February 2020

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Australia:   Well done Australia for all their work on IDDSI implementation!  Australia’s implementation journey has been documented in the Australian IDDSI Project Officer Final report. The report documents the process used for IDDSI implementation along with some metrics. We encourage everyone to review the Australian report for ideas on implementing IDDSI in their own setting. Access the report in our Resources page (Australia) or at this link: http://ftp.iddsi.org/Documents/Australian_IDDSI_Project_Officer_Final_Report_12Sept2019.pdf
United Kingdom:
IDDSI was well represented at UKSRG 2020 conference in London, UK Feb 6 & 7, 2020. Thank you to the UKSRG 2020 planning committee for the opportunity to provide an IDDSI update seminar and exhibit. Very exciting to see so many IDDSI labeled products in the UK!
Germany and Austria:
An expert reference group has come together from Germany and Austria to review and finalize the German translation of the IDDSI framework, V2.0 of the detailed definitions and testing methods documents. It is the goal of the expert reference group to have these documents ready for the IDDSI workshop at the DGD Conference April 15-17, 2020.
Planning is underway for IDDSI Congresses in Germany and Austria later in 2020/early 2021. More details to follow.
United States & Territories:
IDDSI Implementation session led by Dr. Luis F. Riquelme at the Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention, followed by a hands-on IDDSI Lab! 

Is IDDSI mandatory?   
Implementation of IDDSI is not mandatory and the IDDSI Board of Directors has always been clear that while we hope the global community will embrace IDDSI for the safety of those with dysphagia, it is not mandatory. That being said, some countries, regions or health authorities may mandate adoption to ensure consistent implementation of IDDSI. 
How do I know which level to recommend for a patient?” also “Is it okay to include X food or drink for a patient who is on diet Y?”     
These are common questions we regularly receive. It t is important to understand that:  
  • The IDDSI framework is “descriptive” not “prescriptive” meaning it does not match a particular diagnosis or condition to any particular IDDSI level.    
  • The decision regarding which IDDSI Level of foods and drinks to recommend should only be made once the patient/individual has been assessed by a clinician trained in dysphagia assessment and management.  

How do I know a particular food is OK to offer?    
Food/drinks vary in consistency depending on temperature, moisture, freshness/ripeness, method of cooking, etc. The BEST and RECOMMENDED way to ensure a food is appropriate for any particular IDDSI level is to  use the recommended testing methods
Can we offer bread/toast/biscuits/baked goods to someone on Level 6 soft and bite sized if we add lots of moisture?    
As noted above, use the testing methods for Level 6 (Particle size, Fork pressure test) to determine if the food passes the test.     
Beware of CLAIMS about IDDSI certification or endorsement

IDDSI has received several inquiries again about whether products, educational courses, consulting/testing services, laboratories are certified or endorsed by IDDSI.  Some recent advertisements, products/services and websites have included the IDDSI logo along with claims such as ‘IDDSI certified’, ‘IDDSI compliant’ or ‘IDDSI third-party tested’ leading consumers to think that they have been specially endorsed or approved by IDDSI.
For clarification, IDDSI  DOES NOT  certify, endorse, test, approve or promote any specific products or services.  IDDSI’s primary goal is to foster and promote the use of the IDDSI framework, standardised terminology and testing methods to improve safety, for all ages, all care settings and all cultures.
We kindly ask all IDDSI users, companies, organisations/societies, education services to help us to maintain one central source for IDDSI information from the IDDSI website (www.iddsi.org) If you are referencing any materials from IDDSI, please make sure to include information to direct your audiences back to the IDDSI website. 

Information about Product Labelling can be found here: https://ftp.iddsi.org/Documents/Dos_and_Donts_Product_Labelling_April2019.pdf
IDDSI supports NFOSD in raising awareness about Dysphagia

Announcing an awesome awareness opportunity to participate in the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders' first-ever T-Shirt Design Contest! The winner will receive $100, a free shirt, and his/her design will be printed on the NFOSD's Dysphagia Awareness Month (June) T-Shirt!  Deadline is April 20, 2020 .   www.nfosd.org/contest
Standardisation in Dysphagia Practice

Check out this recent blog released on Dysphagia Café by Dr. Martin-Harris, Dr. Catriona Steele and Julie Peterson that promotes standardization (including IDDSI) in videofluoroscopy.

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Watch for announcements of new webinar sessions in 2020. 
IDDSI Translations

We have much to thank our IDDSI translation volunteers for! At present, there are several languages in the Available-for-Review section that have been completed and are being transferred to the finalized section and made available to all. A few points to be made:
  • The current translations available, which include the Descriptors and Testing Methods documents only, are from the original version;
  • Version 2.0 includes the Level 7 Easy to Chew information. We will be reaching out to volunteers for updates on the translations. We hope our volunteers will be willing to help, once again! 
  • Please take a moment to check which language are up for peer review and provide your feedback on the forms available. Your assistance in this process ensures greater accuracy and use overall.
Many thanks to all for your help in this process. 

Check out our  Translations tab .

IDDSI on the Move

February 2020
  • UKSRG Conference, London, UK
  • Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention, Lexington, KY, USA
  • University of Minnesota IDDSI Session, Minneapolis, MN, USA

March 2020
  • March 18th 2020 – UK Swallowing awareness day. The Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists is holding an online challenge looking for the best looking, modified afternoon teas and the tastiest recipes for dysphagia. #swallowawarechallenge and #swallowaware2020.
  • Dysphagia Research Society Conference. San Juan, Puerto Rico
IDDSI will be exhibiting at the 28 th  Annual Dysphagia Research Society Meeting on March 18 & 19, 2020
Please come by and visit with us!

April 2020

June 2020
  • Canadian Society of Nutrition Management Conference, Toronto, ON, Canada
IDDSI Boot Camp Enrollment

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association created a monthly, step-by-step IDDSI Boot Camp that empowers dietitians to lead the charge of program implementation in their facilities.

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