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Message from
Mayor Richard Brunst
" Something's Coming "

That was what I read on a billboard as I drove out of Salt Lake City this afternoon
from a meeting downtown.

As I thought about it I realized that none of us know for sure all of the things that are coming in the future. 

It reminded me of my grandfather's life. He was born in 1890. As such he was 24 years old when World War I started, for which he volunteered but was rejected due to health reasons. He was 28 when the influenza pandemic broke out that affected nearly 1/3 of the world's population. He was 39 when the Great Depression began that lasted nearly 10 years. And he was 50 when World War II began. Both of his sons were drafted into the military service. One of them was thrown in the sea when a Japanese Kamikaze Plane took his ship down. But both sons made it home.

Another billboard further down the road read "Don't do it alone, look to us."  As I thought about that sign it came to my mind that the only way we can successfully navigate all of the challenges we face in this life is through our faith and by looking to the help of our friends and family. Much as my grandfather did in his life. He faced a lot of problems and made it through them.

I believe in the "Utah Way" of working to solve problems in our communities.  That is I believe that we in Utah have a successful way of "Collaborating" between our residents, our families, our businesses our local leaders, and our state leaders in identifying problems and crafting solutions for those issues. We are well known for how we can and do work together in this state.

A few years ago some residents came to the city and requested a new dog park. In Orem we have tried to build and maintain many parks and green spaces for the enjoyment of our residents and families. Our city staff came up with ideas for 3 locations to build a dog park. As these were being explored the council and I asked if staff had notified all of the neighbors around these areas of a possible new dog park. They said that they had not done so. So I requested that they visit with each neighbor bordering the 3 parks and ask their opinions about this option.  

Our city staff did so and found out that not a single resident wanted a new dog park within the boundaries of a bordering park next to their homes. They did not want the noise, the smell, nor the additional cars.

So the city staff came up with a new idea of building the dog park next to the Timpanogos Park up the canyon where there are no residents. Everyone thought this was a great idea. And so that is where our dog park went in. It met with the needs of the dog owners and the residents. But the success of it was generated by our city staff, city council, dog owners, and residents all coming together through "collaboration" to find a workable and successful solution.

Three years ago some residents requested a new place to play Pickleball. So we looked around for any federal grants that might help pay for such a facility as it is expensive to build. We found a Community Development Block Grant that would help pay for part of the construction, but that it was tied to the Sharon Park area. So staff proposed that the city build the courts in the park behind Sharon Elementary School. Again the council and I requested that our staff contact all of the surrounding neighbors and ask for their opinions as well as the principal of the school.  

Well we ended up holding a get together in the park at the pavilion on the northwest side and inviting everyone to come. We had suggested that that courts be built in the middle of the park by taking out the grass area there. When this was presented the neighbors all objected stating that that area was where their children played soccer, baseball, and football and they wanted the grass area to stay. But one of the residents suggested that the old pavilion on the southwest side should be taken out as it was
dark and was used by the wrong crowd for things the residents did not want. So that it is what the city did. We took out the old dark overgrown area and put in new well lit pickleball courts that helped to improve the overall quality of the park and left the major grass area for the kids to play. It is a great success with a beautiful new facility and a wonderful park. But again this was done by coming together with the residents and the city to find a solution that was arrived at through "collaborating"​.

The "Utah Way" of "Collaboration" is the means whereby I believe that we can find solutions to protect our quality of life in Orem and Utah, as we grow in the future. How we grow matters to us all.

Mayor Brunst
Councilmember Message from
Jeffrey Lambson
Have you ever wanted to be more involved in what is happening in our city? Do you want your voice to be heard about what happens in your neighborhood? Well, here is your opportunity.
During last year’s campaign process, the candidates were invited by one of Orem’s neighborhoods, (SWONA) to participate in a “Get to Know the Candidates” event at a park. I was so impressed with this neighborhood’s ability to organize such an event. I remember commenting that I wish all of Orem’s neighborhoods could be so organized. To be able to come together and share not only concerns and issues, but to come up with ideas to maintain the good and work to resolve the challenges. To take it one step further, how great would it be if each neighborhood had a representative, a voice to bring those items forward to the appropriate staff, to work together with the city through those processes.
The City’s neighborhoods have been organized into 9 groups with the vision of developing more specific neighborhood plans. These plans will rely on representative participation from residents and businesses located in the neighborhoods. These plans are being developed for each of the 9 neighborhood groups. Each plan is being developed under the direction of city staff, and will be in harmony with the City’s general plan.
While the neighborhood plans will provide a lot of helpful information about the neighborhoods, the primary purpose is to communicate the major goals, objectives, and concerns of the neighborhood to city leaders—both elected officials and staff. That way, when leaders are making a decision that affects a particular neighborhood in Orem, they will have a plan to refer to that provides a representative vision of what the neighborhood wants.
Be sure to watch for your neighborhood’s next meeting. Invite your neighbors to go with you, and share your thoughts, feelings and ideas.
Some of these neighborhood plans are currently in process. You can see them HERE

