Making the Most of Your Summers

Lisa Bleich
President, College Bound Mentor and
Author of “Surviving the College Application Process”

Thursday, February 27, 2020, 7PM
Westfield High School Cafeteria B, 550 Dorian Rd, Westfield

This FREE seminar is open to both parents and students

Are you starting to think about how to spend your summer after sophomore or junior year? Are you overwhelmed by all of the options? Are you wondering how colleges view participation in pre-college programs and service trips?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this seminar for parents and students is for you! Summer is a great time to recharge and refresh after a busy school year. It’s also the perfect time to explore interests, develop leadership, and for some students get started on college prep work.
We will discuss various summer options and present case studies to demonstrate different ways that students have productively used their summers.

Presented by the  PTC-Gifted Ed Committee

CBM On The Road: Recent College Visits
We recently posted two new college visits on the blog, including Culinary Institute of America and Bard College.
How Colleges Choose Which Students to Admit:
Test scores don't drive college admissions decisions; it's the more qualitative factors that help schools round out a class, experts say.

Trade schools prepare students for a good living. Worth considering for someone who likes to work with his/her hands and hates the idea of four more years of school.

Read beyond the headlines to get the truth about College Admissions
What's Happening Now
Many of you may have just come back from college visits during President's Day and are starting to develop your lists. We'd love to hear about your visits. Lisa wrote an article for Grown and Flown called Creating a Balanced List . It's also time to plan your summers and classes for senior year. You can schedule a meeting below.

Freshmen / Sophomores: 
As you plan your classes for next year, you have a lot to think about and the goal is to challenge yourself while striking a balance. Here is a post on how best to plan your classes for the coming year. We are also available to meet with you to help you plan classes and your summer. You can schedule a meeting below.

Follow the journeys of eleven students as they navigate the college application process and search for the right fit schools. Getting into their heads as they make decisions about which extracurricular activities to pursue, which schools to apply to, and which topics to choose for their essays will help you think about your own process in a more strategic way. Order Here .
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