Happy February!

The days are starting to get longer and the sun has actually been shining. Recently, on a snowy Saturday, I was reading some of my favorite Maya Angelou poetry. I wanted to share with you the first two verses of one of my favorites, “Mother, A Cradle to Hold Me." It is a good reminder of why we work so hard doing what we do for our OB patients and families. I hope you are inspired to look it up and read the rest of the poem.  

It is true
I was created in you.
It is also true
That you were created for me.
I owned your voice.
It was shaped and tuned to soothe me.
Your arms were molded
Into a cradle to hold me, to rock me.
The scent of your body was the air
Perfumed for me to breathe.

During those early, dearest days
I did not dream that you had
A large life which included me,
For I had a life
Which was only you.


Dee E. Fenner, MD
Celebrating Improved Chlamydia Screening Rates in 2019
In 2019, the OBGYN Department chose Pediatric (16-17) and Adult (18-24) Chlamydia screening as a quality measure to focus on. In CY2019, OBGYN made tremendous progress in our adolescent screening rates, ending the year at 68%, well beyond the 75th and 90th percentile for the measure. We also reached the 75th percentile (66%) for adult screening in December.  
Dr. Alice Chi, Physician Champion for Chlamydia Screening, along with Drs. Roger Smith and Dee Fenner, would like to thank everyone for their attention and work on this measure. In particular, they would like to recognize:

  • The PAG team at VH, who has done a fabulous job of incorporating this screening into their workflows and is largely responsible for our 10ppt jump in adolescent screening.

  • Northville Health Center, who has sustained outstanding performance on both pediatric and adult screening throughout the calendar year.

  • Brighton Health Center, who increased their adult screening rates by 8 ppt

  • Faculty who achieved the 75th percentile at their primary site: Drs. Anderson, Aquino, Baruch, Blatt, Campbell, Chi, Curran, Dalton, Day, Dendrinos, Fenner, Frost, Liang, Lieberman, Maben-Feaster, Malone, Mehari, Mmeje, Moniz, D Morgan, H Morgan, J Nicholson, Patel, Pearlman, Perry, Phang, Punch, Quint, Saunders, Schimpf, R Smith, Y Smith, Stalburg, and Tremper.

  • Please note: Screening rates are monitored for the following OBGYN clinics only: Briarwood OBGYN, Brighton OBGYN, Canton OBGYN, East OBGYN, Northville OBGYN, VH OBGYN, and West OBGYN. CRM, Cancer Center and specialty clinics at the offsites are not monitored for chlamydia screening.
Drs. Chi, Smith and Fenner are thrilled with our progress in 2019 but recognize inconsistency across clinics and have concerns about sustainability. This is why OBGYN has selected Pediatric and Adult Chlamydia Screening as its quality focus measure again for CY2020. We look forward to working with everyone again on this measure!
Thank you again for your commitment to women’s health and population based care.
Drs. Dalton and As-Sanie Share Their Vision for the GYN Division
Dr. Dalton is the Timothy RB Johnson Collegiate Professor of Global Women’s Health and the department’s Associate Chair of Research. Dr. As-Sanie is an Associate Professor and the Director of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery & Fellowship. This duo is very excited about their partnership in leading our outstanding gynecology division to follow the department’s mission and vision of advancing the science and practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology!

Drs. Bell and Inman Announced as Administrative Chief Residents
Dr. Bell
Dr. Inman
Congratulations to Drs. Sarah Bell and Erin Inman on their selection as the administrative chief residents for the 2020-2021 academic year!

Proposal by Dr. Anderson Named Among Top 100 Proposals for $100 Million MacArthur Grant
Dr. Frank Anderson's proposal, “ Eliminating Preventable Maternal Mortality in sub-Saharan Africa,” aims to measurably eliminate preventable maternal mortality in Africa by building professional capacity through U.S./African OB-GYN/midwife partnerships with access to information, networking, and rural reach.
Dr. As-Sanie Highlighted in Michigan Health Lab Article
Reducing Opioid Prescriptions After Hysterectomy Comes...

Involving hysterectomy patients in their pain management decisions led to significantly decreased opioid prescriptions.

Read more
Dr. Hammoud in the News!
Dr. Maya Hammoud was interviewed on Local 4 News about the issue of consent and performing pelvic exams on women under anesthesia.
OBGYN at Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine Conference 2020
Michigan Medicine had a fantastic showing at SMFM 2020! Approximately 20 Michigan Medicine faculty members and residents shared their research, and made connections with referring providers, other fetal teams, and prospective fellows.

Go Blue!
OBGYN at Upcoming Conferences
The OBGYN Department will also have a strong presence at the 2020 CREOG/APGO Annual Meeting and the 2020 SRI Annual Meeting.

