February 2020
  Hingham Congregational Church, UCC
366 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043

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Message from the Senior Pastor

Dear Friends,   
Politics and Religion
In times like these, I always think, "Don't say anything!" Because that's how I was raised. It's not polite to talk about politics in religious or polite social settings. 
I'm sure there's some wisdom in that. We don't want to fracture relationships. 
But here we are. And we have to co-create a future. Our president was impeached and acquitted. We all have feelings about it. In Christian community, it's important to walk a very fine line between mutual respect and honesty. I was so proud of us as we worked through our financial decisions at our recent congregational meeting. Honesty and love and faith and aspiration were in that room!
How do we talk about the present political situation in the same spirit, whether it's with other church members or coworkers or family members or neighbors?
I don't have a clear answer, but I believe there is a way to do it. 
I encourage all of us to express our thoughts and feelings about what we've just been through - and what we will go through in this election year and beyond - with gentle honesty and a huge amount of hope. The culture of HCC encourages that kind of approach and I am honored to be a part of such a community.
Rev. Dr. Peter Allen
Senior Pastor, 
Hingham Congregational Church,
United Church of Christ 
Email: revpete4@gmail.com 
Church Office: 781-749-1276  

Christian Education                                       February 2020
HCC family and friends,
As Pete and I have been sharing in worship, Epiphany is a season when we remember the manifestation of God's spirit in the world. This season culminates with Transfiguration Sunday at the end of February. It is an important season in the Church and world as many people fall into sad emotional times. It is our job, as Christians, to point towards hope and lean into God's love if we are able. In February, we hope to see you at HCC for that hope. Together we will look for God's path.
At this very moment (early Friday morning, January 31st), I am on my way to North Carolina as my closest friend from high school is passing away after a 10 year battle with cancer. The doctors have given her days to live and I need to be with her. I want you all to know that I do not take lightly how supportive you all have been with my recent personal situations when I have needed to be away on Sunday mornings. I am extremely grateful. During this weekend, I appreciate your prayers as I am away.
We are officially in retreat season and have had excellent retreats for both the men and confirmands of the church. We will carry on and so look forward to the women's retreat which is just around the corner. It is filling up quickly so do let me know if you have an interest in attending. Here are the details:
It is March 13-14 and cost is dependent on single, shared or day only attendance: $220, $160, $60. Yoga will be on Saturday this year and Rev. Holly will return to lead our group at Craigville Retreat Center:
Circles of Relationship, Spirals of Life: Throughout the course of life, we enter into circles of relationships and community that challenge, inspire, and comfort us. We break free from one circle and find another welcomes us. We enter a new turn in life's journey and find our circle expanding or contracting. Come, enter the circle of retreat and join in considering how the Circles of Relationship in which we move draws us into the larger Spirals of Life in God's sacred dance.
The Martin Luther King Jr. day of service in Hingham was a huge success this year. Many thanks to those of you who attended that or sent financial support. Many people received food for themselves and their families as a result of that day.
For those with middle and high school youth, Pete and me want families to know that the last Sunday in each month through June will feature a young person as our Sunday morning liturgist or reader of scripture. If there is someone in your family who might be interested, do let us know.
We want to be sure anyone interested is up to date with regard to church school comings and goings. This winter and spring, the board of Christian Education and the church school team is working to eventually roll out a stations model for church school children and youth. HCC has utilized this style of church school in the past; in essence, the kids go to a different activity each Sunday. For example, the younger group might cook on 1st Sundays, have time for music on 2nd Sundays, do crafts on 3rd Sundays and have their lesson through drama on 4th Sundays. If you have interest in being involved in this just let me know!
We are always looking for people to help with shepherding (this just means assisting teachers): https://signup.com/go/fHAHuST If you feel unprepared or not ready to shepherd and would like to chat more about what it entails, please send me an email!
Interest in Matthew Desmond's book Evicted has grown. We will aim to start our book study in the beginning of March. We have about 6 people of many different ages interested in this study. If you would like to join this important discussion, do let me know. To catch a brief snippet of this program's content, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY4Q8XQ0n6E
Finally, please email me at pastorsara@hccucc.com with the subject line "sign me up for Lenten reflections" if you would like to receive short Lenten wisdom in the coming months. These can come via cell or email and will be less than 3 sentences.
I hope you will give me ring, visit me during office hours or send me an email should you have any questions or comments about any of this programming.
Sending peace,
Rev. Sara

*** Children, youth and families stay tuned if around during February break as we work to schedule a volunteer opportunity in Boston for those who are 5 years old and up - email Sara if interested ***

after church, the manager of the Hingham Municipal Light Plant (Paul Heanue) will be our guest in the library. Paul will be speaking to us about our sources of energy in Hingham and how we can be more energy efficient. There will also be a time for questions.
Meditation Monday

February 10 from 7:30 pm to 8:15 pm

Please email Rev. Sara with questions - pastorsara@hccucc.com.
This is a great way to slow down and connect to the Spirit of the Divine -
please consider joining us!
We are accessible to all. 
Park in the Pleasant St parking lot and take the elevation to the 3rd floor.


