February 2019
Museum Repairs Completed
After the devastation caused by the 2017 hurricane season, we are so happy that the majority of the repairs are completed to the Museum and Science Center.  Guinep House is now shinning like a beacon on Front Street. We are starting the process to update some of the exhibits inside.  The museum will remain open during these upgrades.
Provo Campus News
Memories & Connections
We have had a lovely start to the year had some great visitors shared some memories and made some connections.
While doing a tour and speaking about John Glenn’s historic orbit of the earth, one of my visitors shared his memory of listening to Walter Cronkite’s vivid account of that historic event. He told me that he like most people at that time were glued to the radios and then televisions for each one of the space explorations. He remembered Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands being mentioned by Mr. Cronkite’s and so now he is visiting the islands and able to make that connection. 
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 6 February for our first ‘Evening with the Experts’ for 2019! Dr. Matt Williamson, our visiting expert, is a forensic anthropologist, friend of the museum and a captivating presenter. The evening’s topic will be ‘Stories from the Casebook of a Forensic Anthropologist’ presented by our real life ‘Bones’. See you on Wednesday at 7pm. 
When Mr. and Mrs. John Davis, from Louisville Kentucky came to visit the museum, they were quite surprised to see a name that they recognized as the author of one of the books for sale on the self. The said book, ‘Coming in for a Landing’, was authored by Embry Rucker, a pilot who spent over ten years flying in the islands. It turns out that the Rucker brothers attended Louisville Country Day School, as did John Lewis. He said and I quote “Imagine finding Embry’s book in the Turks and Caicos National Museum. “ We trust you will enjoy the book. Happy reading!
Donna B from Boston made a connection to the past by grinding corn in the mill. ‘Back in the Day’ that would have been the start of process of making grits which is often eaten for breakfast. We are glad that we were able to help Donna make that connection to her breakfast.
This lovely family from Minnesota visited the museum as well. I happen to have visited that state as I have family members who live there. They were enjoying their stay on the island even though it was overcast and a little windy, because as they said “we still get to ride around in our shorts.” 
We look forward to your visit to the museum with your friends or family so you could make some connections and share some memories. 
The museum was pleased to host the local non-profit SNIPTCI who did a FREE spay and neuter clinic on Grand Turk. A very successful day with 29 animals spayed/neutered!!
Well done and thank you to the
SNIP, TCSPCA, Grand Turk volunteers, Megan the veterinarian, and especially to all the responsible pet owners who brought their pets in!!
Upcoming Projects on Grand Turk
Vanishing Sail
Wednesday, February 27th we will be showing the documentary film Vanishing Sail. This award winning film visits the Grenadines where the traditions of boat building were once crucial to the survival of local communities skimming a living from the sea. Today there is no commercial trade by sail and these skills have vanished elsewhere in the region. Alwyn Enoe is one of the last boat builders in the village of Windward, Carriacou, practicing a trade passed down the generations from the original Scottish settlers that arrived int he 19th century. He is approaching his 70's and with no more orders coming in, he decides to build one last sailing sloop with the hope that his sons will continue the trade.
Film starts at 6:30 PM - $5 Entry Fee
Movie Nights
Movie Night is back for 2019
  • January 29th we had a showing of A Star is Born with a great turn out!
  • Tuesday, February 12th we will be showing The Green Book
  • Wednesday, February 28th Vanishing Sail - See above for details
  • Other movies planned for future months (dates to be announced) Aquaman & Bohemian Rhapsody!!

Movies are shown outside on our back deck
Cost is $5 for everyone and our members receive a free snack or soda
Email us if you want to get on our notification list!!

Children's Club
Due to lack of enrollment we have pushed the start up date to February 16th . Arts, crafts, games and field trips will be designed to be both fun and educational. Children from ages 8-12 are invited to participate. The club is FREE!! Enrollment is ongoing. The club will be held once a month on a Saturday from 1 pm TO 3 pm SIGN UP IS REQUIRED!!!
For more information on any of these events please email us !
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