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February 2020
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       Here's a new video shot last summer and on our website now.  You're lucky it's short as I drone on and on about a vessel we all know well. She's been a great home afloat for a lot of us for more seasons than I care to admit.

       You all knew it was going to happen sometime; and sometime appears to be this coming fall. There are several offers pending for the schooner and one of them I am pretty sure will mean someone else will be writing you about vacationing aboard in 2021.  I expect it will be someone you already know from sailing with us before.
      Meanwhile 2020 is shaping up as another busy season. I'd love to sail again with all of you but it will have to be this year. When I have more details I'll let you know.

 Cruise News

     We just had a charter cancel for the July 9th three night cruise. Here's an opportunity for your group to enjoy a short adventure over a long weekend. Thursday night to Sunday morning. If you don't have 25 friends for a full boat there are group discounts if you can find ten to come. And if you don't have ten I'll find some friends to come!

     Twenty years ago we went to the first tall ship sail parade in Portland. They really rolled out the red carpet complete with this nifty reception.

     Portland is the city by the sea, birthplace of Longfellow, cradle of the temperance movement, burned by the British during the revolution and burned again by errant fireworks July 4th, 1866.  We'll be there in July for a celebration of Maine's 200th birthday.

     If you still want fireworks come with us for Windjammer Days, the Great Schooner Race, (and) or the Gloucester Schooner Festival.

     In 2000, Boston went all out to welcome a bunch of vessels from all over the world to come celebrate. Talk about a party!

American Eagle leading
Staying ahead of somebody off Cape Ann in a race.
She's so far back I can't tell which schooner it is.

And this is what I mean by whale watching from the American Eagle

Christas whale video

Christa's whale video

Broom on the masthead

Broom at the main truck; either we won the race or
the schooner is for sale, or both.

Feeding whale
A humpback adding some feathers to her lunch of sand eels 
on Stellwagen Bank

Whale of a Tail
and then she left.

Crews News


That's a right whale we saw in the Bay of Fundy


and this young humpback got a good look at us.

Ready to relaunch in Rockland, April 1986

Postcards From Away

We really appreciate receiving postcards from you when you travel or even 
when you don't.

                                      "Elvis behind bars"

                          Someone has been to New Orleans

And further afield from our peripatetic adventurer Harvey!

It takes five o f us to get the lobsters into the pot at a shore picnic

More news next month!

  John and the crew

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