Valley Teen Ranch
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February 2019 Newsletter
VTR's Greatest Strength, Impacting Lives
This month our hearts turn toward all of those who inspire us in our Valley Teen Ranch (VTR) community. There is a quote, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” You are a part of our community. Thank you for your compassionate response to Valley Teen Ranch in prayer, volunteer work, and donation to support our children, youth, and families.

Our community is also all the people who work at Valley Teen Ranch. Recently, VTR staff participated in an analysis of our organization. Two of the questions asked were what they were most proud of and what they thought was VTR’s greatest strengths. The heart you see at the top of the page, reflects all that they believe is important to help impact the lives of those they serve.

All of these words deeply express a part of who we are. Now take a look at the heart and find words that may stand out to you. One word may be family . At VTR that family means so much to us. We often become a family to many of our boys at the ranch or in our transitional home. With our Foster Care and Adoption Agency we help find safe, healthy homes, or a family that children can call their own-a forever

home.  Success is another important word to us. In all that we do, success is measured by the therapeutic, educational, relational nature of who we are and what we do at VTR. And with our history deeply rooted in the central valley and state, our partnerships and friendships have continued to build throughout the years. Our longevity in our community and consistency of services provide a place, a home, that is always here for children and youth we have served in the past. 
For this month of February as we celebrate love, we give you this heart as an expression of ours. Thank you in advance for your continued faithfulness, support and care.
Immediate Needs
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Administration Office

Body Soap
Toilet paper
Hand Soap
Art Supplies for the Ranch

Acrylic paints
Gift Cards

Starbucks or Dutch Bros. Coffee
(For meetings with Foster youth)

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Congratulations to the Vang-Lee family
on their Adoption of Ellie!