Corpus Christi Cougar Chronicle
Dear Parents,
Honesty is the virtue the children will emulate during the month of February. Using “The Children’s Book of Virtues” the children will learn what the virtue is and how to be honest.

We have all heard the saying, “honesty is the best policy”. This saying dates back to one of the original founders of Jamestown; Sir Edwin Sandy. It is one of the most widely recognized proverbs by children. Honesty is rooted in Judeo-Christian history and extolled throughout the Bible. Two of the Ten Commandments are based on a call for honesty – you shall not steal (7 th  Commandment) and you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor (8 th  Commandment). There is inherent wisdom in the proverb, as one lie or bit of cheating often brings about another. In a purely practical sense, then, honesty truly  is  the best policy. 

I know our teachers have a desire to teach their students the basic difference between right and wrong. They also want them to learn what it means to be grounded in a virtue that builds character, instills honor and fosters a deep sense of self-worth. Christian faith and practice call for keeping God’s law and following the example of Jesus. By teaching children and young people that honesty is not only practical but also virtuous, we bear authentic witness to our faith and reveal to them the truth of Jesus’ life and teaching.
I believe Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta concisely encapsulates the virtue of Honesty:

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.”

Ann T. Sarpu
February Calendar
2/4 Barnes & Noble Dress Down Day
2/6 Early Dismissal: Faith Formation Gathering
2/7 First Friday Mass, 9:00
2/8 Corpus Christi School Gala
2/10 Munson's Chocolates Fundraiser Kick Off
2/11 Birthday Dress Down Day
2/13 Pep Rally
2/13 Early Dismissal                                                          
2/14 - 2/18 February Break
2/21 Recitation of The Rosary
2/26 Ash Wednesday Prayer Service: 9:00 A.M.
Attention Parents:
Please do not park in the fire lane or the handicapped spots during drop off and pick up. 
Valentine's Day Grams
Order below...
Save The Date
Corpus Christi Golf Tournament
Monday, May 18th
Wampanoag Country Club

Details coming soon...
Volunteers Needed!
If there’s anyone who would like to volunteer the day before or night of the event, there’s still time to sign-up! Please take a look at the link below for the volunteer opportunities, which are open to everyone, whether you’re attending the gala as a guest or not. 
Sponsorship Needed!
The Corpus Christi School Athletics is pleased to announce the Corpus Christi School February Frenzy , to be held Thursday, February 13 through Tuesday, February 18, 2020.
We want your business to be a part of our success and our future, so we are inviting you to be a Sponsor of this event. 

Winter is upon us and it’s important to properly dress for the conditions.
Coats, hats and gloves/mittens are a must for students and adults to be
outside especially when the temperatures dip below freezing. Remember that
the wind-chill also affects the temperature. For example, although it maybe
20 degrees outside, if the wind speed is 10mph, it will feel like 9
degrees out! Not covering up exposed skin can lead to frostbite. Frostbite is an injury to the skin and the underlying
layers of the skin that are exposed to temperatures below freezing. The most common areas at risk are the fingers, toes,
nose, ears, cheeks and chin. There are three different stages of frost bite:
1. Frost nip. A mild form of frost bite that causes the skin to pale or turn red and the skin will feel very cold. If the skin continues to be exposed, if will begin to feel prickly and numb. When the skin is warmed, it may be
painful. During this stage the skin is not permanently damaged.
2. Superficial frostbite. The skin appears red and turns white or pale. If you warm up the skin during this stage,the surface of the skin can turn blue or purple. Sensations such as stinging,burning and swelling can occur during the rewarming of the skin. Even some blisters can form during this stage.
3. Severe (deep)frostbite. As frostbite progresses, it affects all layers of the skin. Numbness, loss of all sensations to the cold and pain usually occur. Large blisters form 24 to 48 hours after rewarming and these blisters then turn black and hard resulting in tissue death.
Wearing layers allows us to adjust to varying temperatures when going from the outdoors to inside and will help to keep us comfortable all day long. So protect yourself and your family by covering up any bare skin during the cold temperatures!
Corpus Christi Summer Extension is coming!
We are very excited to be sharing with you the Corpus Christi Summer Extension will be returning this year! Stay tuned for more information coming this month!
It's flu season!
ALL PRE-K STUDENTS are REQUIRED to get the Flu vaccination by December 31, 2019. Forms will be sent home with the Pre-K students and please return to the school nurse as soon as your child has been vaccinated. Pre-K students must be vaccinated no later than December 31 st .
Protect both yourself and your family this season with an annual flu vaccine. CDC recommends getting vaccinated by the end of October, if possible. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body that protect against the influenza virus infection. You have the power to protect your family against flu this season by getting vaccinated! 
Happy New Year Corpus Christi School Families!! 

