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Midwest Technology Products - Partnering with Educators to Prepare the Workforce of Tomorrow
Midwest Technology Products has a 600 page catalog that showcases more than 10,000 products from over 400 vendors. Their dedicated, family-owned business has been committed to providing the highest quality products paired with exceptional customer service since 1909. Midwest Technology Products has tools for the next generation of designers and fabricators; a source for durable, industrial-grade equipment, tools, and supplies for your shop or lab. Partnering with educators to prepare the workforce of tomorrow by providing innovative resources of uncompromising value -  Midwest is here to help you.

Midwest Technology Products offers: Abrasives, Arts and Crafts, Automotive, Building Trades, Career & Tech Ed, Drafting, Electrical, Foundry, Furniture and Storage, Hand tools, Hardware, Metalworking, Power tools, Safety, Small Engine, STEM, Welding, Woodworking, and VO-AG.
Save Time >  Place your order without first needing to get several quotes.
Save Money >  Receive an immediate 10% discount off catalog and/or online prices.
Save More Money >  Receive free freight on orders over $50.
At ILTPP, we regularly provide our members with the latest news within educational technology. This includes special buys, organization updates, event announcements, and solicitations.
K-12 Campus Security Survey Results
To round out 2019, ILTPP sent out a survey to its members to identify the current direction of security technology trends. The results of this survey will guide ILTPP in targeting and selecting partners, contracts, and future campaign strategies.
2020 ILTPP Showcase - Save the Date
ILTPP is actively planning the 2020 Showcase for March 18-20, 2020. This statewide tour will feature hands-on engagement with the latest Chromebook devices and an additional afternoon session around mobile device management.
USA Computing Olympiad: February Contest
The latest USACO contest is available February 21-24. Participation is free, and open to all! Although only high-school students in the USA are eligible for selection as finalists.
Modern Classrooms Bring Learning to Life with CDW's Blueprint to Design™ Service
CDW-G shares how they assist schools in incorporating a bridge to create collaborative spaces within K-12 districts.
Google Cloud Print Ending December 2020
On January 1, 2021, devices across all operating systems will not be able to print using Cloud Print. Google itself recommends you migrate your print services to an alternative solution by the end of 2020.
New Contracts & Partners
ILTPP is a member state with the  Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA),  a multi-state non-profit organization. With this national cooperative, we are continually provided opportunities to sign on new contracts and agreements! ILTPP is currently onboarding around ten more contracts. Below, you can find three who have been onboarded recently.
Bio Corporation
ILTPP has partnered with B io Corporation  to offer members discounts on both plain preserved and injected specimens. This includes anything from tiny spiders to large sharks!
Complete Book & Media
ILTPP and Complete Book & Media Supply are now offering ILTPP members discounted digital resources, instructional supplies, and online and hardback stories; all under contract!
ILTPP opened an entirely new category offering by partnering with Daktronics to provide members with full catalog discounts scoreboards, digital displays, and video boards!
We are constantly looking for ways to bring more value to your ILTPP membership. Please let us know if there are any products or services that would help you and your educational institution advance your EdTech resources. Your ideas or suggestions help us develop additional benefits that would be of value to you as an ILTPP member. Your input is greatly appreciated!   LearnMore@iltpp.org
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