February 2019  |  Vol. 71, No. 1
TLARGI is a Subdivision of the Rubber Division, ACS
Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! I am honored to serve as Chairman for the upcoming year. It has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience serving on the board. I'm excited to pursue opportunities to make TLARGI an outstanding choice for members in pursuit of enhancing their professional careers.

I want to congratulate Graham Pence, co-chair Erika Pence, and the Christmas Party Committee for providing us with a fantastic Christmas Party. TLARGI's 90th Anniversary Emerald Ball celebrated 90 years of this historic organization. It was quite humbling to see the past members who have served over the years and learn how they contributed to the TLARGI we know today. You could literally see the history unfold before your eyes with the thoughtful and creative display on hand for all to enjoy.

I'm pleased to announce that TLARGI has updated its website to a much more user friendly and interactive platform. This new website has an added layer of security for making reservations and payments. It enables us to be more responsive in providing updates and current information to our members. Plus, there are more links to help you navigate where you want to go faster! Please bookmark this web address ( https://tlargi.org/) and I encourage you to checkout the Events Page to access a full list of our events for the year. A special thank you to Amy Congo, our Website and Newsletter Committee Chairman, who was very instrumental in getting the site updated and launched in time for you to enjoy throughout the upcoming year!

I want to highlight a change to our April Dinner meeting. This year's April meeting is getting a technical boost. In addition to our April TIPS meeting, we plan to add at least two more technical presentations to make it an abbreviated technical conference. We hope this will feed your technical appetite and we look forward to seeing you there. This meeting is scheduled for April 2nd at 5:30 p.m. at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel. (More details to come soon.)

In response to a proposal by the Educational Fund Scholarship Committee, which was approved by the board, there has been a revision to TLARGI's Rules and Procedures regarding Undergraduate Scholarships. This revision effects the undergraduate scholarship donation assignments and scholarships given. Donors now have the option to assign their funds to the Friends and Family Scholarship Fund, Rubber Industry Fields of Interest Scholarship Fund, or both. This addresses a long-standing quandary our donors have faced in wanting to influence where their scholarships are being distributed.

As voted on by the attending membership, our November dinner meeting has been removed from the calendar of events. Please make note of this change on your calendar. That takes us to December for the annual TLARGI Christmas Party. Be sure to reference our website and newsletters for updates on this festive event.

There are many unique challenges and opportunities the board faces from year to year. I am pleased to say that we have a team of board members who are determined to make the most of your membership experience. We will be committed to uphold TLARGI's mission statement:

To promote the professional growth of those associated with the local rubber and affiliated industries and to meet the needs of companies and academic centers that support its members through educational, technical, and networking activities.

I want to close by saying your personal and professional knowledge and experiences are welcome and sought after by TLARGI. We strongly encourage you to bring your enthusiasm, not only to the events, but to participate on our various committees and board positions. It is members like you who have made TLARGI great over the years and will make it relevant for generations to come.

Darren Marcoux
2019 TLARGI Chairman  
February Casino Night 
February 5, 2019  |  6:00 p.m.

You and your significant other are invited to join fellow TLARGI members for an evening of dinner and friendly gambling at this year's Casino Night. Don't miss out on the fun as we try our luck at games like Poker, Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, and more!

Welcome to our

February TIPS Meeting
February 5, 2019  |  5:30 p.m.

Come hear Jose Gonzalez, Rubber Technologist with R.D. Abbott, cover the application and technology of light weighting silicone rubber materials.


Summer Conference
June 7 - 9, 2019

The location and many of the key details are still being finalized, but please note that the 2019 Summer Conference will be held on the second weekend in June! (June 7 - 9, 2019, to be exact.) If you have any questions, please contact Graham Pence at gpence@RDAbbott.com or 562.373.6906.

Christmas Party 
December 7, 2019

Save the date for the 2019 TLARGI Christmas Party with Vanity Fair on Saturday, December 7, 2019, at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa.

The 2018 Emerald Ball was the best yet. Graham Pence and his team did a great job and all the old photos were so amazing to see!!! TLARGI is such an important organization for us. Seeing the history was priceless (and a lot of fun). This year, we managed to talk Erika Pence into being Co-Chair again. Together, with the rest of the Christmas Party Committee, you can count on the most fun and festive event yet! We want to see a big turnout, so if you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to email Deena Campana at Deena@VIPRubber.com


June 8: Summer Conference (Location TBD)

August 12: Alta Vista Country Club

September 16: GLTPC Scholarship Tournament at the Western Hills Country Club

November 4: Location TBD


New Memberships 

Please welcome our newest TLARGI member: Steven Liang, Sr. Business Development Manager for Wealth Ocean, Inc. 
Rubber Division, ACS,
Training Opportunities

To learn more about the current training opportunities available through the Rubber Division, ACS, visit their web page .


Wanted: Camera Buffs
The TLARGI Yearbook Committee is looking for amateur photographers to help with monthly meetings. If you like to shoot candid photos, please contact Beth Sepulveda at (562) 944-5354 or beth.sepulveda@RDAbbott.com.  
Advertising with TLARGI
If your organization is interested in advertising in the TLARGI yearbook, website, and/or newsletter, please contact Cindy LeClair at cindy@viprubber.com.

TIPS Presenters  
If you're interested in presenting at a TIPS Meeting or the 2019 Technical Conference, please submit abstracts to Dr. Ragin Amrutiya at Ragin.Amrutiya@wacker.com for consideration. 

Current Events or Member Updates 
If you have current events or member updates to share, please send them to Doug Limkeman at  doug_limkeman@hmroyal.com for consideration.  
Complimentary Mailing List   
Normally at their April meeting, the TLARGI Board approves the mailing list for the TLARGI newsletter to non-members. Nominees generally include advertisers, scholarship recipients, and scholarship donors. If you have nominations for this list, please send their names and contact information to Gabriel Gonzalez at ggonzalez@RDAbbott.com

Channel Prime Alliance/
Goldsmith & Eggleton
(c/o Mike Bulawa & Kyle Muhs)

Goodyear Rubber

Harwick Standard

HM Royal

Jeff Bahash

Martin & Jennifer Perez

Lintech International

Lois McKinney

M.R. Mold & Engineering

Margaret O'Donnell

R&S Processing

R.D. Abbott Co., Inc.

S & H Rubber

Santa Fe Rubber

T.L. Squire & Company, Inc.

VIP Rubber Co., Inc.

Y & D Rubber

The Los Angeles Rubber Group, Inc. (TLARGI) mission is to promote the professional growth of those associated with the local rubber and affiliated industries and to meet the needs of companies and academic centers that support its members through educational, technical, and networking activities.