We've made it through the first month of the new year and the new decade! So how is this decade treating you so far? Will this be another Roaring 20's decade or something much calmer?

I'll be watching the Academy Awards presentation this Sunday and on Monday I will announce which celebrities are the winners of the Immies (Image Matters Awards) in the categories of Best Color, Best Fit and Style and Best Overall. Look for that email and see if you agree with my comments and selections. It's all in fun.

Some of my readers may not be aware that I moved my studio space into the IntegraLife Spa in The Terraces building. Same building, same floor, just a a new space. To celebrate the anniversary of our collaboration I will be presenting two seminars at IntegraLife Spa. Many of you have asked about seminars in the Fort Myers area - so by request - here you go. These seminars are open to the public but space is very limited so we must ask you to RSVP. On Thursday, March 26th I will be presenting "Six Steps to SW Florida Style" and on April 2nd I will be presenting "It's All Relative." Both evenings will begin at 5:30 and go about an hour. Of course we will provide you refreshments as well - and maybe even some door prizes??? Call me at 239-454-0044 or call Susan at the spa 239-437-8386 to reserve a spot.

Hope to see you here!

Proportions Matter!
Did you know that your height is not the only consideration when considering your proportions? In fact, height isn't even the most important consideration. Proportions are the key to wearing clothing that creates a balanced, harmonious appearance.

If you are longer in the torso and your legs appear shorter, you will need to wear tops and jackets that are shorter, about elbow length. Shorter top pieces make your legs appear longer.

If you are shorter in the torso and your legs appear longer, you will want to wear tops and jackets that visually lengthen your torso to create a balanced look. Mid-thigh tops and tunics will look great on you.
The woman on the left is short-waisted and/or shorter in the torso. She needs to visually lengthen her top half with longer top pieces.

The woman in the middle is long-waisted and/or shorter in the legs. She will be able to wear interesting belts and will need to wear shorter top pieces to so as to not emphasize her longer top half.

The woman on the right is proportioned and has many choices and options.

Do you know your proportions? You can find out in a Personal Style consultation. Proportions matter! Call me at 239-454-0044 or click here for more information:
Additional De-Cluttering and Organizational Tips
Y ou cleaned out your closet after reading last month's newsletter, right? Now it's time to clean out your skin care and makeup shelves/drawers.

Most skin care products have a shelf life of about a year. So that exfoliator you bought five years ago and keep forgetting to use? Toss it! If you use your products on a regular basis (and of course you should be) a cleanser, toner and moisturizer will last about 2-3 months. An eye cream can last 9-10 months and treatment products will last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the size of the container and how often you are using them.

Tips on when to toss those skin care products:
When it has a bad smell
When it has separated
When the texture of color has changed.

When it comes to makeup the golden rule is creams and lotions will deteriorate quicker than "dry" products. So a liquid or cream foundation will be good for about 6 months while a powder foundation will be good for 12-18 months. A cream blush is good for about 6 months while a powder blush is good for 12-18 months. Lipsticks can go a little longer - about a year - but don't try to stretch that out to 5 years! A good tip is this = when it starts to smell, it definitely is no longer usable.

And we all know that mascaras are the most vulnerable and you don't want to use anything around the eye area that could be compromised. A mascara absolutely must be thrown out after 3 months. If you use it every day it will be gone within 3 months. If you aren't using it daily, there may still be some left but don't be tempted. This is not the time to be frugal and worried about wastefulness. Use that mascara every day! It'll make your eyes pop and when it's all gone after 3 months you can go buy another, guilt-free.
Image Presentations Available

Do you belong to an organization, club or social group that meets regularly to listen/learn from guest speakers?
Call me to book an Image Matters presentation for your group. The presentations are always informative, entertaining and just plain fun! 
The most requested topic is "Look Good and Feel Great . . . with Color!" Many other image-related topics are available, such as 
"SW Florida Style", "Fashionality" and "Accessorizing with Ease." 

All presentations are tailored to fit the needs/goals of the group.  You could be the one to introduce Image Matters to your group - and be a STAR!

Call me at 239-454-0044 to discuss.