Please take a moment to fill out a survey about church
life that will help us in our strategic planning goals.

GUILD Consignment Center: Midwinter
Winter inventory abounds sufficient for all the February events, whether you seek an extra Super Bowl crockpot, a touch of glitz for a Valentine's Day date (or cozy gloves for the gentleman with the warm heart), or a deep dish for George Washington's cherry pie. Remember, too, that Wacky Wednesday will pop up on February 5, offering a 50% discount in one department.
School vacation? Take a field trip to GCC during "Staycation" and engage in a treasure hunt for games and puzzles, materials for craft projects, scrapbooks, playroom throws for sleepovers, DVDs and popcorn bowls, or outdoor sportswear. Build a dollhouse, or check out the bonanza of LEGOs that arrived last week!
Our winter season will draw to an end this month as annual Half-Price Sales occur on Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Feb. 22-26. All remaining merchandise will be given further reductions during Dollar Days on Thursday and Saturday, Feb. 27 & 29.
During the week of March 3-7, the Consignment Center will be closed to allow volunteers to sort for charity distributions, complete a spring cleaning, and ready new inventory for the racks. Business resumes on Tuesday, March 10 when we will begin to accept early spring apparel and Easter items. [NOTE: Please do not bring shorts, sleeveless tops, or sandals in until April.]                                                                                                     Sarah England
FEBRUARY Jr. Choir Notes 
Rehearsals will continue on Sundays after church during February. In addition to being a short month, Feb. school vacation week always needs to be reckoned with. Jr. Choir needs you- if you are 4 yrs.through grade 5 - and enjoy singing. We are hoping to sing in church the end of the month. Stay tuned for news about that. Meanwhile sing with us up on the third floor each Sunday. New singers, feel free to bring a parent with you if you'd feel more comfortable. Come help us, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!" 
Contact Mr. B. or Mrs. England for more information.  
Wednesday, February 12th from 7-9 pm - Ladies Lounge - casual faith reflection - Please let Rev Sara know if you are willing to host!

P ine Street Inn Meal on  
Monday, February 17, 2019.  
Kitchen help is needed on Monday morning, February 17 at 8:00 AM in the HCC kitchen.  
Donations of desserts are needed . Cookies, bars, cupcakes, and brownies are easy to serve and enjoyed by our friends at Pine Street Inn.  Please drop off donations on Sunday morning, February 16, or on Monday morning, February 17 before 9 am.  Making cookies for the Pine Street Inn is a fun activity if you and your children are home for school vacation.  If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Whitner, rgilbertwhitner@verizon.net

The Board of Outreach is coordinating a food collection event
for the Hingham Food Pantry. Our goal is 100 bags of groceries for needy neighbors.  Please bring bags filled with non-perishable food items to church (drop off downstairs in the meeting room) any Sunday through Sunday, March 8.
Sunday, March 8 is Sorting Sunday!  We invite you to stay after church for an hour or so to help us sort all of the donations for the Hingham Food Pantry.  Bring as many of any of the item(s) as you wish. Everything will be appreciated!
Most Needed items
-Ground Regular Coffee
-Grape or Strawberry Jelly
-Canned Stew
-Canned Fruit
-Boxes of Granola Bars
Please check that all items have a current date and are unopened!

Family Fun Afternoon - Bowling -
South Shore Country Club -
Sunday, March 1st 3p-5p  
ALL ages are welcome -
$10 per person. Food & drinks are not included in the price but is available to be ordered at the restaurant on a per person basis.  Fellowship will help coordinate. People may sign up during coffee hour, or on the web site (coming soon).  

SUPER SATURDAY - March 14, 2020
Registration Deadline: February 29, 2020
Participants will be able to attend two workshops related to various aspects of church life, mission and ministries; one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
In addition, participants have the option of attending a 30-minute table conversation workshop during one of the mid-day lunch periods. The is an opportunity to learn what other churches are doing in the conference. See descriptions inside a brochure (in Hale Hall) and register early, as spaces will fill quickly. Great Day, Great Price! Cost of $59 includes morning worship, 2 workshops, an optional lunch activity, continental breakfast, lunch, marketplace and closing worship . This year it will be held at Minnechaug Regional High School, Wilbraham MA. AN article: https://www.sneucc.org/blogdetail/why-we-require-our-deacons-to-attend-super-saturday-13172919
The annual HCC Progressive Dinner will be held on Saturday, March 28th
Great food, great fun, and a wonderful way to get to know the members of our church family a little better.
The party begins with appetizers and beverages in the Hale Hall at 5 pm and from there, we will split into groups and enjoy a delicious dinner that we all had a hand in preparing, at one of the assigned dinner houses. More details to come over the next month. But in the meantime, if you'd like to host a group for dinner, please contact Sherry Schilb at   sherry.schilb@sanofi.com
Our Junior, Senior, and Folk Choirs gave a rocking performance of
May the Lord God Bless You Real Good on Sunday January 26.

