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February 2019
There has been much press both negative and positive about our market. Keep in mind, there is more new home inventory in our area than ever. That in December, across the United States, a big pause occurred. Interest rates were climbing, and no one wanted to purchase top of market. I have been asked if we are still in a sellers’ market, statistics say no. We are neutral but leaning towards a buyers’ market as our resale inventory grows.

Location, condition and price matter. Thinking of selling? Follow Marie Kondo’s lead and “spark joy” while eliminating stuff.

I genuinely hope to hear from you about a best time to grab a cup of coffee, lunch or wine. Let’s catch up.

News & Updates
Here are a few recent real estate articles that I found interesting and informative that I wanted to share with you:

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Howard's 'Did You Know'
Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read or hear about red tide. Some days, it’s here but the next day, gone. Some people are affected by breathing air from the red tide, others are not.

Here’s what I know from experience: if you try to plan your trip to the beach on days that the wind is from an easterly direction, chances are you won’t have any issues. There is a free app you can download that is the most accurate app I have found. It’s called “Windfinder”. (don’t download the Pro app, as it costs $$) If you have any difficulty finding the app or downloading or getting the information you want, call me 609-705-9076.

I use Anna Maria Island and Bradenton as my locations. It will give you the wave height, wind speed and wind direction in three-hour increments. Any time you see that the wind is from the E, NE and SE, you should be fine. I have found that the forecast is very accurate, at least five days out.