BREWSTER DAY CAMP          Newsletter    February 1, 2020        Vol. 39 Issue 5
Hello Brewster Day Camp Family,

Happy February! 

The shortest month of the year is a very exciting time in the Winter Office. Applications and enrollment start pouring in, the days are growing longer and this coming summer is ever so visible in the distance. February is a strong reminder of how quickly time flies in the off-season. 

The speed at which life begins to move as we ramp up towards the impending heat of the summer can be difficult, yet thrilling. Let this excitement energize and motivate you! Last month, we focused on self-reflection. We turned inward to SPOTLIGHT our strengths and weaknesses, our joys and our challenges. The short and dark days of Winter sometimes leave me stuck in a rut, reluctant to try something new or ask for help. As the Winter flies by, the moment to take a leap of faith, trust yourself and those around you is now.  Now is the time to take INITIATIVE and act! Whether you are pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, enrolling in a challenging course, trying out for a new sport, finding a new job, or simply trying something for the first time, take the INITIATIVE to go for it - now is the time!

BDC's 39th summer is growing closer each day so be sure to share your INITIATIVE with loved ones, family and friends by joining us for a Summer full of...
Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace! 

Daniel Michel, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS: Guess how many days are left until camp starts....go here for the answer!

" Life is too short to get bogged down and be discouraged. You have to keep moving. You have to keep going. Put one foot in front of the other, smile, and just keep on rolling. "
Kobe Bryant

Advisor and former Camp Director, Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, continues to support the camp community at the local, regional, and national level via her company, full palette, LEARN.TEACH. LEAD. whose mission is to "Cultivate Creativity & Mindfulness for a Better World."

As a veteran member of the American Camp Association, Misa has served at both the regional and national levels, working with an array of camp professionals to support children and families across the country. Now, Misa is working as part of the elite search committee to find the next Executive Director of ACA New England. 

We want to thank Bette Bussel, current Executive Director of ACA New England, for her 30 years of distinguished leadership and expertise. She has been a friend, mentor, guide and ally to all of us - we truly consider her a hero to the camp community. 

The staff camp family is growing day by day! Here's a sneak peak: 
  Assistant Camp Director: Will Mason 
Camper Life Director: Ana Pringle
Camper Leader Director: Scott Rizzo
BASE Equipment and Safety Director: Adam Pettengill
Facilities Director: Rich Peterson
BASE Director: Ben Whidden
SWIM Director: Siobhan Hemeon-McMahon  

Stay tuned for lots more news next month!

Winter Enrollment is NOW Open for BDC '20!

Returning BDC families may enroll by simply emailing us here.
New to BDC? Enroll via our on-line form here.

Questions? Call us toll free at 888-396-CAMP (2267).

"It's not the destination, it's the journey. And if you can understand that, then what you'll see happen is you won't accomplish your dreams, your dreams won't come true; something greater will." 
~ Kobe Bryant

Nurturing and Challenging Children and Families on Cape Cod with  
Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace since 1981!


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The Family Schools, Inc. and therefore Brewster Day Camp, embraces diversity in staff, students, families, and curriculum.   
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