Adopted Neighborhood Plans can be found HERE  

Jeff Lambson
Rental Licensing & Utility Changes - effective July 2020
In December 2019, the Orem City Council passed an ordinance requiring that the City of Orem utilities (water, sewer, street light, etc.) for all residential properties must be in the name of the property owner, even if said properties are being used as rentals (this does not impact your electric & gas utilities). In addition to the change for utilities, the City will begin requiring all residential properties being used as rentals to have a rental dwelling license. All property owners must be in compliance with these new policies by July 2020. 

The cost of this license will be $50 per year, per property owner (it does not matter how many rental properties you own). At the end of July 2020, a bill for the rental dwelling license will be sent to the utility account holder, which should be the property owner. The bill will be due within 30 days of bill issuance. If the utilities are not in the name of the owner, they will be required to be put in the owner's name before a license will be issued.

If you are a property management company, please do the following:

1) Alert property owners of this change (they should have been sent a copy of this letter, as well)

2) Either have the property owner follow the instructions to the right or make these changes on their behalf (if you are authorized to do so)

3) If your property management company has numerous Orem addresses that are being impacted by this change, and you can prove management of these properties, we can provide you with a spreadsheet that you can fill out on behalf of the properties you manage. Come visit (56 N. State St., Orem, UT) or call our Help Center (801-229-7000) if you would like to utilize this method

4) Watch for a rental dwelling license invoice to be mailed & emailed by the end of July
If you are a property owner, please do the following:

1) Come to the Help Center (56 N. State St., Orem, UT) or call our Help Center (801-229-7000)

2) If you prefer doing it online, Visit & click on “Register My Property” to put the utilities in your name. If you already have an Orem utility account, you will be able to log in and begin adding addresses to your account. If you do not currently have an Orem utility account, you will be prompted to register for one. You will then be able to add addresses to your account

3) If applicable, choose your property manager from the drop down menu (or ask your property manager to provide us information)

4) If applicable, enter the information for the tenant who will be responsible for paying the utility bill

5) Watch for a rental dwelling license invoice to be mailed & emailed by the end of July
For more information and to see many of the frequently asked questions, visit:
Every year during the week of Summerfest, we honor two individuals with the "Spirit of Orem" Award who embody and exemplify the beloved Orem values of service and goodwill. Is there someone you know that is deserving of this award? Nominate them today.
EveryDay Strong
A New Approach to Anxiety and Depression

To become more educated about—and to better help respond to—the growing amount of anxiety, depression and suicide we’re seeing in the children and youth in our community, the City of Orem has partnered with the United Way of Utah County to become its first “EveryDay Strong City.” The EveryDay Strong program is a community initiative to help youth feel more safe, connected, and confident. The goal of the initiative is to help build more resilient kids and a stronger community.

This important initiative includes specialized training, activities for children, and a question and activity guide for adults. The City would like to encourage residents to complete the one hour, specialized training online here or in person at a upcoming training session at one of the local schools (see calendar for upcoming dates and locations). The Resilience Handbook can be downloaded here.

Click Here for an EveryDay Strong article in the news about helping our struggling children
Orem Recreation
Are Your Kids Looking for a New Hobby?
Why not enroll them in one of Orem's many Rec classes? They could learn to LARP, become Evil Scientists, learn gymnastics, or more! Click HERE for more information, or visit the website below
Come get certified to be a lifeguard! Lifeguard training begins March 17th, and many receive job offers after completing training. Don't miss this opportunity!

Click here for more information and to sign up!
The Central Utah Water Conservancy District is offering free landscaping classes, as well as classes for children and youth. Landscaping classes cover growing fruits and vegetables, sprinkler classes, planting bed design classes, and much more. Classes are free, but you must register online at

Click Here for a full list of classes
The RecycleCoach App
The City of Orem is Hiring
We are hiring for multiple full-time and part-time positions. To view a list of available job openings and to submit an application, follow the link below.
Calendar of Events
In the City of Orem, there are always plenty of events to keep you and your family busy! Keep up with all Orem City events by following the link below.