General Sessions:

  • CREOG & APGO Leadership Address. Maya Hammoud, MD, MBA, Mark Woodland, MD, MS

  • Speak up and Imagine: Changes in the Residency Match. Maya Hammoud, MD, MBA, Mark Woodland, MS, MD

Oral Abstracts:

  • Improving the Basic Science Curriculum by Integrating the Clinical Sciences. Angela Liang, MD, Maya Hammoud, MD, MBA

  • Developing Committed Resident Leaders: A Survey of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Administrative Chief Resident Experience. Emma Lawrence, MD, Aimee Rolston, MD

  • Clerkship Directors’ Reports and Attitudes on Pelvic Exams Performed by Medical Students. Maya Hammoud, MD, MBA, Shireen Sims, MD, Christopher-Morosky, MD, Kayte Spector-Baghady, JD, MBE

Discussion Dens:

  • Removing the cloak of invisibility: opportunities for resident professional identity formation. Sylvia Botros-Brey, MD, Roopina Sangha, MD, Carrie Bell, MD

  • Lessons Learned: How to establish an obstetrical fellowship in a low income country. D'Angela Pitts, MD, FACOG, Emma Lawrence, MD, Timothy Johnson, MD, FACOG, Lucie Moravia, DO, FACOG, FACOOG

  • Pelvic Exams under Anesthesia: Optimizing Processes for Patients and Learners. Maya M. Hammoud, MD, MBA, Kayte Spector-Bagdady, JD, MBE, Meg O'Reilly, MD, MPH, Carol Major, MD, and Laura Baecher-Lind, MD, MPH
  • A Magic Wand for the Clinical Competency Committee: Best Practices to Maximize the Productivity of Your CCC. Bethany Skinner, MD, Anita Malone, MD, Sara Wood, MD, Eric Strand, MD, Kelly O'Connor, MD, David Marzano, MD

Breakout Session:

  • You are the future: Supporting the transition to practice as a fellow in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Carrie Bell, MD, Sylvia Botros-Brey, MD

Focus Breakfast:

  • Load the Deck in Favor of Your Student Matching in Ob-Gyn. LaTasha Craig, MD, Helen Morgan, MD, Margaret McKenzie, MD, MS

Film Festival:

  • Providing Gender Affirming Healthcare: Foundational Training for Healthcare Providers. Halley Crissman, MD, MPH


  • Leveraging Interest in Transgender Medicine to Teach Core Curriculum Content. Molly Moravek, MD, David Marzano, MD, Maya Hammoud, MD, MBA, Angela Liang, MD
Thursday, March 12, 2020:

  • Fetal Heart Rate Decelerations in Women with Sleep-Disordered Breathing. D’Angela S Pitts, MD, Marjorie C Treadwell, MD, Louise O’Brien, MD.

  • Effect of Cervical Cerclage Suture Type on Pregnancy Outcomes. Elizabeth Langen, MD.

  • Effect of Night Shift Work on Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Levels in Reproductive Aged African American Women (AAW). Chelsea Fortin MD, Emma Giuliani MD, Anne Waldo MS, Lia Bernardi MD, Mercedes Carnethon PhD, Erica E. Marsh MD, MSCI.

  • T-064 - Risk Factor Assessment for Cesarean Scar Pregnancy Implantation. Patricia Greco, MD, Samantha Bayer, MD, Lori Day, MD.

Friday, March 13, 2020:

  • Race Does Not Affect Neonatal Outcomes in Periviable and Extremely Premanture Neonates. Courtney Townsel, MD, Ashley Hesson, MD, PhD, Patricia Greco, MD, Nayla Kazzi, MD, Marjorie Treadwell, MD.

  • Impact of Obesity on the Human Endometrium: Proteomics in a Well Phenotyped Cohort. Emma Giuliani, MD.

Saturday, March 14, 2020:

  • "The Short Story Is That She Was Born": A Longitudinal Analysis of Birth Experience Narratives in Women with and Without Persistent Postpartum Mood Disorders. Elizabeth Langen, MD

  • Trophectoderm Morphology in Euploid Embryos is Related to Infertility Diagnosis and Pregnancy Outcome After Transfer. Nicole Ulrich, MD.

  • Effect of Gravidity, Parity and Breastfeeding on AMH Levels in Reproductive Aged African-American Women. Emma Giuliani, MD.

