UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine Newsletter

February 2019/March 2019 - Issue #80


Dr. Aaron Kornblith, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, has been rewarded the UCSF RAP Catalyst award of $100,000 for his project, "Novel Advanced Machine Learning for Pediatric Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) Examination to Improve Detection of Abdominal, Pleural, and Pericardial Hemorrhage".

Dr. Margaret Lin and Dr. Aaron Kornblith, Assistant Professors of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, and Dr. Heidi Werner, Associate Clinical Professors of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, received a $4000 Innovations Funding for Education grant, for a web-based project on point of care ultrasound for Intussusception. 

Dr. Robert Rodriguez, Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, has received HRSA funding as a co-investigator for the new The University of California San Francisco Latino Center of Excellence. The center seeks to improve the health of Latino populations and decreases health care disparities by promoting the academic careers of Latino medical students, resident physicians, and faculty.

Dr. Maria Raven, Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, received the AWAEM Outstanding Research Publication Award for her study, "A National Study of Outpatient Health Care Providers' Effect on Emergency Department Visit Acuity and Likelihood of Hospitalization", which she co-authored with Faye Steiner, PhD. It was published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine 2018. 

Dr. Jahan Fahimi, Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, received a grant from American Foundation for Firearm Injury Reduction in Medicine (AFFIRM) in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University to develop a consensus-driven educational curriculum on firearm injury and violence prevention for healthcare providers.

Dr. Nida Degesys, Clinical Instructor, was awarded the EMRA fellow of the year award.


Dr. Dina Wallin, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, has been appointed as the Director of Residency Didactics. Dr. Wallin will be responsible for the planning, management, and evaluation of the residency didactic curriculum and will work closely with the rest of the residency leadership team, faculty, and chief residents.

Dr. William Whetstone, Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, was invited to be the sole representative of Emergency Medicine at an NIH-sponsored conference "SCI2020: Launching a Decade of Disruption in Spinal Cord Injury Research" to be held February 12-13, 2019, at the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland. He will be on a panel that will help determine the spinal cord injury research priorities for the next five to ten years.

Dr. Sally Graglia, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, led a 1 week Point-of-Care Ultrasound course in Kumasi, Ghana, at Asokwa Pediatric Hospital from Jan 28-Feb 1. In March, she returned to Monrovia, Liberia to transition her leadership of the hospital wide, interdisciplinary Point-of-Care ultrasound education. 

Dr. Kayla Enriquez, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Dr. Louis Yu, PGY-4, completed a 2-part 6-day quality improvement training seminar of Last Mile Health's first cohort of Quality Assurance Officers (QAO's).  The QAO's will be monitoring healthcare outcomes in three counties and have developed three independent QI projects to improve healthcare delivery in the most remote regions of Liberia.

The ZSFG Social Medicine Team was recognized as a Gage Award Remarkable Project and will be featured at the Vital2019 annual conference of America's Essential Hospitals.

The SFGH Foundation and the ZSFG Social Medicine team were awarded one of six Battery Powered  grants to enhance and scale the delivery of team-based social medicine at ZSFG. 
Dr. Patil Armenian, Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at UCSF Fresno, partnered with Fresno State to facilitate patient enrollment in the hospital while providing undergraduate students with an opportunity to dive into research and observe an Emergency Department setting. 
Dr. Robert Rodriquez (Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine), Dr. Hemal Kanzaria (Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine), Dr. Lily Muldoon (R4), Dr. Winnie Chan (R3), and Sarah Sabbagh (Research Assistant) presented an oral abstract at the  Western Society of Academic Emergency Medicine Regional Meeting in Napa, CA on March 22, 2019 titled " Collecting Unused Medical Supplies in Emergency Departments for Responsible Redistribution."
Dr. Rosny Daniel , Medical Education Fellow, presented on the "Developing a Workshop for Evaluating Curriculum for Bias" at the Western Group on Educational Affairs Regional Conference in Reno, NV on March 31, 2019.

Dr. Ellen Weber , Professor of Emergency Medicine, presented two workshops at  Revive: A FemInEM Development Retreat held in Scottsdale, Arizona  in February 3-5. The topics were "Getting Published" and  "Finding Your Passion." 

