February 2020
Trustee Debbie Justeson attended the legislative conference in Sacramento along with Trustees Elena Adams, Bill Garrett, and student trustees Amy Bianchi and Sonia Mendoza-Reyes . Justeson attended a presentation at the conference on dual enrollment and hopes to see dual enrollment grow in East County.
Trustee Elena Adams commented on workshops she attended at the legislative conference in Sacramento, including one on the importance of keeping sufficient reserves to cover expenses in the District in the event of a financial decline. She also praised the powwow that was held at Cuyamaca College.
Trustee Bill Garrett attended an advisory committee on legislation during the Sacramento conference and emphasized the importance of the state providing adequate base funding for community colleges.
Trustee Brad Monroe praised the Cuyamaca College convocation. He attended the ACCT National Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C., and complimented student trustees Bianchi and Mendoza-Reyes for their advocacy with federal legislators.
Grossmont College Student Trustee Amy Bianchi and Cuyamaca College Student Trustee Sonia Mendoza-Reyes gave a joint presentation about their trip to Washington, D.C. to advocate for the District. The District’s group met with Rep. Juan Vargas, and aides for Rep. Susan Davis, Rep. Scott Peters, Rep. Adam Schiff, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Sen. Kamala Harris had a photo opportunity with representatives from California community colleges.
At the February 18, 2020 meeting, the Governing Board:

  • Heard public comment from Administrative Assistant Colleen Parsons and Kathleen Flynn, Learning Assistant Center Specialist, regarding CSEA negotiations.
  • Heard a presentation on the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee Annual Report from CBOC Chair Dave Gauthier.
  • Heard a presentation on a sabbatical leave project from Grossmont College Philosophy Instructor June Yang, who discussed her work about food addictions that are comparable to tobacco.
  • Agreed to revise the board meeting schedule so that the June 16 meeting will be held at Cuyamaca College instead of Grossmont College, and a newly-scheduled meeting will be held July 21 at Grossmont College.
Governing Board
 Linda Cartwright
Debbie Justeson
Elena Adams
Bill Garrett
Brad Monroe

Student Trustees:
Amy Bianchi
Sonia Mendoza-Reyes

Lynn Ceresino Neault, Ed.D.

Grossmont College
Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh, Ed.D.

Cuyamaca College President
Julianna Barnes, Ed.D.

Vice Chancellors
Tim Corcoran, Human Resources
Sean Hancock, Ed.D. Student & Institutional Success
Sahar Abushaban, Business Services, Interim
Next Meeting
The Governing Board's next regular meeting will be held Tuesday, March 17, at Cuyamaca College's Student Center The open session will begin at
5:15 p.m., with closed session to follow.

Site Reports
Meeting agendas are posted on the District website and in the district and presidents' offices 72 hours before regular meetings and 24 before special meetings.
8800 Grossmont College Dr.
El Cajon, CA 92020 
(619) 644-7010
  • Approved travel for three to seven students in the Speech/Debate Competition class at Grossmont College to participate in the community college’s national speech tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Approved a nonresident tuition fee of $290 per unit for 2020-2021.
  • Agreed to reduce retention to 1% for infrastructure at Grossmont College Buildings 36 and 41.
  • Approved the rejection of all bids for the Cuyamaca College Student Services & Administration Building and Central Park improvements, and to rebid the project.
  • Approved permission to award bids for the Grossmont College Science, Math, and Career Tech Complex Building; the Cuyamaca College Building H Annex Stucco and Autoclave; the Grossmont College CDC Upgrades Facility Project; the Cuyamaca College Track and Field Improvements Phase II Scoreboard; and the Cuyamaca College Ornamental Horticulture Complex/M Remodel Audio Visual.
  • Agreed to reject bids for the Cuyamaca College Ornamental Horticulture Greenhouse and rebid the project.
  • Ratified hires, position changes and a position transfer.
  • Approved the employment of tenure track faculty for 2020-2021.
  • Approved seven sabbatical project requests (four for Cuyamaca College and three for Grossmont College) for 2020-2021.

Chancellor Lynn Neault noted that accreditation was reaffirmed for Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges, and praised the many employees across the District who contributed to the accreditation process. She congratulated Cuyamaca College President Julianna Barnes for being selected as one of 25 college leaders selected for the inaugural class of the Aspen New Presidents Fellowship program.

Neault said she met with Grossmont Union High School Superintendent Tim Glover, and said the districts are making progress on getting dual enrollment agreements.The high school district wants to have at least one college course offered at each school in Fall 2020.

Grossmont College President Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh remarked that 30 Grossmont College faculty members will be receiving tenure in 2020-2021, while Barnes said 11 Cuyamaca College faculty members will receive tenure. Barnes also reported on the 6 th Annual Powwow at Cuyamaca College, noting the cultural focus on our Native American population.