A Week of Celebration
EACH year the f irst full week of February is our opportunity to celebrate our AMAZING PIE partners. This year our celebrations included; partner appreciation breakfasts & lunches, deliveries of delicious pies to our PIE’s and a STEAM Challenges with a mysterious twist.  

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Youth College and Careers Expo – Design Your Future!
The Youth College and Careers Expo (YCCE) hosted by Let's Grow STEAMx on November 29, 2018 at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center gave youth 4th through 12th grades the opportunity to explore local and regional businesses and industries. Youth had the opportunity to ask more in-depth questions about the skills, educational requirements and day to day aspects of working in fields of interest. Attendance at this year’s event exceeded 3,000 participants that spanned the Greater Columbus region from public and private schools. 

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"Make It Count"
PIE Math Pilot Program  
In response to a student math performance goal outlined by the Talented, Educated People team of Columbus 2025, the P.I.E. Executive Team began working during Fall of 2018 with the Columbus State University Math Collaborative on an effort to define critical math achievement skills at the elementary level. We assessed, in partnership with local districts, the age level where intervention would be most beneficial, and created a program that is consistent with national/state standards.

To read more about the PIE Math "Make it Count" Program click HERE.

Visit  to learn more about the Math Collaborative and the PIE Math Program. Contact the Math Collaborative at if you wish to be a future volunteer!
Challenge Accepted!
PIE Mystery Box STEAM Projects
In January, five schools were selected to be a part of the very first Mystery Box STEAM Challenge! Participating schools included; Arnold Magnet Academy, Carver High School, East Columbus Magnet Academy, Downtown Elementary Magnet Academy and South Columbus Elementary School . Many thanks to Columbus Botanical Garden, TSYS-IT, Kodak, RiverCenter, and Synovus for your participation.

This challenge was the brainchild of PIE Board Member, Ms. Randalette Williams. While having a group discussion on how to incorporate project-based learning opportunities within partnerships? Ms. Williams pitched the idea of creating a "Mystery Box Challenge" that would require partner(s) and their school to collaboratively complete the challenge for a winning prize.

From that idea the PIE Mystery Box STEAM Challenge Project was created. Click HERE to discover how a magnet, padlock, nail clipper, clothes pin and piggy bank turned into outstanding projects!
A Piece of Piedmont PIE
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REACH Program
Become a MENTOR!

When you were young, did you find it easy to set goals and develop pathways for reaching them? Did you think that college was a viable option for you and know how to plan ahead for it? Can you recall looking for a part-time job and surviving your very first job interview?

Life experiences that may come easy to you now could be a stumbling block for today’s youth, but they don’t have to be. Become a REACH Georgia mentor and help unlock a young person’s potential!

To read more about how to become a mentor click HERE
Thank you for being a part of this amazing program and helping to enrich the lives of our students in this region. We hope that you have enjoyed the February issue of our “SLICE of PIE” newsletter! If you would like to be featured in an upcoming issue to spotlight your partnership(s) you are welcome to email your PIE Program Manager, Angela Allison .

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