February 2020 Edition
Pastor's Musings
The season of Epiphany is the celebration of Christ coming into the world, bringing light and hope. In just four weeks we move into the season of Lent; Ash Wednesday is February 26 th this year. I have felt a strong sense of hope at Emmanuel in the past months, as we look forward to the exciting ministry opportunities that are before us. The Holy Spirit is moving in this place and the ministry teams are exploring new ways of being Church in Prescott Valley. Christ brought these same feelings of hope and promise to all of humankind. The question we must ask ourselves is: how are we going to continue to bring this light and hope into the world? How will we reflect the light of Christ into the dark places in our neighborhoods? The New Year is a perfect time to think about how you can be part of the change you want to see in the world. Volunteer to be that change! There are many opportunities to be of service both in our church and in our community. Communion servers, ushers, lectors, liturgists, acolytes, home communion ministers, kitchen angels, church office volunteers, quilters, Bible study leaders, singing in the choir and playing hand bells are all places that are looking for new, enthusiastic helpers! Not your cup of tea? Contact a homeless shelter or a hospital to volunteer. Check out the volunteer opportunities box in our monthly newsletter that highlights volunteer opportunities in our community and specifically to our monthly Mission Outreach. This will be a forum to share ideas about how we can be God’s hands and feet in our community. Light a candle of hope and help us be the change we seek!
Cottage meetings will begin within our regularly scheduled study groups this month. Many of you will not have to make any additional effort, the team will come to your group at the regular meeting time. The leaders of each group will be contacted to arrange a good date for the event, the meeting may last up to 90 minutes. If you participate in more than one group, please plan to attend the meeting that has the least number of people, and only attend one cottage meeting. There will be four additional meetings scheduled for those who are not currently attending one of our eight study groups. Council President Janet Santiago and I will be making every effort to attend each of the 12 cottage meetings, not so much to participate but to learn all we can from the conversations that occur! More information to follow! The answers to the discussion questions will be collated and a report given to the council so that we can use the information in visioning and planning. Long term plans will be developed and shared with the congregation. A special note of thanks to all who have worked on the cottage meeting so far and for those who attend! 
Pastor Tricia Lowe
Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.
All things break. And all things can be mended.
Not with time, as they say, but with intention.
So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.
The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.
~L.R. Knost
Save the Date: Upcoming Events at Emmanuel
  • Saturday, February 1: Saturday Evening Worship, 5:00pm
  • Friday, February 14: Interfaith Meal, Emmanuel, 11:00am
  • Saturday, February 15: Saturday Evening Worship, 5:00pm
  • Wednesday, February 19: Young at Heart Luncheon, 11:30am
  • Monday, February 17: Church Office closed to observe Presidents Day
  • Thursday, February 20: Newsletter deadline
  • Wednesday, February 26: Ashes available in sanctuary, 12:00pm-1:00pm
Ash Wednesday service, 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, March 4-Wednesday, April 1:
Weekly Lenten Soup Supper & Service, 6:00pm
  • Friday, March 6: Blood Drive, 1:00-5:00pm
  • Saturday, March 7: Women's Retreat, 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Sunday, March 29: A combined 9:00am service
  • Sunday, April 5: Palm Sunday
  • Thursday, April 9: Maundy Thursday service, 7:00pm
  • Friday, April 10: Good Friday service, 7:00pm
  • Sunday, April 12: Easter Sunday
February Outreach: Arizona Crisis Team (ACT)
ACT is a non-profit organization that provides emotional, practical and resource assistance to citizens who have been impacted by any type of crisis—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The purpose of providing crisis intervention is to allow the victim to begin regaining the control that was lost as a result of their victimization. These services are free of charge and offered with dignity and respect for individual and cultural differences.

Find out more about Arizona Crisis Team by clicking HERE . During February, you can make a contribution to Arizona Crisis Team through the monthly outreach, and if the project is close to your heart, you may learn more and volunteer.
  • new pastor and new church council
  • Need for a shared vision and plan for Emmanuel’s future
  • Church council and Pastor Tricia would like to involve the congregation in deciding where we are going.
  • Cottage Meetings are a tool for having that conversation.

  • The Emmanuel Church Council and Pastor Tricia are initiating a church-wide planning effort that will include a series of cottage meetings with church members. Gaining a better understanding of who we are, what we value, and how we want to serve our community will help us to establish goals, priorities and pathways as we strive to serve God, our congregation, and our community.

  • The purpose of the 2020 Cottage Meetings is to gather meaningful input from our church membership, which will be used to formulate a vision plan for the future of Emmanuel Lutheran Church of Prescott Valley.

