Versatile Vinegar 

Beyond its gorgeous color, the delightful Asian Pear Aged Vinegar has many attributes. Along with dressings and Asian dishes, try it on french fries or make simple Asian Mayonnaise. See the recipe below. 

To the right is a bottle getting its special black waxed seal.

Made from a blend of our own Asian Pears and local apples, Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Aged Vinegar is now available for purchase through our online store

Speaking of Pears... 
"I could eat a pan of those pear brownies all by myself!"  - Jeff, Philadelphia

Pear Brownie Flash Sale!

This is a one time opportunity for these beauties at $15.95 for the pan. That includes shipping!

Hand-made from our all-natural, dried Asian Pears, these dried pear brownies are so good - it's hard to believe there is no chocolate inside.

Try these brownies instead of, or in addition to, Irish Soda Bread for your March soirées.

Visit our website to purchase online.

Pear Tree Pruning

Irish eyes are smiling and our Asian Pears will be so beguiling. 

Pruning the pear trees is essential to their health and productivity. In our photo, you can see that our pear team member has just started to trim one of our many trees. The bushy overgrowth is from the tree flourishing last season.

To a cup of regular mayonnaise add 2 tablespoons of  Asian Pear Aged Vinegar,
and 1 tablespoon sugar and you have a popular new condiment to use for
St. Patrick's Day snacks and dipping!!