February 2020
2020 Orlando Convention Registration Open
Check your February Journal for a copy of the 2020 PTG Convention & Technical Institute brochure or visit convention.ptg.org to find class descriptions, schedules and registration information. Visit the Chapter Newsletter area at my.ptg.org to download convention logos for use in your chapter communications. Interested in reaching out to prospective members in your area? Tell them about PTG's member-only $300 discount for first-time convention attendees. A great incentive to join!
Chapter Challenge
Looking for an interesting way to kick off your chapter meetings? You can find the complete list of Chapter Challenges developed by John Parham RPT in the Chapter Resources Area. Download the PDF .

Chapter Resources Available Online at www.ptg.org
Chapter Tool Kit - a management guide for chapter leaders
Chapter Leader Community  - Share and find ideas for managing and building chapters
Parliamentary Procedures - Learn how to lead professional meetings
Explore templates, samples, program ideas and more in the Chapter Resources area at www.ptg.org.

Reaching Out to Piano Teachers and Students
Kudos to the Milwaukee, WI; Madison, WI; Detroit-Windsor, MI; Colorado Springs, CO (see picture below) and Central Illinois Chapters for providing exhibit booths at recent state music educator events. Milwaukee, Michigan and Colorado Springs used Chapter Marketing Grant funds they received to help cover the costs of their booths. PTG has information on designing an exhibit booth . Learn more about how to apply for a Chapter Marketing Grant .
Dues Reminder
February 29 is the last day to pay 2020 dues. Use your member username and password to pay online , or call 913-432-9975.

PTG Foundation Research Grants
PTGF offers grants for research pertaining to the science and history of the piano. We are pleased to announce that a grant has been awarded to Scott Murphy, RPT, in support of his project to make high speed videos of grand piano hammers hitting strings, strings vibrating, dampers damping, and action parts in motion, recorded at up to 100,000 frames per second. You can learn more about the research grant program at  foundation/research-grants .

Deadline Calendar
April 1, 2020 – PTGF Convention & Exam Scholarships
Apply online or download an application and guidelines. Visit  foundation/scholarships/convention  to learn more. Applications must be received by April 1, 2020 to be eligible.

May 22, 2020 - Bylaws & Policies proposals due to Bylaws Committee. Bylaws Committee info page .

June 11, 2020 - Committee, Task Group and Board Officer Reports - Kris Schweizer, kris@ptg.org

June 11, 2020 - Council Delegate and Alternate Names - Kris Schweizer, kris@ptg.org
Upcoming Events
Want your chapter or regional event to appear on this calendar? Submit a  Seminar and Conference Approval Form  to  kathy@ptg.org .
March 27 - 28, 2020
PTG Home Office, Kansas City
Contact: Kathy Maxwell, 913-432-9975, kathy@ptg.org , my.ptg.org/academy

April 18, 2020
Eric Johnson All Day Seminar
Sponsored by the Seattle, WA PTG Chapter
Lighthammer Piano, Mukilteo, WA
Contact: Bill Zander,  billzander@gmail.com , 206-679-8457

April 23 - 27, 2020
PTG MARC (Mid-Atlantic Regional Convention)
Crowne Plaza Wilmington North, Claymont, DE
Contact: Steve Taylor,  staylor@ptgmarc.org , 215-534-0533, www.ptgmarc.org
May 30
Colorado Front Range Spring Seminar
Sponsored by the Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder, CO PTG Chapters
Classic Pianos of Denver, Denver, CO
Contact: Greg Shaffer. 303-704-0188, denverpianoservice@outlook.com , my.ptg.org/denverchapter/events

July 29 - August 1, 2020
Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld, Orlando
Contact: Sandy Roady,  sandy@ptg.org , 913-432-9975, convention.ptg.org

September 24 - 26, 2020
Marriott Kansas City Overland Park, Overland Park
Contact: Malinda Powell,  pianolady454@gmail.com , 651-454-9277, midwestptg.com
RVP Contact Information
Region 1 - Northeast - Christopher LaBarre, RVP   nervp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 2 - Southeast - George W. R. "Bill" Davis, RVP servp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 3 - South Central - Doug Garman, RVP scrvp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 4 - Central East - Michael Gutowski, RVP cervp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 5 - Central West - Jim Coleman, Jr, RVP cwrvp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 6 - Western - David Stoneman, RVP wrvp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 7 - Pacific Northwest - David Stocker, RVP pnwrvp@ptg.org Online Community  
Executive Committee
Paul Adams, RPT, President , pres@ptg.org  
Marc Poulin, RPT, Vice President , vp@ptg.org  
Jim Fariss, RPT, Secretary-Treasurer , sec@ptg.org  
Executive Director, Barbara Cassaday , barbara@ptg.org