Guest NWiR Writer Needed!
#NWiR is looking for a guest writer with minimum of 2-3 years writing experience to promote our amazing members! If you enjoy hearing about others journeys, highlighting their successes, and crafting their stories, we could use your talent! Our communications team will take care of sharing and socializing the content so you can focus on writing. Interested? Please reach out to me.

Jennifer Stone, Johns Manville; NWiR Co-Chair
Melissa Walker, Johns Manville; NWiR Mentoring Committee
Mentoring Blog
In 2019 the Mentoring Committee established an option online for members to select if they wanted to be a mentor or mentee allowing individuals to seek each other out. The introduction of mentoring blogs was also created for members to start the conversation on various topics this committee wrote about. We are excited to see the feedback on other topics to cover in 2020, such as dress attire, simple roofing acronyms, and how to hand/diffuse harassment. The year started off with NWIR Day and not only leading the Speed Mentoring, but also creating tailored agendas for each winner of the first ever NWIR Day/IRE Scholarships. 

This group is already jumping into NWIR Day and all that’s involved. I would personally like to thank this committee for donating their time and energy to help execute what we did in 2019. Thank you to Katie Bicksler who was a great vice chair!
NWiR Day Recap
Heidi J. Ellsworth Recognized with NWiR’s Inaugural W.O.R.L.D. Award
The award honors a Woman of Outstanding Roofing Leadership and Distinction. NWiR created the W.O.R.L.D. Award to honor an outstanding woman roofing professional based on:
  • Commitment to the development of the roofing industry
  • Perseverance against industry odds, breaking barriers (under-represented, age, disability, etc.)
  • Identifying a new perspective of service/contribution to the industry
  • Making a difference in respective roofing niche

At the close of NWiR Day, the W.O.R.L.D. Award winner was revealed to be Heidi. Heidi shared words of thanks, remarking that “this doesn’t happen with one person, it happens with many, many, many people” and she acknowledged that hard work of the board members and other powerful women who have helped her achieve her accomplishments. Read more.
NWiR Day Headshot Access!
There were countless amazing moments at NWiRDay 2020 but the headshot booth captured each members glow from the day the best! If you were one of the members who had your headshot photo taken please make sure to complete the NWiRDay 2020 event survey that was sent to you on February 18th; a link to photos is provided upon completion. Thank you for making this day so special!
NWiR Day 2020 Fashion Show Resources
Thank you to all of our members who participated in the Safety Fashion Show! We enjoyed presenting all the amazing options out in the field now that are made specifically for women. We have compiled a great list of resources with links for all the gear and apparel that was featured in the show. Review the list in our Resource Library on the website and get shopping!
Webinars, Training and Industry Safety
NWiR March Webinar: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence

Success at work and at home isn’t solely defined by your mastery of your field or your domestic needs. The ability to process and act upon emotional information in both the workplace and the home is an essential skill for both men and women, and can often be overlooked.

The March Webinar features Lisa Thompson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Self Love Beauty who will present on how to “Leverage Emotional Intelligence” based on the five principles of emotional intelligence as introduced by Daniel Goleman. Attendees can look forward to learning about emotional intelligence and its five pillars, how to recognize and use it in their workplace and life, and how to use mindfulness and confidence to advance to the next level.

As with any tool, it can be even more powerful when you have the opportunity to implement it within your team and to understand its application in different scenarios. Lisa will provide ideas on how to incorporate emotional intelligence into your recruitment process as well as examples of each pillar in action.

Make sure to register and tune in on March 17th – whatever your role in the roofing industry, this will be a webinar you won’t want to miss!
What to Do if OSHA Shows Up
Michele Pratt, OSEA; NWiR Education Committee

Before we head off to Dallas to celebrate our 3rd annual NWIR Day and meet up with If OSHA happens to show up at one of your jobsites or one that you are working on; do you know how to handle the inspection? Let’s face it, if OSHA shows up it’s not like an old friend ringing your doorbell to catch up; they’re there to potentially fine your firm. The key to getting through an OSHA visit effectively is to have an appropriate plan in place prior to the visit taking place, Prior to arriving on a new worksite check with the owner of the property or the general contractor if you are a subcontractor to determine what the safety procedures are for that site. More times than not, the GC or owner will require you to develop a site-specific safety plan. Even if they don’t require one, it’s in your best interest to create one for many reasons, one being OSHA may ask for it. Site-specific plans must include vital information on procedures to follow in case of an injury, accident, severe weather or even an accidental chemical release. Read the full article.
Time for New Years Resolutions!
NWiR Education Committee

What will you do in 2020 to continue to build your professional success? Become more engaged in the industry? Give back? We can help!

Whether you're looking to diversify your resume, be part of an inspirational team, or maybe develop a few new skills, the Education Committee can help! Perhaps you're interested in hosting a webinar? organizing a panel discussion? building and strengthening your leadership skills? Join the Education Committee! 

