February 2020
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Message From Jim
An Opportunity to Grow our Membership!
What Role can You Play? What’s in it for you? As we continue to be on our journey to strengthen our chamber and its membership, we know that some of the best members are those that are referred to the Chamber by our current members! Click Here to read the article and to learn about a few incentives to encourage referrals!
Tools + Services Highlight
Limited Time Residential Greeter Sale!
A huge benefit of our new website is the marketing opportunities it can provide for our members! Throughout the course of 2020 we are embarking on new initiatives to drive the greater community to our website, and we have already seen in increase in traffic! This increases the value of Ad space on our website, and so we wanted to remind you of the opportunities you have. Click below to see the breakdown of the different Advertising and Promotional options. We strongly encourage you to take advantage! * If you are Bronze member or above don’t forget that you have Advertising and Promotional Credit that you can use towards these options, you can see the breakdown by clicking “Membership Levels below *
Member Thoughts
CyberSecurity Event Spotlight
As the Chamber continues to focus on providing programs and experiences to create connections, the Legislative and Industrial Committees jointly hosted a program on Managing Cybersecurity Threats, which connected the audience with key information and four experts in the field. The panelists discussed an overview of Cybersecurity threats as well as provided practical solutions for addressing them. The discussion included topics such topics as network exposure, encryption, backup recovery, the human factor, security policies, regulation, insuring the risk and more. In addition, a Self-Assessment Tool and a Cybersecurity Planning Guide was made available to all participants and you can access this information as well as get more information about our four panelists and their organizations.
What Members Are Saying
"I liked the way the Cybersecurity Event on 1/29 was laid out in a panel format. The topic were appropriate for the audience and for what is going on in the real world today. The Q & A at the end of the discussion wrapped up a few other applicable topics that were top of mind for some of the attendees. A nice job to the panel experts and to those who organized it."
Robert Ferrigan
West Suburban Bank

"Cyber Security is one of those topics that might be included in the “interesting, but not for me” category. Yesterday’s program, put on by the St. Charles Chamber and many other sponsors, was informative and easy to understand. Each of the panel members had deep experience and knowledge and they were generous with their practical advice. I walked out of the session and immediately called my IT support team – we’re meeting next week so that I can ask a few questions. I’m appreciative of having this available to our community – thank you!

Bev Dejovine
Fox Valley Hands of Hope

Community Corner
Highlighting Women's Business Council 2020 Charities
The Women's Business Council has picked three charities to raise money for throughout the year of 2020. These charities are Not All Wounds Bleed , Kane Repertory Theatr e & Fox Valley Food for Health. When you attend a WBC event, you are directly helping these causes! For more information on each 2020 charity, click on the boxes below!
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Our Businesses of the Month program celebrates our Distinguished Members, through a promotional video, written articles, social media presence, and a display in the Chamber office.
Click on each logo to see videos + more info on our highlighted businesses, or our Member Page to see everything our Members have to offer this month!
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