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NBG has stepped into 2020 with two new book arts opportunities for our members: the Letterpress Chapbook Project and the Set Book Project. At our January Program Meeting members were invited to participate in one or both of these exciting new projects. Both projects have a fee of $80 each and include a Getting Started Workshop, 4 Work Sessions, and ongoing support and encouragement of Guild instructors. Scholarship assistance is available.
If you missed the January meeting, here's a brief description of the two projects:

Working alone or in collaboration, participants will write, design, letterpress print, and bind a chapbook of original texts. Members may get involved in the first round of chapbook publication beginning Sunday, Feb. 9 through May 2020 or wait until the second round which will begin in September 2020.

Sign up or learn more about the Letterpress Chapbook Project here.


  The Set Book Project is offered in partnership with University of Alaska Press, Fairbanks, AK. Participants will select one book from a list of four choices, each a book of poetry by an Alaskan poet, published by UA Press. Working with an unbound text block, digitally printed in 4 or 5 signatures, book artists will bind the signatures in a manner he/she designs. Elements of the binding to be considered are overall structure, end papers, covers, and casement if desired. The Set Book Project begins on February 15 and will culminate in a joint NBG/University of Alaska Press exhibition/reading event at the end of May 2020.
Sign up or learn more about the Set Book Project here.

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If you haven't already renewed your NBG membership for 2020, it's time! 
Basic membership dues are $30 for the calendar year. 
Renew on the website here
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NBG 2020 New Book Challenge

NBG is trying something new this year. For a few years we've had a Book Exchange at each Program Meeting. This year, instead of the Book Exchange, we invite you to participate in the #areyoubookenough challenge which has engaged book artists from around the world since 2017. Like our previous book exchange, you are invited to make an artist book based on a theme. Instead of exchanging them, you bring your finished challenge book to the next Program Meeting to share with fellow NBG members, and, if you wish, post your creation on Instagram. This is not only a wonderful way to get monthly inspiration, but also connect with other book artists.

Pictured above is  (This is Not a Fairy Tale)  by Mary Maisch, 
challenge response to January's theme of In Between.
Questions answered here or here.
2020 Themes for #AreYouBookEnough
January      In Between
February    Heal
March        Hexagon
April          Machine
May           Break
June          Human
July           Sea
August       Mountain
September Weathered
October      Child
November   Recycle
December   Legs


Panorama Book  
with Connie Stricks
Saturday, March 7, 2020  
10am-4pm, NBG Studio
$60 members  $75 non-members
$20 materials fee
2 spaces left!

In this workshop, we'll explore and make a Panorama Book, a structure created by Hedi Kyle. This book, cut from a single piece of paper, is a freestanding accordion structure with 6 broad, flat, hinged panels on which to create a visual gallery. Although the structure is not difficult, it requires careful folding and measuring, and lends itself to fascinating variations. There will be a choice of fine papers to create your structure and for embellishing its panels, making each person's book truly their own.

More information and register here.


Flag Book
with Connie Stricks
Saturday, March 28, 2020    
10am-4pm, NBG Studio
$60 members  $75 non-members
$20 materials fee
Limited to 10 participants
In this workshop we'll be making a Flag Book, another structure created by Hedi Kyle. This book is one of the structures that opened up a new world for book artists that has as many variations as there is thought! It can be read page by page or be pulled apart to create a noisemaking, kinetic scenario. It can stand as a circular structure, becoming a star shape when its covers are back to back. You will have a choice of papers for the hard cover and 'flags' of your book, and leave with a head full of ideas for your next one.

More information and register  here .

From the NBG Library

Bookforms:  A Complete Guide 
to  Designing and Crafting Hand-Bound Books  

Bookforms: A Complete Guide to Designing and Crafting Hand-Bound Books is not just a book, but a valuable tool. The text, written by artist instructors of The Center for Book Arts in New York City, covers fundamental aspects of book making with chapters on tools and materials, specific book structures, and artist books. Chapters build on one another, each with step-by-step instructions, valuable hints, photos, and clear, illustrative graphics.
Bookforms is peppered throughout with important hints that are not intuitive, e.g., Celine Lombardi's, "When gluing together two pieces of material it is preferable to put the glue on the thinner material because the thinner material...will expand more than the thicker material.  If you place dry paper onto a glue-covered board, the paper will still expand but it will wrinkle because it is caught up in the glue. Better to let it expand first, then put the two together."  
This is not only an excellent resource to help build a solid foundation in book making techniques and prevent many missteps, but it will help expand your imagination of what is possible.



Newport Paper and Book Arts Festival
Newport, OR
April 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2020

Registration is open for this 4-day conference of book and paper arts workshops, exhibition, and other events.
Brochure and registration available   here .

These People Really Care About Fonts 

Type nerds meet monthly to discuss important subjects like serifs, negative space, consistent strokes. They call it fontastic fun.
Read the article here.

Artists Book House
A new book arts center in Chicago

We know about the process of establishing Northwoods Book arts here in Fairbanks. Read here about how Chicago is going about it!


Studio Session
Chapbook Project: Getting Started
for Chapbook Project Participants
Sunday, February 9   noon-4pm
NBG Studio

Set Book Project: Getting Started
for Set Book Participants
Saturday, February 15   10am-4pm
NBG Studio

Open Studio
Everyone welcome!
Works in Progress
Sunday, February 16   noon-4pm
NBG Studio
Letterpress Training
for Chapbook Project Participants
Saturday, February 29   10am-4pm
NBG Studio

Panorama Book
Saturday, March 7   10am-4pm
NBG Studio

Next Program Meeting
Saturday, March 21   1-3pm
NBG Studio

Flag Book
Saturday, March 28    10am-4pm 
NBG Studio


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