Prayer requests...
  • Gerald Jones
  • The Ela family on the passing of Mary Ela.
  • Candy Heath, whose sister died recently
  • Allan Bacon, Carolyn Antoine's brother
  • Ed Ford, on the loss of his sister Patricia Ford, December 11, 2019
  • Peter Edson
  • Betty and Tom Hulbert
  • Don Giessow, David's Brother
  • Vic Soldat, Nancie Mooney's brother
  • Suzy Burba, and Winston Janusz, Members in Discernment
  • Daryl Denelle, seeking ordination
  • The people of Puerto Rico
  • All those affected by violence in the world; our prayer is for love, justice, and peace.

Feb 5
  7:15 pm
Board of Deacons

  7:15 pm
Board of Christian Education
Feb 6
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)
Feb 7
 11:00 am
Rev. Sara's Open Office Hours at 366 Main St
Feb 9
 10:00 am
Breakfast Club- faith reflection for HS youth (meeting room)

 11:20 am
Climate Change Cafe with Paul Heanue, GM of HMLP      

 12:00 pm
Newcomers Luncheon

  6:30 pm
Confirmation with sponsors
Feb 10
  6 :30 pm
Men's Group - Meadows Club House
  7 :30 pm
Meditation Monday
Feb 11
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study

  7:30 pm
Winston Janusz Ecumenical Service
 Feb 12
 11:00 am
Rev. Sara's Open Office Hours at 366 Main St
  7:00 pm
Board of Outreach

  7:00 pm
Ladies Lounge
  Feb 13
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)
 Feb 16
  10 :00 am
Sunday Worship
  Feb 17
  7:00 pm 
Pine Street Inn Meal Prep
 Feb 18
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
  Feb 19
  7:30 pm
Executive Council
 Feb 20
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)
 Feb 21
 11:00 am
Rev. Sara's Open Office Hours at 366 Main St
 Feb 23
 10:00 am
Sunday Worship
   4:00 pm
Middle school Youth Group
   6:30 pm
  Feb 25
  7:00 pm
Tuesday Night Bible Study
  Feb 26
  7:30 pm
Ash Wednesday
 Feb 27
  9:00 am
Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T.)

 11:00 am
Rev. Sara's Open Office Hours at 366 Main St
  Feb 29
  12:00 pm
Last day to register for Super Saturday

 Mar 1
  3:00 pm
Bowling at South Shore Country Club Alley
 Mar 8
 11:00 am
Sorting Sunday
  Mar 11, 18, 
         & 25

  730 pm
Lenten Evening Services
  Mar 13-14
  4:00 pm
Women's Retreat
 Mar 28
  5:00 pm
Annual Progressive Dinner
Please contact the church office if you have any questions or changes to the above 
Wishing a happy February birthday to our HCC family: 

Stoddard Rowley
 Nick Seibel
Emerson Sibley
Brian Krumm
August Muller
Jonah Janusz
Caroline Milton
Nathan Juenumann
Matt McGuirk
Sophie Kerr
Tanner Burns 
Gardner Duncan
Anna Mayo
Benjamin Shank 
Christian Claydon
Jared Mayo
Jean Muller 
Colby Burns
Eli Smock
Laurie Barnaby 
Cassidy Warwick
Andrew Spaziani
Sarah Milton 
Jen DiMarzio
Avery Spaziani
Phil Edmundson 
Owen Gray
Lynn Muller Waynen
David Giessow   
Jessica Janusz
Abby Fortuin
Casey Juenumann
Leif Thureson
Beverly Randall
Lydia Boer
Lucy Burr
Kit Schlosky
Jason Scott

Wishing a happy February anniversary to:  
Feb 14    John & Penelope Pint                       Feb 15    Frank & Molly Burr
Please join Tracy Allen, Todd Swavey, Lynn Anderson and the theatrical solo voices of the Unicorn Singers at our own HCC on Saturday, February 8 at 8:00 pm.  The singers will have "Magic to Do" as they strive both to dispel the mid-winter blues and to support Horizons' mission to "preserve the power of childhood." Musical selections will be drawn from Pippin, Fiddler on the Roof, Little Shop of Horrors, Wonderful Town, A Chorus Line and many other shows. Tickets are $30 in advance or $35 at the door. Tickets may be purchased by visiting   bcc-us.org . For more information, call 781-749-7826. The snow date is Saturday night, February 15.

Our Confirmation Class at their Retreat

Our men on retreat in Duxbury. Steve Waynen, photographer.