I hope you are enjoying our beautiful weather. Blue skies, sunshine, slightly cooler temps all make SW FL the paradise we know it to be. Hot hot hot will be here soon enough so breathe deeply and be grateful.

I truly appreciate all my clients as well as those who aren't yet clients but are "thinking about it." To show my appreciation, I am offering 3 workshops over the next 8 weeks that provide everyone an opportunity to learn more about how to make their image work for them. We all have to get dressed every day so why not dress intentionally in colors and styles that flatter you most? Check out the workshop schedule in this newsletter and call me to register. I hope to see many of you here for these workshops, but my space is also limited so I can only accept a certain number of reservations. Call 239-454-0044.

There are lots of opportunities during "season" to participate in some great non-profit organization's fund-raising. My favorite non-profit is Dress for Success. I believe in their mission to help unemployed and under-employed women in our area achieve career success and financial independence. Their annual fund-raiser is Friday, March 8th at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point - A Vegas Night in Black and White. There will be great prizes and auction items, opportunities to enjoy some fun "gambling", and always a great fashion show and dinner. If you would like to attend call the DFS office at 239-689-4992. I'll see you there!


I will once again be hosting workshops in the studio this season. I am repeating workshop topics that have been the most requested. Please mark your calendars now for these dates:

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12th (new date)
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Join me and learn how to select a hairstyle that flatters your face shape, your facial features and your personality.
(Bangs? No Bangs?  Part? No Part? Length? Fullness?)

5:30 - 6:30 pm
Discover your Yin Yang balance and learn to dress and accessorize with ease.  

5:30 - 6:30 pm
What are the six items every woman should have in her closet? Join me and find out!

Each workshop has a $20 fee which can be applied to any purchase.

These workshops fill up quickly. Bring a friend and call 239-454-0044 to register.  

Everything is all about the heart this month - fund-raisers to support heart health, Valentine's Day, etc. And that means the color red is everywhere.

Do you like the color red? Do you avoid it because you aren't sure if red likes you?

First, it's important to recognize when it is appropriate to wear red and when another color might be a better choice. Red is an up-beat color; it is also assertive and exciting. But sometimes red is seen as aggressive, domineering or bossy. So do wear red when you want to be recognized or to catch someone's eye. Wear red when you are tired as it will provide a boost of energy. Wear red to project authority or command the attention of a large group.

Don't wear red when you are not prepared to be called upon, such as in a committee meeting if you are not prepared to speak. Don't wear red when being interviewed for a job or for a job promotion as it gives the impression you are not a team player. Don't wear red when chairing a meeting that calls for collaboration as others may feel intimidated to share their ideas when you are wearing red. Don't wear red on television.

Wear a warm red, like this sweater, if your coloring is Autumn or Spring.
And make sure your lip color is also a warmer shade of red.
Wear the cooler shades of red if your coloring is Winter or Summer. And make sure your lip color is also a cooler red.
Do you struggle with finding a great hairstyle? Are you coloring your hair and wondering if it's the best color for you?

Finding a great hairstyle is easy once you understand how to create a pleasing proportion with your face shape and facial features. Some tips to follow:

  1. Your hairstyle should never end at the widest part of your face. For example, if you have a wide jawline, your hair should be shorter or longer but not right at your jawline.
  2. Your hairstyle should be fullest where your face is most narrow. For example, if your forehead is narrow, then adding fullness at the temples will create a pleasing proportion.
  3. Bangs can visually shorten a long face and exposing the forehead can visually lengthen a short face.

When it comes to hair color, let your skin tone be your guide. If you have peachy or golden skin or have a lot of warm freckles, then warmer undertones in your hair will flatter. IF your skin is milky white or pinky, then cooler or ash tones will flatter.
This woman's skin tone is very peachy so the golden blonde undertones in her hair are flattering.
This woman has added ashy blonde highlights to her hair which are flattering to her noticeably pink skin tone.

Join me on Tuesday at 5:30 here at the Image Matters Studio and get all your questions answered regarding hair do's and hair don'ts. Call 239-454-0044 to register.
Image Presentations Available

Do you belong to an organization, club or social group that meets regularly to listen/learn from guest speakers?
Call me to book an Image Matters presentation for your group. The presentations are always informative, entertaining and just plain fun! 
The most requested topic is "Look Good and Feel Great . . . with Color!" Many other image-related topics are available, such as 
"SW Florida Style", "Fashionality" and "Accessorizing with Ease." 

All presentations are tailored to fit the needs/goals of the group.  You could be the one to introduce Image Matters to your group - and be a STAR!

Call me at 239-454-0044 to discuss.