Interested in Championing any of these efforts?
  • Events Liaison
  • Abstract Coordinator
  • Recruitment & Mentoring Liaison
  • Male Perspective & Engagement
  • Education Committee Member at Large 

We need a few good women...and men! Honor those resolutions and nominate yourself or someone by messaging the education committee.
If you have educational content to share with NWiR, send it to Education@nationalwomeninroofing.org.
Susan DeGrassi, Antis Roofing; NWiR Community Outreach Committee
A Village For One: The Oregon Council Community Service Partner
Join the Community Service Committee meeting on March 11th at 10am PST to learn about the Oregon Council 's partnership for their next roof build with A Village for One. Open to EVERYONE, our committee meeting will focus on partnering with a non-profit by showcasing A Village For One, a Portland based not-for-profit organization developed to serve children who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation. Our guest speaker is Cassie Trahan.

To be added to the call contact Susan DeGrassi or just join us:
Meeting ID: 602 752 377
Password: 017129
Karen Edwards, Casimir Group; NWiR Councils Committee
If you have been part of a successful council startup, consider joining the NWIR Councils committee. We meet regularly with councils across the country who are looking for guidance and support to get their own local councils established. Your insight and wisdom will go a long way toward helping others find success. If you are interested, please contact the Councils Committee.

Here’s what some of our councils have been up to lately:
NWiR South Florida Council
Submitted by Karen Jordan
MudGirl Run Palm Beach Florida
Saturday Jan. 25th started off as a gorgeous day for a group of women from NWIR South Florida Council, who suited up in their #PINKARMY athletic gear to participate in support of fighting breast cancer. The ladies were challenged by a 3.2 mile course with 17+ obstacles leading them to get down and dirty in the mud creating a sense of comradery among them for a good cause.
 "The event was amazing! Beautiful day with strong ladies all pushing each other to make it through the difficult obstacles and laugh through the cold water and mud. Made us all feel so supportive of each other’s success" stated Erica Bergeron from Gulfeagle Supply.
 "I felt like it was a great example of team building / teamwork: we ALL had strengths where we excelled and challenges where we got to encourage each other through", stated Mary Beth Reed our Council President.
Communication and The Power Of Choice
We started the year with our first event held and hosted by PSI Roofing, we had a great turn out 48 in attendance. The room was packed with familiar faces and many new ones, a very diverse group representing many areas in our industry. The guest speaker Julia Aquino-Serrano, CEO and Founder of SheDefined was phenomenal. She spoke on how to use and understand our communication style when persuading our listeners, while recognizing others’ communication style to build a bridge in conflict. She also spoke about understanding the power of choice and intention in communication that we have when interacting with others. The audience participation was outstanding and from the feedback we received very enjoyable and useful information to apply in our daily lives. We want to thank our Sponsor PSI Roofing for holding & hosting the event and Julia for a wonderful insight in the world of communication.

More information about events, visit the South Florida Council page.
NWiR Tampa Council
Submitted by Bridget Wilson
Tampa Council Volunteers at WCRCA Sporting Clays
The ladies of the Tampa Council donned safety vests, eye and ear protection to help with the West Coast Roofing Contactor’s Association in January 10,2020 raising funds for the Black Dagger Military Hunt Club. Black Dagger helps wounded veteran get healing outdoors. The ladies entertained TV personality Charlie Belcher of Good Day Tampa Bay and helped facilitate the clays flying or the second year in a row! The day was beautiful, held at Tampa Bay Sporting Clays. Over 110 shooters came out and as always, the roofing industry supported the veterans! The day ended with winners being announced, prizes being won, and a lunch filled with camaraderie and friendship. Thank you to all the ladies who came out to support our local industry association.

Visit the Tampa Council page for more details and upcoming events.
NWiR Seattle Council
Submitted by Brittany Wimbish
January Meeting Recap
Thank you to CertainTeed for sponsoring the event and Chinook Roofing for hosting!
We learned about how shingles are created, the proper installation process for CertainTeed shingles, and what we’ll need to know when taking the shingle applicator test in preparation for our upcoming April SheBuild!

Visit the Seattle Council Page for upcoming events.
NWiR Central Florida
Submitted by Daphne Livingston
Financial Lunch & Learn Hosted by the FRSA
The wonderful team at the FRSA hosted and provided lunch at our first Central Florida NWIR meeting of the new year. We had a very informative speaker, Sara Lee, from the FRSA Credit Union that provided valuable, financial information and answered specific financial questions that were asked by attendees. 

The Central Florida Council would like to thank Lisa Pate and her team at the FSRA for their hospitality!

Visit the Central Florida Council page to learn about future events.
NWiR Dallas Fort Worth Council
Submitted by April Hall
Council members attend the SRC Summit
The SRC Summit in January featured women’s panel with expert women roofing professionals who are working in the restoration market every day. The women’s Leadership Panel consisted of Mika Hunter- Precision Construction & Roofing, Melanie Vancleave-Crest Exteriors, Fran Nichols- Supreme Roofing and many more. They discussed how to work successfully in the restoration roofing market and how to build profits and sustainable processes for their roofing businesses. 

