February 2020
Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards Glossary Feedback Session: Grades PK-8
On February 11th Regional Math Specialists , Paul Volkert and Cody Osterhout , joined NYSED Office of Curriculum employees Connie Nephew, Andrea Faoro, Susan Brockley, and math educators from every district in our region, for an exclusive look at the NYSED PK-8 Math Glossary that will be coming out within the next year. During this session, participants had the opportunity to give feedback on mathematical terms that they thought should be edited, added, or removed before the document is officially released to the State. 

Educators were split up into the following work groups:
  1. Basic Operations, Math Sentences, Math Properties 
  2. Units of Measure, Numbers and Numeration 
  3. Basic Words
  4. Graphing, Decimals, Percents, Number Sets
  5. Fractions
  6. Ratio and Proportion, Statistics & Probability
  7. Real Life Applications, Algebra, Functions 
  8. Logical Relationships, Transformations, Geometry
  9. Spatial Geometry

Each work group took notes and submitted their feedback to NYSED for consideration. This document will have one more round of feedback this winter before it is finalized and brought to NYSED’s Office of Assessment. Once The Office of Assessment approves it, this document will be released to the public* as a supplemental resource for educators to use in conjunction with the Next Generation Math Standards.

*Anticipated release date: June 2020
Introducing the Southwest Regional Partnership Center Team!
The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Office of Special Education (OSE) created a coordinated and cohesive network of support focused on enhancing services and supports for students with disabilities from early childhood and school-age education to engagement in post-school opportunities. The network is called the Regional Partnership Center (RPC) and its goal is to implement an intensive team approach to provide technical assistance and professional learning to school districts across New York State.

The Southwest Regional Partnership Center Team supports the school districts in Broome Tioga BOCES and Greater Southern Tier BOCES. The Southwest Regional Partnership Center is a cross-specialist team:

  • Stacy McCann Brazie, Transition Specialist
  • Val Cole, Specially Designed Instruction Specialist
  • Sara Fontana, Systems Change Facilitator
  • Corina Forsythe, Culturally Responsive Educator
  • Tuesday Mishook, Special Education Specialist
  • Julie Powell, Behavior Specialist
  • Cathleen Stewart, Reading Specialist

The professional learning provided by the team will focus on systems change to support implementing the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to support schools in improving equity, access and opportunities for all students.

View the Southwest Regional Partnership's current PL schedule HERE , or for more information on how the RPC can support your school, contact Sara Fontana at sfontana@btboces.org
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