Dr. Townsel to Become Treasurer, Michigan Section of ACOG
Dr. Courtney Townsel was elected to serve as 2020-22 Treasurer for the Michigan Section of ACOG.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is the specialty's premier professional membership organization dedicated to the improvement of women’s health. The Michigan Section of ACOG aims to do this on the local level through legislative action, CME activities such as the Snow Meeting, facilitating an annual resident/fellow research day, and helping to lead state wide safety initiatives such as MI-AIM. 
Michigan Medicine OBGYN Leads $1.75 Million National Reimagining Residency Project
The American Medical Association (AMA) has awarded APGO a grant of $1.75 million over five years to fund the Reimagining Residency Project "Transforming the UME to GME Transition: Right Resident, Right Program, Ready Day One."  Maya Hammoud, MD, MBA, PI on the project, Dr. Helen Morgan and Dr. David Marzano, co-Investigators, will be leading this important project whose goals are to simplify the residency application process and prepare students for residency by:

  • Optimizing the alignment and compatibility between interested applicants and potential residency programs through the application and selection processes.

  • Providing incoming (matched) PGY-1 residents with professional development to ensure they have the medical knowledge, skills and support necessary to successfully begin residency

The project team includes representation from both APGO and the Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG) and over100 volunteers representing educators, residency program leadership, and learners including students and residents, will be meeting on February 29, in conjunction with the CREOG and APGO Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, to begin working on the project goals.

For more information about the project, view the Grant Announcement Video or visit the APGO Website
Dr. Janke Recognized for Efforts to Create Positive Learning Climate for Medical Students
Congratulations to Dr. Monica Janke on being honored by the Learning Environment Task Force, the student group dedicated to fostering a positive learning environment. 

Dr. Janke was noted by students as cultivating a positive learning environment for our medical students. One of her comments included:

“Dr. Janke was an incredibly humble teacher which made her teaching style above and beyond…She took extra time to ensure that our learning was a priority and this is exactly what happened.”
Dr. Loder Selected to Attend ACOG Leadership Institute
Dr. Charisse Loder was selected to participate in the ACOG 2020 Robert C. Cefalo National Leadership Institute.

Through a series of workshops with highly recognized physicians, leadership experts, negotiations, and communications specialists, this intensive program provides physicians with the non-traditional skills they need to lead successful change efforts in Women's Healthcare.

Congratulations, Dr. Loder!
Congratulations, Drs. Marsh and Quint!
Drs. Erica Marsh and Elizabeth Quint have been selected for induction into the American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society (AGOS).

They will be officially introduced at the 2020 Annual Meeting in September, where they will receive their certificates and medallions. Drs. Marsh and Quint join several of our OBGYN faculty in this highly prestigious society, including Drs. Fenner, Haefner, Pearlman, As-Sanie, and De-Lancey (current AGOS President).

In addition, Dr. Marsh has also been accepted into the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) in recognition of her contributions as a physician-scientist.
New OBGYN Staff Members:
  • Perri Foster, Administrative Assistant Intermediate
Save the Date!: 2020 Miller Society Meeting
Please mark your calendars for this year's annual Miller Society Meeting!

Date: Friday, October 2, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Towsley Center

More details to come!
Making our OBGYN Kitchens Greener
The OBGYN’s Green Team is looking to revamp the common kitchen areas for UH South. Right now the kitchens are stocked with one time use items that end up in a landfill. The Green Team want to increase the amount of reusable items in order to boost our eco-friendliness.

If you have extra reusable plates, silverware, mugs, bowls, etc. that you would like to donate to this project, you can bring it to Nicole Costa in L4602.

Thank you for your help to make OBGYN more green!
OBGYN Department Wellness Committee
Interested in building a culture of wellness within the OBGYN Department? Join the OBGYN Wellness Committee!

Upcoming Wellness Committee Meetings:

  • Tuesday, 3/3 8:30-9:30 am in L1269
  • Monday, 4/6 12:00-1:00 pm in L4503
  • Monday, 5/18 1:00-2:00 pm in L4503

Save the dates for our upcoming wellness activities!

Upcoming Wellness Events: 

  • March is National Reading Month! We'll celebrate with a Department book swap. Bring in a book you’re done with and add to the shelf – then take one that someone else has left. It’ll be our own OBGYN “Little Free Library.” We’ll also have a suggestion and idea board where you can jot down a note about your favorite book, a recommendation, a request, or a question someone else may know the answer to.

  • Big House 5K (Sunday, 4/19): Meet us at the 50 yard line after the race for a group photo! Register on the Big House 5K website.

  • Humane Society of Huron Valley Walk and Wag 5k (Saturday, 5/16): Help fund raise for the animals at the Humane Society! Bring your pup for the walk or run and celebrate after with activities for dogs and their people. Register on the HSHV website and join our team "UM Ob/Gyn.”

Questions? Contact Natalie Gulau
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