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February 2019
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Breakfast aboard
Lunch underway
Something before dinner
Dinner aboard
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Work aboard is proceeding apace, but with a wet windy day in the forecast it seemed time to have a food issue of our newsletter!

Breakfast aboard

Credits for all these creations are courtesy of Andy, Matthew, Sarah, and all the other hands who have kept guests and crew from losing weight while sailing on the American Eagle.

Pancakes tend to run to blueberry in season, with an occasional 
diversion to buckwheat with a sprig of alfalfa sprouts for garnish.

Homemade granola over steel-cut oats with twenty toppings ranging
 from dried fruit to Greek yogurt.

Andy delivering his classic lecture on the steel-cut oats winning the
 golden spurtle and supporting the Greek economy by serving
 Greek-style yogurt.

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast wraps, fresh melon, blueberry muffins

No leathery pancakes here

Quiche for brunch. There's always some left for the crew to finish off 
at the end of the cruise... after resupplying the vessel once we reach
 our dock.

Mike made three kinds of doughnuts for brunch this time

Time for brunch
Gerard brings up the frittatta from the galley

Brunch the last morning of a cruise with Sarah smiling and Matthew
 checking  out the display. We know it's brunch because it's the only
 meal  we don't serve  on crockery. The Chinet plates are made from
 100% recycled paper and were  first made in Maine in 1908.

Lunch underway

Once Beth's Farm Market has native strawberries in season they show up in salads as 
well as desserts. Meanwhile Dennis has brought us fresh eggs from 
his farm in Waldoboro.

Comfort food on  a spring day

And lighter lunch on warm days

S hotgun wedding soup

A good salad

Salads are a lot more than rabbit food

Hannah with chowder clams we just dug

Yes, they washed their hands. Sarah and a shipmate in the cookie department

Cookies are required to be big enough to not fall into a coffee cup

The cookie pusher

Yum Peppermint Cupcakes

And there's time for something a bit fancier

Something before dinner

Matthew has the hors d'oeuvres ready for presentation on deck

And  baked brie for starters

Save room for dinner!

Dinner aboard

Crusted Pork Roast
Crusted roast pork loin with homemade bread, green
 beans with toasted almonds, risotto, and our applesauce.

Rolls hot from the oven
Fresh bread in some form from the galley every day

Fishkabobs with sea scallops

Roast Beef Dinner  photo by Ralph Smith
Roast sirloin with summer vegetables; I think I made the gravy this time.

Antipasto to go with a pasta night

Chris with salmon from Starboard Cove.

to table the same day

I know, the fork should be on the other side.

Maine boiled dinner

Salmon with mango chutney
Baked haddock with mango chutney and a light salad

And for dessert? Sorry, but I don't have room after all of the above. 
Next time for sure!

Steamed lobsters on the canvas
And also some dining ashore!

Postcards from Away  

Someone sent one of our postcards with S & H green stamps for
postage  and it made it through, crediting the trading stamps at ten 
cents apiece.  Don't try this at home!

Norbert and Cecelia sent this card from Columbia just in time for this newsletter as an attachment to an email; another way to save on time and postage if you are out of green stamps.


Shary has been the voice on the phone and the person keeping us organized for longer than she cares to admit. A bit camera shy, she puts her chocolate lab Coco to work warming office chairs, greeting the UPS man, and teaching me computer basics.

We're thinking about an upcoming tall ship event, Tall Ships Maine 2020 in Portland July 16-20.

  John and the crew

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