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Massachusetts Groups Respond to Anti-Semitism


The end of 2019 was marked by horrific anti-Semitic attacks in New York and New Jersey that left many of us wondering what the Daughters of Abraham could do as an organization that stands for religious tolerance and respect. Discussions addressing ways we can respond to acts of persecution have begun amongst Eastern Massachusetts chapters. In the meantime, with the intention of making Daughters of Abraham more visible, we have designed lawn signs with our logo and with permission borrowed the messaging the ADL used in their New York City rally, "No Hate, No Fear." We are distributing these to members in our area and will use them for public displays when appropriate. If you would like to print signs or other products with this messaging, click here to contact us for the graphics. 

Highlighting our members:  Karima Hadj-Zoubir
Karima is the founder of the Daughters of Abraham Central Mass group and a member of the Steering Committee. 

"Ignorance creates hate and hate creates violence. The events we witnessed in the news these past few years took us far from our ideals of the peace and equality that America built during the past decades. I decided a few years ago to join the Daughters of Abraham by creating my own group. I also speak at different interfaith events and created the website, Coexist Through Knowledge, because the source of all the negativity toward others is based on ignorance. Coexist Through Knowledge is a call for peace and coexistence among people of different faiths and cultures in order for them to learn from each other, share knowledge and communicate it to the ones willing to learn. Because the treasure is knowledge." 

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