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Land Use & Transportation Committee (LUTC)
Agenda - Everyone Welcome!
February 17th 7pm-9pm / 3534 SE Main Street, Portland
Welcome, Introductions, Announcements

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SE Hawthorne Pave & Paint Project

Lead: Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Karla Kingsley,
Senior Transportation Planner

Background: SE SE Hawthorne Boulevard is due for maintenance paving. The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is scheduled to repave the street between SE 24th and 50th avenues during the summer of 2021. PBOT's Vison Zero team has identified SE Hawthorne Boulevard as one of 30 High Crash Corridors in Portland. SE Hawthorne Boulevard is also a candidate for potential changes to prioritize transit through the Rose Lanes Project. PBOT is looking at ways to take advantage of routine maintenance as an opportunity to improve safety, reduce transit delay, and make other changes to better serve people and businesses on Hawthorne.

The key goals of the SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint project are to: - Take advantage of the opportunity that comes with maintenance paving - Improve safety - Support Hawthorne’s function as a Main Street and help people get to destinations there - Connect people to other parts of the city We are interested in understanding how you currently use the corridor, what are the needs you see, and how you would prioritize any potential changes.

Purpose:  Learn more about this opportunity and provide feedback about the needs and future of this essential corridor in the SE Uplift Coalition Area from a boarder perspective. Also, learn about upcoming community engagement opportunities to bring back to share with your neighbors!

Feel free to invite other interested neighbors or board members who want to share some in-depth meaningful feedback.
Inner SE Action

Lead: Brendon  Haggerty , Volunteer, Doug Klotz, Volunteer

Background: Inner SE Action is a community group embracing change to promote livability, inclusivity, sustainability and climate protection in inner southeast Portland. Learn more about th e group here.

Purpose:   Overview of the group and their work to make our streets safer and our communities more resilient for impacts of climate change.
Exploring Community Advocacy Issues & Land Use/Transportation Updates

  • Tree Advocacy
  • What can neighbors do with their property/ Zoning 101
  • Urban form, creative development, and design - share what she is working on and solicit volunteers.

Purpose:   A number of advocacy issues are bubbling up or require updates. Leah will lead some highlights/updates and share some advocacy opportunities for neighborhoods and neighbors to get engaged in - if they choose.

If you have an issue you'd like to share connect with Leah, and she can add it to the agenda.
What's Going on in SE Portland?
Residential Infill Project- The hearings are over. Now what?


  1. Changes to align the proposals with recently adopted projects for consistency.
  2. Changes to align duplex allowances with state mandates in HB2001.
  3. Changes to respond to the SB 534 requirement to recognize certain substandard platted lots.
  4. Creating a combined process for lot consolidations and property line adjustments.
Read more about these  amendment concepts .
City Council will discuss additional amendment concepts on February 12 at 2 p.m. to determine which concepts could be developed into formal amendment proposals. Council will hold another public hearing in March to hear feedback on the resulting specific amendments.

(Update provided by BPS)
It's Black History Month - Let's learn something new and celebrate this resilient community!

Over the last few years in my role as SE Uplift Neighborhood Planning Program Manager I've been exploring and learning more about Oregon's (and the nations) deep-rooted, and incredibly unjust land use history that goes back decades and was NOT included in my college urban planning curriculum. It's why you might walk around your neighborhood and wonder why it's so white, or why homeownership in the back community is so low. This reality then often directly translates into who shows up to community meetings and conducts advocacy in those areas. It can also help us understand why breaking out of the homogenous mold we've created for ourselves is so layered and challenging.
I know it will not come as a surprise to my neighbors, that if we don't actively work to correct past wrongs, the legacy of those injustices will continue. Therefore, I'm challenging myself and my neighbors interested in land use and housing policy to take some time this month to learn more about the history of land use planning in this city and state. Read an article, book, or report, attend an event to celebrate the Black community's resilience, or explore learning opportunities at various organizations conducting trainings. We can't move forward and correct past wrongs as collective if we don't know our history or the stories of those impacted by this history.

Some suggested resources for learning include the following, but more resources are welcome! Please share other suggestions with Leah Fisher at leahf@seuplift.org.

Read. A number of books addressing the bias and racism in urban planning:
  • BPS document: Historical Context of Racist Planning - Go here.
  • The Color of Law, Richard Rothstein
  • Root Shocked - a documentary short about generational loss, racial disparity, and the steps taken by one family to force a city to reckon with its history. Go here
  • Karen J. Gibson, BLEEDING ALBINA: A History of Community Disinvestment, 1940–2000 - Go here.

Learn. A number of organizations provide educational opportunities for learning about the history of red lining, exclusionary zoning, displacement, negative impacts of urban renewal, and more:
  • Vanport Mosaic. A community-driven memory-activism platform that showcases history, events, tours and more! Go here.
  • Oregon Fair Housing Council - information, events, and housing tours.
  • Efforts to undo past wrongs associated with urban renewal and displacement in North Portland here.
  • KGW article on market forces and displacement in the African American community - Go here.

Attend. Black History Festival NW 2020  is an all ages celebration of culture and heritage showcasing Black artists, businesses, organizations, and leaders through arts, education and advocacy. This festival is utilizing Black History Month to celebrate the African Diaspora, bridge gaps, amplify truth, unity and hope in the pacific nw. To find out more and check the event listings, go to:  https://blackhistoryfestival.org/
Safe Routes in all Weather - Photo Contest

Do you or your family and friends walk and roll in rain, shine, sun, and snow? Show the  Safe Routes Partnership  (a national non-profit that works to advance safe walking and bicycling to and from schools) how you get around when the weather is gloomy, gray, gusty, or just great!

You are invited to submit your photo to the Safe Routes in All Weather photo contest by February 28. Find contest details and category descriptions here .  Prizes will be awarded to three winners.
Willamette Riverfront in South Portland - proposed draft out for review 

A new plan for the future of the Willamette River in the South Portland, Riverdale, Dunthorpe, Brooklyn and Sellwood areas is ready for review and public testimony to Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) February 25th.

The  River Plan / South Reach Proposed Draft  addresses land uses and zoning, scenic and natural resources, recreation, and transportation. Testify in person to the PSC on Feb. 25 or in writing via the MapApp. 
Democracy Update!
Decision-makers shape this City - It's time to start paying attention and weigh in.
If you haven't already heard, Portland has a number of local elections coming up in November 2020! There are over a dozen that have thrown their hat in the ring for the mayoral election, and many others setting their sights on the open Commissioner positions. See candidates and open positions here.

Also, stay in tune for a number of organizations and groups will be hosting candidate forums in the coming months with opportunities to learn about candidate priorities and issues before the vote!

These folks will be making decisions about zoning, funding, policies that impact land use and transportation into the future.

*Note: SE Uplift does not endorse any particular candidate, we support the democratic process and want to share information so neighbors can learn more and weigh in.*
Democracy & the Census

Holy smokes! There is a lot of democracy at work right now. Not only are there a number of national and local elections coming up, Oregon is also in the middle of our 2020 Legislative Session and census recruitment is happening to support the in depth census work that will be launching soon!

  • To learn more about the short Legislative session and how to get involved - go to our February Newsletter (here)... and soon! Short session only goes until the end of this month.

  • If your Neighborhood Association or a group is interested in hosting and census worker recruitment event, connect with us to learn more.
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