Dr. William Whetstone , Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, was invited to talk and panel at the National Institutes of Health for the Spinal Cord Injury 2020 Next Decade Goals .

Dr. Jahan Fahimi, Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, presented "Emergency Medicine Topics" at the UCSF Family Medicine Board Review Course on March 12, 2019.

Dr. Jahan Fahimi, Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, presented "Frameworks for Intervention: Introduction to the Haddon Matrix with a focus on gun violence prevention" at Stanford University on March 7, 2019.

Dr. Peter Sokolove , Professor of Emergency Medicine, gave two presentations at the Associate of Academic Chairs in Emergency Medicine (AACEM) annual retreat in Puerto Rico March 10 - 13, 2019. The presentations were updates of the work being done by the AACEM Boarding Workgroup and the Emergency Medicine Action Fund (EMAF) Board of Governors. 

Dr. Andi Tenner, Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, was invited to represent the UCSF WHO Collaborating Centre for Emergency and Trauma Care in a panel discussion entitled " WHO Partnerships - Translation and Implementation. Professional Organizations, Academia and beyond ..." at the first ever Emergency Care Satellite Session at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health on March 7th.

Dr. Walid Hamud-Ahmed  presented his abstract Pulmonary Injury and Outcomes Data in Butane Honey Oil Explosion Victims: A Descriptive Study at SAEM Western Regional. 

Dr. James McCue,  presented at presented his abstract Crunch Time: Utilization of an Audio Board Review Course at SAEM Western Regional Meeting.
Fred Wu, MHS, PA-C presented his abstract Physician Assistant Utilization in U.S. Emergency Departments 2010-2015 at SAEM Western Regional Meeting. 
Fred Wu and Dr. James McCue

Dr. Mary Mercer,  Assosicate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine, was the featured guest at on the JAMA Performance Improvement Podcast (March 19, 2019) discussing strategic use of the Lean Management System in sustaining change in a hospital system. The discussion related to her recent publication (with Drs. Singh and Kanzaria) in JAMA, "Reducing Emergency Department Length of Stay."

Dr. Andrea Tenner, Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, spoke on UCTV about UCSF's global contributions to emergency care with the World Health Organization. Her talk was entitled: "Collaborating to Improve Emergency Care Around the Globe."

Dr. Renee Hsia, Professor of Emergency Medicine, received media attention from Ventura County Star on February 1, 2019 for an article about how " Federal Mandate Compels Local Hospitals to Post Prices Some Call Meaningless. "

Dr. Rais Vohra, Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at UCSF Fresno, spoke on the Fresno Bee regarding steps to take when bitten by a rattlesnake. 

Dr. Lori WeichenthalProfessor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at UCSF Fresno, was on the Fresno Bee, speaking about a new health threat of burnout and suicides by physicians

Dr. Patil ArmenianAssociate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at UCSF Fresno, talks about the dangers of marijuana edibles as emergency rooms are seeing an increase of patients coming in due to them.
Dr. Rosny Daniel and Dr. Nicole Munz , Medical Education Fellows, will be leading a sim case at the Regional SAEM conference as part of Sim Wars.

Dr. Louis Yu , PGY-4, presented " Aortic Injury in the Era of the Pan Scan" at the Plenary session at the SAEM Regional meeting, which analysed data from the multicentre NEXUS chest study database, His co-authors were Rob Rodriguez (UCSF), Ali Raja (Harvard), Bill Mower (UCLA) and Mark Langdorf (UC Irvine).

Book signing by Fresno Resident, Dr. Stephanie Benjamin: 

Dr. Tomas Diaz, PGY-4, will remain with us next year as our next Medical Education Fellow. 

Dr. Scott Sutton   will be starting on July 2019 as a PEM Ultrasound Fellow. 

Dr. Lauren Hart will be starting on July 2019 as an EMS/Disaster Medicine Fellow. 

Dr. Jeremy Lacocque will be starting on July 2019 as an EMS/Disaster Medicine Fellow.

Dr. Anita Mudan will be starting on July 2019 as a Medical Toxicology Fellow.

Dr. Jacon Lebin will be starting on July 2019 as a Medical Toxicology Fellow.

