Why Offer Enhanced Benefits?
Medical plans and employee needs have changed. Evolving coverage options and diverse employee priorities mean traditional workplace benefits are no longer enough for today's workforce.

A well-rounded benefits package can give employees the choice and protection they want, while also directly impacting your recruitment, retention and productivity.
Keeping up with the latest trends and strategies in employee benefits may seem overwhelming, unless you are working with a trusted Advisor. Your Advisor can help you build a benefits package that complements your current health care offerings and improves the overall benefit selection for your employees. 

Our supplemental insurance products are cost-effective solutions for businesses that want to help their employees protect their health, income and financial future. They are easy to understand and implement. 

Ask your Advisor for more information! 

How Can We Help? 
Most of our clients understand that we are a full-service agency, but we find that some aren't aware of everything we can offer to help you run your business. 

Here are some ways we can help: 
  • Developing well rounded benefits packages; not just medical, dental and vision - we also offer life, disability, accident, indemnity, gap and other solutions.
  • DOL compliance services
  • Payroll service connections
  • Benefits administration 
  • Referral source for Property and Casualty coverage
  • Referrals for many other business services
We offer a full suite of products to fit your needs and want to be your go-to agency.
If you are seeking anything specific, please let your Advisor know. Our people are well connected and are committed to helping our clients grow. 
Help Keep Your Data Current
For the sake of compliance, we require all employers to send us a list of new hires and terminations as they happen. 

The continued accuracy of your company census is important, as it allows for timely enrollments and terminations and helps you avoid complex payroll changes and billing issues. 

Along with sending you the emailed or faxed monthly update request, we have created a simple form that you can fill out and send to us as changes happen, rather than waiting for us to request them. 

To view and save the form please 

*Be sure to save the link as a favorite so that you can update us any time you have changes. 

No time for the form? You can also email Belinda with your changes. Be sure to include hire date and salary information, or termination date. 

Questions? Call us at 740-363-5433
Spotlight: 26 and 65 - Important Employee Birthdays
There are two very important birthdays that your employees could have while working for you: 26 and 65. 

At the 26th birthday, it's quite possible that they have been on a parent's benefit plan until that age, and will need a review of their options. We find that many 26-year old people haven't had to deal with insurance yet and have lots of questions. That's what we are here for!  We can help educate and enroll those newly eligible people.

At 65, your employee is eligible for Medicare and may be confused about their options and how to coordinate their benefits while planning for retirement. Again, that's what we are here for! Our Advisors are Medicare-certified and can walk them through the whole process. 

We do reach out to our client employees just prior to these important birthdays to tell them that we are here as a resource, but p lease feel free to give out our information to anyone you feel could use some guidance.   

We Love What We Do!

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do."
-Steve Jobs

Every day we strive to do great work for our clients, and at the root of that commitment to excellence is a genuine care for those we serve. We are grateful to each of you for your continued business and for growing with us.  Happy Valentine's Day!  

Jim Roesch,  CEO and Chief Visionary Director