As you are aware, the HSA goal for the 2019-2020 school year is $70,000, this amounts to $278 per family.  Have you done your part to help us reach our goal?? If not, there are still plenty of opportunities - including the upcoming Munson's and popcorn fundraisers, as well as the golf tournament in May. If you prefer not to participate in the fundraisers, direct donations to the CCS HSA can be made to cover your family's contribution towards our goal. 
Early in the school year, the HSA was able to schedule its events and fundraisers that would be held throughout the year and also had at least one person volunteer to coordinate each event.  The HSA thanks each of the coordinators who have made HSA fundraising and events possible this year.  There will be an HSA meeting in March (date TBD) to discuss what we have done/are doing this year and to start discussing ideas for next year.  
The HSA would like to thank all of the volunteers for their generosity and their time over the past few months. A special thank you to Carmela Indomenico on the fantastic job she did with organizing Santa's Workshop, together we raised over $3,000.  Thank you to Kim Robinson for coordinating the group of bakers who bring in cake/cupcakes for faculty and staff to celebrate their birthdays once a month. In December, Mrs. Robinson also organized a group of cookie bakers, who baked and packaged cookies that were given to the faculty and staff. Thank you!
The HSA would also like to thank for the following volunteers for supporting the Corpus Christi School HSA and community:  
Tanya Tarascio (Birthday Baker - December)  
Lisa Geldberg (Birthday Baker - January)
Christmas Cookie Bakers:
Kim Robinson
Maria Rondinelli
Ewo Golino
Carmela Indomenico
Alissa Votino
Lucia Morgan
Kristin Archibald
Sarah Casper
Kristin Underhill
Teresa DiCarlo
Adriana Sokaitis
Kelley Camillo
Tiffany Spinella
Tori Meisinger
Amy Griffin
Josie DeMarchi
Santa's Workshop:
Thank you to all of the volunteers for their donations, help setting up, help during the workshop and help packing up the event. In addition, thank you to all of the families who purchased items from the workshop.  It is because of each of you that the workshop was successful.  
Again, the HSA thanks you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing everyone for a fun night out at the Gala. Please feel free to contact Lisa Torneo ( ) with any questions, comments and/or suggestions.   
Parishioners of Christ the King Parish have been generous enough to donate chocolates for CCS students to distribute after masses on 2/8-2/9 for donations to go towards the CCS Gala. We are very appreciative of their generosity, if you and your child(ren) are able to help after one (or more) of the masses, please sign up at the link below. Thank you!

Munson's Chocolates Fundraiser
Do you buy chocolates for Easter?? Help support CCS while doing so by purchasing them through our Munson's Chocolates fundraiser. The items will be delivered the week leading up to Easter. 
Kick Off: 02/10/2020

Orders Due: 02/28/2020
Expected Delivery: 04/06/2020
Inclement Weather?  We follow the directives of the Wethersfield Public Schools with regard to Early Dismissals, School Closings and Late Openings. Watch WFSB or Register on WFSB to receive text alerts about school closing information for "Corpus Christi School".