February 2020


Flu causes U.S. employees to miss approximately 17 million workdays due to flu, at an estimated $7 billion a year in sick days and lost productivity (NIOSH) . Seasonal influenza activity in the United States has been elevated for 11 weeks, and although flu season typically peaks in February, the flu can continue to affect people into May.

Education is the first line of defense against the spread of the cold and flu. Be proactive with these training programs from Evolved Safety:
  • Influenza Pandemic Planning for Businesses
  • Influenza Prevention
  • Influenza Symptoms and Prevention Strategies in the Workplace
  • Personal Hygiene In The Workplace
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Be sure to check out our latest resources, including:
-       Virtual reality training
-       Micro-learning
-       Hundreds of new courses across multiple training topics
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SBP is a non-profit dedicated to helping those affected by disasters by reducing the time between the event and recovery. SBP provides free e-learning courses that can help you and your employees be more prepared and bounce back more quickly in the event of a disaster. The programs are available in both English and Spanish and can be accessed from their website www.sbpprotects.org.

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