  • When: Late February through early April
  • Where: At the homes/church where current study groups meet and at Emmanuel Lutheran Church
  • Each meeting will be facilitated by a trained leader with a standard set of questions
  • 12 Total Cottage Meetings (each church member may only attend one cottage meeting)
  • 8 existing study groups and family group
  • 4 open registration cottage meetings (at Emmanuel)
  • More details on meeting times will be forthcoming
Interfaith Meal

Join us for a delicious meal featuring turkey casserole, salad, and dinner roll and dessert with wonderful fellowship on Friday, February 14 at 11:30am.
Women's Retreat in March

A one-day  Women's Retreat  is planned for  Saturday, March 7th from 9:00am to 4:00pm  at Emmanuel Lutheran! Led by Pr. Tricia we will explore Spiritual Disciplines, those activities we can do to deepen our relationship with God.  Spiritual practice is designed to awaken us to God's presence, but it need not be boring! A lovely lunch will be served and a mug exchange is in the works as well! Mark your calendars and plan to attend and bring a friend!
Lenten Services
Our Ash Wednesday Service will be on Wednesday, February 26 at 7:00pm to begin our observation of the season of Lent. If you are unable to get out in the evening, Pr. Tricia is offering ashes from noon to 1:00pm in the Sanctuary. 

Beginning Wednesday, March 4, there will be Lenten Evening Services of Holden Evening Prayer at 6:00pm in the Sanctuary followed by our Lenten Soup Supper at 6:45pm in the Fellowship Hall.

The weekly meals will be hosted by various groups and Bible Studies of our congregation and organized by Sally Newcomb. Sally is also looking for bakers to make cookies. If you haven’t been contacted by a group yet and would like to donate a pot of soup or a tray of cookies, contact Sally Newcomb.
Souper Bowl Sunday
Bring your dollar bills and change to help the Youth of Emmanuel celebrate  Souper Bowl Sunday ,
February 2  at both services! Millions of youth all over the United States participate in this effort, and all the funds raised by our youth will go to ELCA World Hunger.
Outreach Opportunities
The Food Bank is requesting the following items:

  • Canned meat
  • Canned soup
  • Canned tuna
  • Cereal
  • Juice boxes
  • Pinto beans
  • Refried beans
National Sew Day is Saturday, February 1 . Join the local Quilts of Valor group 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Elks Lodge #330 at 6245 E. 2nd Street in Prescott Valley .
Cursillo Weekends in March
Men's Weekend: March 12-15
Applications needed by February 16

Women's Weekend: March 19-22
Applications needed by Febuary 23

Contact Pastor Tricia or Mary if you're interested in attending!
Congratulations to Mary on her 20th Anniversary with Emmanuel!
Healing Prayer
Healing Prayer is looking for new assistants for both services. If you would like to share your gifts of prayer with your Emmanuel family, please contact Jim Rebholz.
A huge thank you , Emmanuel,
for your support of the Angel Tree!

Your generosity and time made Christmas for 4 families a joyful occasion. Emmanuel provided 43 beautifully wrapped gifts (toys, clothing, games, gift cards) for 6 adults and 11 children. In addition, the Quilting group made a quilt for each family. We also included beautiful Christmas containers of homemade cookies from our members who participated in the Christmas cookie exchange. Finally, we used $250 from Thrivent Financial to provide a complete Christmas dinner for each family.
The joy that each family showed as they received their gifts and food was very heartfelt and emotional.

The photo shows all the gifts and food before they were distributed on the Friday before Christmas.
February Birthdays
February 2: Rene Llewellyn
February 3: Ann Theobald
February 3: Landon Worthington
February 5: Ron Eide
February 6: Grace Hodgson
February 6: Mike Kenny
February 6: Jim Lundquist
February 8: Sally Eide
February 9: Mida Jordan
February 9: Emma Parknowitz
February 10: Sue Smith
February 11: Kathy Austin
February 14: Millie Meyer
February 16: Nancy Brown
February 17: Truman Jensen
February 17: Sonya Mahler
February 18: Jeanne Currie Tomlinson
February 21: Dan Cwach
February 21: Carolyn Wade
February 22: Pam MacCleary
February 22: Karen Roush
February 23: Isabel Benell
February 25: Geri Cottrell
February 26: Bee Sena
February 28: Dwan Walters
February Anniversaries
February 12: Julie & Thomas Schifferli, 20 years
February 23: John & Nancy Clark, 57 years
February 27: Tom & Rosemary Hellene, 33 years
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