This month has brought many new happenings to our Civic Park Outreach! 

We were delightfully surprised by some new faces within our outreach teams. 

One of our newcomers, Lisa, just happens to be an amazing barber, and she showed up one Wednesday morning with her scissors, clippers, and the full show in hand!  She set up her barbershop open-air style – giving haircuts to our dear friends and even singing worship music and sharing stories with them! Having Lisa on our team added a special touch and enabled us to show love in a new way to our dear friends. Just having the opportunity to sit in line with gentlemen waiting for a haircut and having more time to share stories and pray was a real blessing.

We also were blessed to receive a donation of “Prayer Scarves” from a local church. These handknitted scarves are another way to reach out to our friends, sit down and have a chat, offer to pray with them, get into the Word, and point to – or celebrate - new life in Jesus.

We are so grateful to be given these new additions to our outreaches this month. It's the little (actually, the really BIG) touches like these that bring new delight in coming alongside our guests, loving them and pointing to Jesus. For this we are grateful!