February 2020
Achieving our True North
What is True North and why is it important? Please review our current True North scorecard that continues to serve as one lens into our organizational priorities and performance. This month's communication focuses on our mid-year IAP performance.
UCSF Health: Did You Know?
News and Announcements
Coronavirus Response & Planning 
Needless to say, it's been an eventful time for UCSF and UCSF Health in our planning for the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak (nCoV). We've hosted several virtual briefings, created flyers/toolkits/FAQs, established a website for UCSF and our UCSF Health Infection Prevention Resources , hosted a Town Hall (see video recording ), and built the capacity to safely care for patients with confirmed nCoV. You might also be interested in reviewing a real-time dashboard for the outbreak developed at Johns Hopkins and a nice set of visuals (see below) in the New York Times. The situation remains fluid and trying to manage misinformation and understandable anxiety is a good reminder for all of us to demonstrate acts of kindness and compassion. 
Influenza Season: Protect Yourself, Your Patients & Colleagues
Despite the intensity of news focus on nCoV, we're still in the middle of influenza season and it's important to continue focusing on important recommendations: 1) Vaccinate yourself and your patients, 2) Stay home if you're sick with respiratory symptoms, 3) Place your patients on droplet isolation if they have respiratory symptoms, and 4) CLEAN your hands often. If you're looking for a few minutes of entertainment, here is a hand hygiene lesson that was featured on the Jimmy Kimmel show during a past flu season. 
UCSF Health Strategic Plan: Vision 2025
As we shared a couple months ago, our next strategic planning process is well underway in moving us from UCSF Medical Center to UCSF Health (last strategic plan) to a UCSF Health Network in the future. The strategic plan calls out important themes in health equity, behavioral health and academic alignment as keys to success. Over the past couple weeks, the strategic planning workgroups have convened to share ideas, identify cross-cutting themes, and integrate their proposed plans into our current True North pillars. The goal is to reinforce, redefine, and/or deprioritize certain work to create space for the new work ahead. 
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