Learn about future events on the Dallas Fort Worth Council page.
NWiR Atlanta Council
Submitted by Lisa Hadden
Networking and Prospective Member Event
Council members and friends experienced a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

The tour began on the ‘Front Porch’, outdoor fan gathering plaza, where members studied the exterior architectural design, and the World’s Largest Falcon Statue. The tour continued into the interior of the structure and members were educated on the design and infrastructure of the one of a kind retractable roof.

The stadium's signature feature, the retractable roof, which features a "pinwheel" consisting of eight translucent, triangular panels. Each of the eight panels operates on two straight, parallel rails; one rail is responsible for moving the panel while the other rail stabilizes the panel. When opened, the panels are designed to create the illusion of a bird's wings extended.

During the full tour the ladies were excited to visit Arthur Blanks, owner, personal suite, as well as the interior of the Atlanta Falcons Football and Atlanta United Soccer Team’s locker rooms, Delta Sky360 Lounge, and The SunTrust Club. The Field Level portion of the tour gave the ladies an opportunity to walk the field and take photos. 

Learn about future events on the Dallas Fort Worth Council page.
We would like to thank everyone who nominated a WORLD AWARD candidate. We received 37 outstanding nominations for our first-ever award! 

We have reached out to all of our nominees to provide us with their photo headshot so we can acknowledge each nominee at NWIR DAY 2020. We can't wait to introduce them to you.
Technology as a “Learning on Demand” Education Tool

Making time to educate team members can be a significant challenge, particularly during the busy summer season. Fortunately, social communication channels such as “YouTube” have created a “learning on-demand” environment where content can be easily accessed anytime/anywhere. 

Combining serious content with convenient access, Owens Corning Roofing launched Owens Corning University (OCU) in 2019. Available at no charge simply become a Owens Corning Roofing Contractor Network member!
It Takes a Village

SOPREMA, Inc., a leader in the roofing, waterproofing, wall protection and civil engineering waterproofing industries, values what every woman in the roofing industry brings to the table, even those who work behind the scenes.

SOPREMA asked a few of its female employees to share why they like working in the industry and their respective departments. Sharing their inspiring words may motivate others to join our ranks!

"I enjoy interacting with so many different people through the day since it is such a cross-functional department. I also find job satisfaction in solving problems, and Quality allows you to look both “big picture” and “deep in the details.” – Quality Assurance Supervisor Laura Clark

“I really enjoy the collaborative nature of the company and the creative freedom we are given specifically in our department.” – Marketing Coordinator Imma van der Walt

“I enjoy working in Research & Development because every one of my days is something different; I get to improve our products and/or processes, create new products, and be at the forefront of innovation for our company.” – Research Chemist Jessica Little

“I’m a problem solver who likes to provide results that make people’s lives easier. I bring my passion to work every day through developing robust, innovative solutions for the roof, civil and parking deck markets through chemistry, communication and understanding the needs of our customers.” – Research Chemist MaryBeth Taylor

For more information on SOPREMA, its products and how it’s changing the world every day, visit https://soprema.us.
NWiR at the NERCA Convention 2020
We are so excited to see you at the NERCA Convention 2020. Be sure to stop by the booth and say hi, meet other NWiR members and pick up some NWiR collateral! Join us at the NERCA Convention and experience one of the largest regional roofing tradeshows in the country. This year’s show continues to deliver quality education and will feature nearly 200 booths displaying products and services designed for you the roofing professional!

NWiR Networking Reception: Making Connections, Building Relationships, Creating Opportunity
We’d also love for you to join us at the NWiR Networking Reception featuring a presentation by Red Clover Consultants on Networking: Making Connections, Building Relationships, Creating Opportunity. We’ll have members of the NWiR Board of Directors there and members of the local councils in the northeast to meet you; and of course plenty of time for talking about empowering women in the roofing industry!
The NWiR Networking Reception will be held on March 18th from 6-9pm at the Hard Rock Cafe. You are welcome to join us even if you aren’t attending the NERCA Convention. All are welcome!
NWiR at the IIBEC Convention

NWiR will be presenting original research on mentoring and coaching women at the IIBEC Convention being held March 26-31, 2020 in Houston. Jennifer Stone, Jennifer Keegan and Ellen Thorp will discuss the workplace advantages of coaching and mentoring employees and the benefits of these techniques to employee retention. Several NWiR members attend the IIBEC Convention as it is an excellent source of technical information. The International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC) is an international association of professionals who specialize in roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall specification and design. 

Stay tuned here for more NWiR activities at the IIBEC Convention 2020.
Upcoming Events
Make NWIR Events Memorable and Meaningful by being on the Events Committee! 
We’re looking for those interested in providing creative contribution and logistic execution of trade shows and events for NWiR. As a newly created committee, we are looking for those that want to make a difference and interface with other committees in helping them achieve the goals of NWiR. If you’re interested, email the events committee!
Are you speaking at an upcoming industry event? If so we want to know about it and share that information with our members. Email the information to Communications Committee Chair Anna Anderson .
Ellen Thorp, NWiR Executive Director

Back in the fall, we implemented several member only benefits on the website, and password protected those pages. An email was sent to all members alerting them to this change and providing them with the passwords. We will resend this email to all members on Tuesday, March 3rd so be on the lookout!
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