February 2020 News from Rolland and Associates
Hello February! Happy Black History Month and American Heart Month! We'll celebrate Valentine's Day and since this is a Leap Year, we get an extra day this month!

Irish tradition says that when February 29 comes around, single women are encouraged to propose to their beloveds! Some sources I found said that the person being proposed to isn't allowed to say no unless they want tons of bad luck BUT I also found a loophole - if you buy the woman proposing 12 pairs of gloves, apparently your luck will be restored!

Enjoy the extra Saturday this month and if we can help you with any questions or concerns about your insurance policies, please don't hesitate to reach out! Also, make sure you scroll down to read about our new Referral Program!
5 Quick Questions with...Michele!
Michele Fertig, Associate Agent, Rolland & Associates and Rolland Advisory Solutions

Michele is our commercial insurance specialist and also does On Your Side reviews and takes great care of our all our clients. Michele used to be an Underwriter so she knows insurance inside and out - obviously, a great benefit for our clients!

What was your first job?
"My first job was at the deli in student center at Miami University."
How long have you been in the insurance industry?
"I joined the insurance industry when I graduated from college in 1987 so 33 years."
What is your favorite holiday?
"Thanksgiving. I love to cook and have all my family in to just hang out. I enjoy Christmas for the same reason but there is no stress of gift buying with Thanksgiving!"
What is the best gift you've ever received?
"My kids! My son Alex is 25 and married to Alexandra (yes, they're Alex and Alex) and my daughter Lauren is 22."

What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV?
"Cooking shows! Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, Hell's Kitchen, Chopped - I enjoy them all!"

What to do if...you're in a single car accident
Obviously accidents happen all the time and in every kind of weather but winter weather presents its own set of worries and necessary precautions. Roads can turn dicey quickly so a few things to consider before you head out:

  1. Check your car's emergency kit - this should include at least one warm blanket, hats and gloves, winter boots, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, a first aid kit, and a flashlight. Consider throwing in a folding shovel and kitty litter or sand for those longer trips.  
  2. Make sure you have a copy of your insurance ID cards somewhere in the car! Remember that your phone might not work in an accident so having a physical copy is a good idea!
  3. Confirm your Roadside Assistance Coverage – Nationwide’s Roadside Assistance Plus including towing for up to 100 miles, ditch extraction, and a lot more for just $21 for a 6 month term. That's less than $0.12 per day! Don’t have it? It's simple to add to any auto policy so just give us a call at 614-789-1891 and we will have you covered in minutes! Already have roadside through a different company? Make sure you compare pricing before you renew that service with them.

So, what happens if you hit a patch of ice and slide into a parked car or a tree or even worse, wind up in a ditch? First things first, take a deep breath and make sure everyone in your car is okay. If anyone is hurt or you need a police report, call 911 - bear in mind, If it is really nasty day, it might take a while to get to you so pull out those emergency kit blankets to help keep warm. Next, call Roadside Assistance for help – 800-421-3535 or use the button on Nationwide’s app. 

One note - if it is safe to do so, stay in your car to help keep warm until help arrives BUT please confirm your tailpipe is not buried in the snow or obstructed in any way - if it is, turn off your car immediately as carbon monoxide won't be able to vent and can fill the car and be deadly!

Once you are back on solid (and warm and dry) ground, call us at 614-789-1891 to walk through your next steps for making any claims you might need to start!

Hopefully you never need to worry about this but a little preparation will make a potentially scary (and chilly) situation a bit more manageable if you do!
Introducing our new referral program!
We all have heard people say “the best compliment you can give us is a referral,” right? Well, we truly believe that here at Rolland and Associates! To show how much we appreciate when our clients pass along our name to their friends and family, we are launching a new referral program. For every person you refer to us, we will donate $25 in your name to one of 6 non-profits that serve causes close to our hearts. You can direct your donation to one of the following worthy causes:

Simply have your friends and family contact us at 614-789-1891 or email us at info@rollandinsurance.net and make sure they mention you referred them. Once we have written a completely free, no-obligation quote for them, we will contact you for your charity selection and make a $25 donation in your name! 

Thank you for allowing us to serve as your insurance agent – we look forward to helping some great causes as well as taking care of your friends and family!
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