2020 February Newsletter

Message from the President:

The NA3RsC would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I would like to thank Natalie Bratcher for her outstanding leadership throughout 2020. She kept us focused to drive the growth and direction of the organization to new heights. Key activities were our relaunch of the NA3RsC.org website, the Complex In Vitro Models (CIVM) group, the Translational Digital Biomarkers Hub, as well as other workstream initiatives. Her passion for the 3Rs resonates in all that she has brought to fruition for the NA3RsC.

Current News for 2020:

  • We have funded a fellowship position for 2020 to expand our membership, actively promote 3Rs, and assist with identifying and advancing impactful 3Rs initiatives. Welcome Megan LaFollette! We are energized by the enthusiasm and forward thinking Megan will bring to the organization. She will join us in the coming weeks. Our next newsletter will provide details regarding Megan and our goals for 2020. There is no doubt this will be an exciting year.

  • Our 2020 Officer and Board of Director elections are over. Thanks for voting! Let's welcome the following leaders:

  • Elizabeth Nunamaker, Vice President Elect
  • Norman Peterson, re-elected Secretary
  • Jerry Poling, re-elected board member
  • Mary Ann Vasbinder, new board member (2018 President)

We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to the partnerships and collaborations for 2020. Please help us advance our mission by connecting your colleagues to the NA3RsC homepage. Please feel free to contact any of our leadership if you have any questions or ideas for our continued success.

I am honored to be a part of such a great organization of like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing the science and animal welfare. I have learned so much in a short amount of time and I look forward to continuing to make connections and evolving the organization.

Lisa Stanislawczyk
NA3RsC President

“The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Senior


If you are considering making a donation to our organization, the link below takes you to our member registration page.
Monthly 3 minute - 3Rs podcast
Co-produced with LabAnimal & NC3Rs
January Podcast
Legal Drugs Agency & NA3RsC
NA3RsC Podcast
In the 9 th podcast, Legal Drugs Podcast, a production of Legal Drugs Agency, proudly highlights and endorses the work of the North American 3Rs Collaborative (NA3RsC). The podcast entitled “Refining, Reducing and Replacing Animal​s in Research ​Initiatives of ​the North American 3Rs Collaborative​” interviews Alice ​White McVey, a formal colleague of the host. During the podcast interview, listeners will pick up on the NA3RsC passion regarding education of animal models for research and responsible 3Rs implementation. Alice explains to us that animals are currently an invaluable model for biomedical research. Since animals are still required for animals research, the NA3RsC mission is to share advances in science, innovations, and animal welfare with the research community in North America and around the globe. This mission will mean improved study reproducibility and animal welfare with the ultimate goal of reducing and replacing animals in biomedical research. This mission is one that Legal Drugs Agency seriously supports.
We hope you enjoy this short 16 minute podcast. 

Angela Stoyanovitch hosts Legal Drugs Podcast. Her vision to create a podcast was birthed from the need to close the gap on public education and unite drug discovery/development insiders in order to reduce redundancies and inefficiencies in the industry. Angela currently has 15 podcasts available on standard podcast platforms.
If you are interested in becoming more active with the
 North American 3R's Collaborative :
Thank you!

We would like to thank the following institutions for grants/financial assistance in 2019 which supported our website and educational efforts..

2020 Officers
President: Lisa Stanislawczyk, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Vice President: Benjamin Cappiello, AxoSim, Inc.
Vice President Elect: Elizabeth Nunamaker, University of Florida
Past President: Natalie Bratcher, AbbVie
Secretary: Norman Peterson, Consultant
Treasurer: Jennifer McMillan, Emory University/Yerkes
2020 Directors
Alan Hoberman, Charles River
Melanie Graham, University of Minnesota
Sally Thompson-Iritani, Washington National Primate Research Center
Laura Schaevitz, Vium, Inc.
Sharon Ostergaard, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Judy MacArthur-Clarke, JMC Consultancy and JMC Welfare International
Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Food and Drug Administration
Mary Ann Brannon-Vasbinder, GlaxoSmithKline
Jerry Poling, Eli Lilly
The North American 3Rs Collaborative​
February Newsletter
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