary targets in the rivers and creeks. Currently, the water temperatures are in the high 40's which can make the fish a little lethargic. Some patients has to be exhibited during the hook-set. When you feel that first bump, don't immediately set the hook. Give the fish time to get the entire bait into its mouth. If you try to set the hook and miss, next time wait a few seconds longer before the hook-set. On a recent trip, we missed the first three fish until we figured out the timing. Also, fish shorter plastics. I use a lot of 2.5"-3" plastic in these temperatures. Throughout February and into March, if you see a warmer day forecasted, take advantage of it. The warmer day will slightly raise the water temperature and a few degrees rise will sometime trigger the bite. Also, remember that the sun rises in the east so that west bank will warm sooner than the east bank. And the deeper water doesn't react to an ambient temperature change as quickly as shallow water. That's enough info. Just go fishing and have some fun.
Boat and Trailer Maintenance

The warmer days of March and April are one calendar page turn away. Now is a good time to get your motor and trailer maintenanced. In addition to getting the oil changed, make sure you apply grease to all the fittings and hubs. If you fish the coastal area, you should get your impeller replaced every 2-3 years if you visit shallow water and stir up sand. An improperly functioning impeller can cause your motor to overheat. Also, don't forget to check and charge your batteries. Cold weather can kill a battery. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with my local shop for my winter check-up and to make sure I'm ready for spring. You should too.
Fish Sticks and Tater Tots
Getting my early education in the Tennessee public schools, it seemed like every Friday we had fish sticks and tater tots for lunch. These trout that we're catching now remind me of those fish sticks, smaller and cold. But they can be alot of fun on lighter tackle when you find the larger schools. Don't fret, these juvenile trout will be nice keepers when they return to the creeks next fall. Also, they're still some big ones around.
The Inshore Institute
February 23
Neuse River Bait and Tackle will host this school for the second year and it's very informative. Only 300 can attend and it will sell out again, so don't wait to purchase a ticket. Some of the best guides in Eastern NC will share their knowledge how to catch our local fish. I'll be both on the main stage and in some breakout sessions during the school. For everyone that books a trip with me and pays a deposit at the school, you'll receive a ZMan 50UPF tech shirt.

The Shad and Striper Migration Will Begin Soon
Shad, or the poor man's tarpon, begin schooling at the mouths of the coastal rivers in February and start their upriver migration toward the end of the month and into March. They can be a lot of fun to catch on light and ulta-light tackle. And they school in large numbers as they migrate, so if you find one you might find a bunch. Shad fishing isn't about size, it is about numbers. For the flyfishhers, a light weight setup with sinking lines is needed. After the shad migrate upriver, the stripers will follow them for their spawn.
Fishing the Caddis Hatch in the East Tennessee Mtns.  - April 18-20

The caddis fly begins to hatch and fly around the waters of the Watauga (The Taug) and the South Holston (The Soho) rivers in April. Waiting patiently for these flies to land on the water and float down river are brown and rainbow trout. Dry fly fishing for these beautiful fish will be our mission. This package includes 2 nights accommodation, multiple meals, and both wade and drift fishing. I can only take 6 on this trip.
Mosquito Lagoon, Florida
We're now booking trips year round to the Mosquito Lagoon in Florida. It's located an hour from Orlando so include it in your Disney trip with the kids or grandkids. Or just tell everyone that you have to go to the restroom and slip away for a few days. You can fish for the day or spend several nights in cabins on the water. It's great for sight fishing using conventional gear or for the flyfishers.
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