February 2019 Newsletter
Happy Valentine's Day!
February 14, 2019
On behalf of everyone at JFS Orlando, happy Valentine's Day to our donors, volunteers, community partners, and clients. We couldn’t let today pass by without thanking you for your support and trust. We hope your day is filled with family, friends, and happy moments!
Coffee Connections
February 28, 2019
Thank you to everyone who attended our last Coffee Connections! If you couldn't make it, join us next time on February 28th! Enjoy coffee, a light breakfast, and a tour of our center to learn about the positive impact of our various programs on the community.
Donation Wishlist: Walmart and Wawa Gift Cards
We're still in need of Walmart and Wawa gift cards! Many families and individuals come to JFS Orlando needing more than food or rent/utility bill assistance. Some of their essential needs are not covered, including gas and toiletries.
By donating Walmart or Wawa gift cards, you're helping families access essential needs, like gas and toiletries.
Donations can be dropped off at the JFS Orlando reception desk.
Thank you for your donation!
The Power of Giving: The JFS Computer Lab
In today’s day and age, a computer has become an essential lifeline to survive and connect with others. Specifically, many employment opportunities require the use of a computer, whether it is to search for jobs, type up and print a resume, or practice skills needed to get a job. However, many families and individuals in the community cannot afford to own a computer and only have internet access through their cellphones, not a conducive way to apply to and get a job.

That’s why JFS Orlando opened its free computer lab in 2017 and has since been helping people not only gain access to a computer, but get one-on-one help from trained volunteers.
Read John's Story
John came to the JFS Computer Lab unemployed and needing help finding a job.

“I needed some help. I could always go to the library to do it, but I wanted some help other than just doing it on my own.”

He visited the computer lab to look up and apply to jobs online. However, even after applying to multiple jobs, attending job fairs, and going to job interviews, John still wasn’t getting hired. He decided to enroll in the JFS Family Stabilization Program (FSP) to take advantage of the program's job search workshops and get extra help from a case manager. Through the help of his case manager and JFS Computer Lab volunteers, he updated his resume, decided to narrow down his focus to the food service industry, and even completed an online food service certification course, all in the computer lab.

With his new resume and certificate in-hand, and the added confidence they brought, John attended another job fair. But this time it was different. After a couple company referrals and a successful job interview, he finally landed a job! 

“I don’t think I would’ve gotten it [the job] without the JFS Computer Lab because I didn’t know where to turn to except the library. And I don’t have a computer at home. A working one. And I wouldn’t have had the help at home anyways.”

Without the JFS Computer Lab, John wouldn't have had access to the tools and the specialized attention he needed to navigate the job searching process and finally find a job.
Know someone who could benefit from the JFS Computer Lab to search and apply for employment, develop a resume, apply for government assistance, or improve their overall computer literacy? Visit our webpage for more information or call 407-644-7593 to schedule an appointment.
Are you interested in volunteering in our computer lab and helping individuals learn vital computer skills, find a job, and access benefits?
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