February Letter from the Assistant Headmaster
February 7, 2020
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Adolescence is filled with lots of inherent challenges, one of which is the need to decide what to do. Given the many things our students and your children could choose to do, why do one thing versus another? Being in the play can be fantastic, just like playing on a team or volunteering. So, how do we help these adolescents make decisions about how to choose between competing goods? 
One suggestion is always to follow one’s passion. According to Jessica Stillman of Inc. , passion is a terrible way to go when making a decision . Often, passion promotes the idea that things should result in happiness and, as any successful person can relay, much of what results in success requires grit and hard work with a lot of delayed gratification. 
Jessica Stillman presents studies that point to purpose, not passion, as the better guide for choosing what to do. She notes that, “by focusing on purpose, you align your work with your deepest values, and also relieve yourself of the expectation that the long slog of a career will be all (or even mostly) happiness and sunshine.” 
As we think about supporting our kids, helping them find that purpose is central and has much to do with helping this experience be one that fulfills the promise of becoming an adult in the best sense of that word. Here is to a great new year filled with plenty of purpose! 
All the best,
Jeremy LaCasse
Assistant Headmaster
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