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The Marilyn Askelin 
Scholarship Program

Last year Northwoods Book Arts Guild received a generous donation from Bob Askelin in honor of his late wife, Marilyn Askelin.  Marilyn loved everything about books. Before her sudden death in January 2018, she was active as a book artist, watercolorist, and board member of the Northwoods Book Arts Guild. She also maintained an extensive library, much  of which now forms the backbone of the Guild's collection of books about books. As a Board member, Marilyn was an active member of the book repair group at the Literacy Council and served as Chair of the Outreach Committee. In that capacity she saw the need for a scholarship program and oversaw its establishment.  To acknowledge Marilyn's active participation in and generous support of Northwoods Book Arts Guild, the Scholarship Program is now named in her honor.

Through a simple on-line application process, scholarships are available for program meeting fees and workshops that are offered by the Northwoods Book Arts Guild. The Program also supports members' annual dues.  In Marilyn's memory this Scholarship Program insures that no one is turned away from the opportunity to participate in the activities of Northwoods Book Arts Guild.

Questions? Ask here.
Scholarship application form here.

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Dues are $30 per calendar year

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  • by mail at:
Northwoods Book Arts Guild 
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Thank you all who renewed - you are set for 2019!

Let the Spine Speak
with Connie Stricks
Saturday, March 16, 2019
10am - 4pm, NBG Studio
$60 members $75 non-members
$20 materials fee
Limited to 10 participants
Wait List Only
Join Connie in using the long stitch to create an 8 x 4 ΒΌ", hard bound book whose spine carries the decorative emphasis.  This binding allows the spine to make the statement through the use of patterned and plain papers, seen through its 2-3 'windows'---yet it supports a strong, functional structure with blank pages for writing and drawing. Covering book board with paper, and using a selection of handmade and commercially printed papers, we'll explore this structure.  There'll be a choice of fine papers for covers and guards used to embellish the spines---making each person's book truly their own.

More information here.


We are excited to report that we are in the final binding and casement-making phases of IMPRINTS, a thirty-five book edition of original poems and prints by NBG writers and artists. This has been a long but rewarding journey that began almost 2 years ago when the writers and artists began working on the poems and block prints that grace the pages of IMPRINTS, the first publication from our letterpress, The Northwoods Press.
For the past 5 months, Guild members have been meeting twice a week at IMPRINTS Work Sessions. Each session provided new opportunities to learn the wide variety of skills needed to assemble the printed pages of poems and prints into the text blocks and to create the casements. When it's complete, each hand-bound book will be nested in a clamshell casement ready for presentation to the Letterpress Patrons who made generous donations to get The Northwoods Press up and running.
The collaborative nature of this project has provided an array of opportunities for Guild members to learn skills that have included: letterpress printing, woodblock carving and printing, assembling pages into  text blocks for drum-leaf binding, constructing book board covers with inset labels, and then all the complicated, exacting steps to build clamshell casements. As we begin the final steps to bring IMPRINTS to completion, we want to express our gratitude to all the members of our truly unique book-making community who have made IMPRINTS possible...poets and writers, printmakers, letterpress setters and printers, bookbinders, casement makers, and, last but not least, benefactors and patrons...such a wide, dedicated, generous, and beautiful community working together! Thank you, thank you!
Stay tuned for our Publication Celebration! At that event Letterpress Patrons will receive their copies of IMPRINTS. There will be no books available for sale, but there will be individual broadsides of the eleven poems and prints available for purchase. 

IMPRINTS work sessions take place Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-5:00pm. Contact us here if you are interested in joining us!


Newport Paper Book Arts Festival
Newport, Oregon
April 26-28, 2019

Download Festival brochure   here

Focus on Book Arts  Conference
Pacific Grove, OR
June 26-30, 2019

The full schedule and workshop details are available here
 Registration begins March 4, 2019.

UAF Summer Sessions
3D Bookmaking: Box Books
with Margo Klass
May 31 - June 2, 2019
Registration opens Monday, February 25, 2019
Information available here.


Let the Spine Speak
with Connie Stricks
Saturday, March 16, 2019
10am - 4pm
 NBG Studio

NBG Program Meeting
Sunday, March 24   
Book Exchange Theme: Sticks
NBG Studio

Studio Session
Book Cloth & Board Basics
with Mary Maisch
Saturday, April 6, 2019
noon - 4pm
 NBG Studio

Imprints Work Sessions
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3-5pm
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 by NBG Notes.
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NBG Studio

More details to come in the Newsletter and on our website!

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