Dr. Jeffrey Nahn will be starting on July 2019 as a UCSF/ZSFG Emergency Ultrasound Fellow. 

Dr. Cecily Sotomayor will be starting on July 2019 as a Global Health Fellow. 

Dr. Kenshata Watkins will be starting on July 2019 as a PEM Fellow. 

Dr. Sinthumathi Natesan will be starting on July 2019 as a PEM Fellow. 

UCSF-ZSFG and Fresno Class of 2023 was selected. For more information, please visit the Residency website. 

A very successful High Risk Hawaii 2019, chaired by Drs. Jeffrey Tabas, Elizabeth Kwan, and William Shyy   was  held at the Alohilani Resort   in Waikiki, it featured impressive line up of invited speakers Billy Mallon, Corey Slovis, and Bryan Hayes and Derek Monette from ALIE; from UCSF Michelle Lin, Chris Colwell, Craig Smollin, Starr Knight, Jim Hardy, Mary Mercer, Dina Wallin, Bill Whetstone, Debbie Madhok, Aaron Kornblith, Margaret Lin.

The inaugural PEM pre-course led by Carol Chen had over 40 attendees and utilized innovative teaching approaches. Speakers reviewed a topic (infant fever, etc...) and then broke into small groups didactics to reinforce the topic. The 2 hour procedures lab included 8 stations (vascular access, airway, chest tubes, etc..) with local NICU and EM providers, and even one of our UCSF anesthesia attendings.

Other highlights included Michelle Lin's tricks of the trade (with prizes), daily Q and A sessions featuring Bryan Hayes (ALIEM's pharm D), Carol's unique pediatric chest tube simulator, Jeanne Noble's emergent c-section model. Lively debates were held between Chris Colwell, Billy Mallon, and Corey Slovis, while Craig Smollin attempted to moderate as the adult in the room. Jim Hardy gave a course on de-escalation techniques for psychotic patients.
We thank our department leadership for supporting the conference, our faculty for being stellar educators, and our chief residents and alumni for representing the past, present, and future of our amazing UCSF family!


Wendy Staub joined our DEM Administrative team and serves as our PEM Division Manager.  Wendy joins PEM with 19 years of experience at UCSF.  She received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of California, Santa Cruz.  She started her career in a basic science laboratory, studying neural circuitry in an animal model system.  After several years of working in a basic science setting, Wendy transitioned to working in clinical research administration.  She managed the administrative operations of 5 laboratories for the Clinical & Translational Science Institute.  Currently, Wendy is the Assistant Manager for the Clinical Research Services where she provides operational oversight for 4 research clinics.  This includes support for human resources, facility maintenance, IT, patient scheduling & registration, and clinical trial implementation.  In her spare time, Wendy enjoys volunteering at a local dog shelter.

Caroline Cawley, Whole Person Care Research Associate, has presented her work - on the highest users of the acute care system and homeless mortality - widely across San Francisco County, including to the leadership of city Departments of Public Health and Homelessness and Supportive Housing, as well as to the San Francisco Health Commission. The work she co-leads with Dr. Barry Zevin was recently highlighted in the SF Examiner.
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Dr. Lily Muldoon (R4) was an author on a poster presented at the  Africa Health Agenda International Conference in Kigali, Rwanda on March 6, 2019 titled "Health Navigation Program: A Community Health Intervention to Expand Access to Emergency Care and Promote Safe Deliveries in Rural Kenya."

Dr. Hemal Kanzaria , Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, gave Grand Rounds titled A Broader View of Health: The Case for Social Medicine to the Department of Medicine at UC Davis.


May 1-3: UCSF-Fresno High Sierra Wilderness and Travel Medicine Conference, The Pines Resort at Bass Lake, California

May 7: Spring Faculty Retreat, Aldea Center

May 22-27:  MCI exercise, training, and camping with EMS/Disaster/Global Health and UCSF-Fresno EM Residency and Wilderness Medicine Fellowship/Park Medic Program at Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park

June 9UCSF-SFGH Emergency Medicine Alumni Reunion, 6 - 10PM, Women's Building (3543 18th St #8, San Francisco, CA 94110). Buy your tickets here

June 11: Residency Graduation